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Advanced FF Strategy Semester Review FIP 221 Fall 2011.

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1 Advanced FF Strategy Semester Review FIP 221 Fall 2011

2 Occupancies Discussed Residential –Detached single family –Multifamily Assembly, educational, Commercial, Mercantile, Business Mid-rise and high-rise buildings

3 Size-up Considerations Construction Occupancy Area Life Hazard / Safety Water Supply A.P.E. Streets Weather Exposures Auxiliary Appliances Location of Fire Time Height / Haz Mats

4 Construction 5 standard building construction types How the building is built How the construction type will hold up under fire conditions How fire, heat, and smoke will travel How the building will fail

5 Occupancy What is the building used for What is found there What the general condition of occupants is before the the incident How the occupants will react

6 Area Fire flow calculations Staffing demands Hose line size and length selection Compartmentation

7 Life Hazard / Safety Occupants –Who, how many, and what condition –Ability to evacuate Firefighters –ID Hazards to firefighters –Hazard mitigation strategies –Accountability

8 Water Supply Total worst-case fire flow needs Sources Delivery system

9 Apparatus, Personnel, Equipment Pumping and firefighting capacity Aerial access Personnel needs FF and Specialized equipment needs

10 Streets Response time Access to incident location Staging protocol and locations Collapse zones

11 Weather Temperature extremes Effect on firefighters Effect on fire dynamics

12 Exposures Internal External

13 Auxiliary Appliances Sprinklers Standpipes Fire Pumps Auxiliary extinguishing systems

14 Location and Extent of Fire Best access Hoseline selection Search techniques

15 Time Discovery and notification Turnout time Response time Reflex time ’10 minute’ rule Time/Temperature/Flashover/Occupant survivability/Structural degradation Curves

16 Height / Haz Mat Mid / High rise firefighting tactics Use of Aerials and elevated streams Collapse Potential Anticipated hazardous materials


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