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Characteristics of Starch

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1 Characteristics of Starch
Storage form of carbohydrates in plants Sources: Cereal endosperm Wheat Corn Roots and tubers Cassava Potatoes

2 Characteristics of Starch
Hot water + Starch = Lump formation Starch granules must first be separated 4 ways: Coat starch granules with hot fat Coat starch granules with cold fat Disperse starch in cold water Separate granules using sugar

3 Characteristics of Starch
Gelatinization Starch heated with water Viscosity increases Maximum viscosity 194°C Pasting Occurs when heated beyond gelatinization Becomes pasty and swollen

4 Composition of Starch Amylose Linear chain of glucose molecules
Source: Cereal starches Include wheat and corn Thicken near boiling point Retrogradation occurs when chilled Becomes rubbery Loses water

5 Composition of Starch Amylopectin Branched chain of glucose molecules
Source: Roots and tubers Include potato and tapioca Thicken at lower temp. Becomes clear No retrogradation occurs

6 Starch principles Browning Factors affecting properties of starch
Dextrinization produces pyrodextrins Reduced thickening ability occurs Factors affecting properties of starch Temperature Length of treatment Agitation

7 Starch Principles Effect of added ingredients to starch Sugar
Thins because it competes for water Fat Thins because it coats granules and prevents water absorption Acid Thins because it hydrolyzes starch

8 Starch Principles Longer cooking times for: Pasta Whole grains
Brown rice Pasta Includes: macaroni, spaghetti, vermicelli, egg noodles Main ingredient: Semolina Composed of Durham wheat and water

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