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Harrow Court, Stevenage 2nd Feb 2005

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1 Harrow Court, Stevenage 2nd Feb 2005
Ff Jeffery Wornham Ff Michael Miller All information passed in this presentation is an accumulation of research carried out by myself. It is a conglomeration of data from the formal Inquiry/Inquest and personal accounts / conversations of those attending. It passes no judgement on those dealing with the incident and recognises and applauds the courage and bravery of all those that attended. M Fishlock

2 Location (2 mins)

3 Normal “H” pattern residential tower block. System build - Concrete
Building Normal “H” pattern residential tower block. System build - Concrete

4 Building 18 Story, 103 Flats. Low Socio-economic population

5 Background One of a set of 2 Twin blocks Built in late 60’s
Regular calls to AFA call point. Rubbish/Rubbish chutes alight. No serious fires in last 10 years Not special risks. Not on 11(D) / 7.2(D) Dry riser (4”) to all floors 2 Lift shafts (single carriage)

6 Floor plan

7 INCIDENT 02:58 FIRST 999 Fire on 15th Floor, Flat 89
03:00 MOB 2 Pumps from Stevenage to Persons Reported 03:00 Manual CP activated 3:02 Pumps book MI 3:03 IA Crews see smoke issuing

8 3:03 T/LFF Antrobos is met by other building occupants and confirm fire is actually in F85 on 14th Floor 3:04 LFF Scotchford instructs T/LFF A and crew (Ff Miller, Wornham) “Hang on and Do not go up!” But they proceed up and LFf S radios them to tell him what’s happening. FF Dudly expresses concerns that they have gone up. FF Dudly, FF Dredge, FF Boswell form second crew and collect equipment ready in lift lobby FF Wornham (now in the lift ) has forgotten his helmet and uses T/Lff A’s Witness statements confirm that FF Dudly was complaining that the crews should have waited in the lobby


10 3:05 light smoke observed from top of door to F85
BA Crew commits (no EC procedure no Water ) T/LFF A sets in hose from DR but its chained & Padlocked. She orders it charged and asks for bolt croppers. Screaming (Male) is heard from flat 85 3:06 BA Crew commit & rescue Mr Savage from F85 they are told his Girlfriend is still in the flat


12 Approx 3:07 from CCTV

13 3:07 External signs of rapid fire smoke development. MP4
3:08 second BA crew meet with TLff/A by DR outlet. DR is charged but still chained shut. Lifts are being affected by smoke 3:09 TLFF A States that she declares a “BA EMERGENCY” not received or acknowledged LFF S arrives at 14th floor and 2nd BA crew commits into a “Serious fire” 3:12 2nd BA crew withdraw after one loses his helmet. FF Wornham is believed to leave the flat and becomes entangled in cables in lobby.


15 3:13 14 th floor lobbies smoke logged
3:15 T/LLF A Meets DO Drakes in lift lobby, tells him she’s declared a BA Emergency. 3:17 BA Crew 2 have recommitted and are trying to recue FF W but beaten back by heat (they still have no water) 3:20 MP8 BA Emergency message sent


17 3:23 4 ba wearers drag FF W into stairwell lobby (still entangled)
3:25 using personal knifes and axe, cables are freed from FF W Hose line from 13th floor extended into flat 85, Fire described as “like a jet engine” by BA teams


19 3:30 BA teams discover FF M and female occupant in Bedroom2 Both Obviously deceased and bodies are left in situ.3:30 Fire spread to 15th floor 3:46 FFW taken out of building on stretcher 3:50 MSG: “1 FF & 1Female believed dead MP10”


21 4:01 MSG “2 civilians dead, left in situ”
4:05 ACO books IA 4:49 ACO MSG “ 1 FF and 2 civilians fatal” 6:00 ACO MSG “” fire-fighters and 1 Female civilian confirmed fatal. 1 FF in hospital suffering burns, 70 persons lead to safety, all persons accounted for” 7:08 stop.






27 Cause: TEALIGHT candles on TV set
14th Feb 2003 BRE researched and recreated the fire 180c to 800c flashover developed 60 seconds after opening the recreated bedroom. 83 recommendations from enquiry

28 Recommended reading HFRS Investigation FBU Response to Investigation
Euro fighter (Paul Grimwood)

29 THANKS KFRS Thames Gateway Regional forum (High Rise) HFRS FBU BRE
Martin Arrowsmith (Welwyn Garden City. HFRS) Paul Grimwood (expert witness at Coroners inquest) LFB High Rise Working group ANY QUESTIONS?

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