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2 Radio Communications Air Management R-E-A-D-Y
Emergency Traffic vs. MAYDAY EMER Button C-A-N Report Evacuation, Withdraw, Abondon Air Management R-E-A-D-Y FIREFIGHTER SURVIVAL

3 Emergency Traffic In the I.M.S., all radio transmissions are to be considered priority messages and all non- priority messages should be delivered by note or by face-to-face contact. However, should any leader or supervisor encounter a situation that poses an immediate threat to safety requiring radio use, he or she shall precede their message with “EMERGENCY TRAFFIC”. All other radio traffic shall immediately discontinue and await the emergency communication. Once the air is clear of the emergency radio traffic, the I.C.O. shall announce, “resume normal I.M.S. radio traffic”. All emergency radio traffic shall be repeated to the sender so that no error can be made in the receiving of such a message. FIREFIGHTER SURVIVAL

4 MAYDAY The term “MAYDAY” shall be transmitted anytime fire personnel are considered to be trapped, out of air, or missing. Anytime “MAYDAY” is declared, it shall indicate a restriction of radio traffic to essential transmissions only. “MAYDAY” is to be repeated three (3) times over the radio, followed by a description of the situation, location, and pertinent needs (C-A-N REPORT). The I.C.O. shall immediately respond to any “MAYDAY” distress transmission and obtain needed information to effectively deploy resources to mitigate the emergency. FIREFIGHTER SURVIVAL

5 EMER Button The EMER buttons are located on the top of the portable radio. The button is ORANGE. Mobile and base radios do not have a EMER button. Fire District 7 lapel mic’s do not have EMER buttons. FIREFIGHTER SURVIVAL

6 EMER Button These are NOT EMER buttons.
The white button on the left radio and the blue button on the right radio are for lights. The other small buttons on the side are for programming features. The large button on the side is for talking. FIREFIGHTER SURVIVAL

7 What happens when I press the EMER?
EMER Button What happens when I press the EMER? The portable radio that the EMER was activated from will automatically move to channel 16 (A EMER SPMV) or if your incident is with SnoCom and the portable radio is on the “B” bank (B EMER-SCF). SnoPac will notify command of an EMER activation with the radio number (Lt. enters this number on CAD in the morning) FIREFIGHTER SURVIVAL

8 What happens when I press the EMER?
EMER Button What happens when I press the EMER? The Incident Commander will manually change a radio to channel 16 and attempt contact with the firefighter who initiated the EMER. If the firefighter does not answer the radio the I.C. will attempt to find the last know location of the firefighter. (this is where the importance of your radio number comes in). The RIT process will begin. FIREFIGHTER SURVIVAL

9 What if I accidentally pressed the EMER button?
Stay on channel 16 Advise Dispatched that the activation was accidental. After dispatched acknowledges your mistake…return radio to previous channel. COUPON You may have to buy Some Ice Cream now! 0% off retail price. The dispatcher will believe you are in trouble. FIREFIGHTER SURVIVAL

10 C-A-N Reports Also known as U-C-A-N or more recently C-A-N-A reports.
U=UNIT CONDITIONS – Report the conditions that currently surround you. (i.e. zero visibility, high heat, partial collapse, light smoke, etc.) ACTIONS – Report the actions you have taken. (i.e. crew started left wall search, we are near the “A”-”C” corner.) NEEDS – Report what is needed to assist your crew, in your situation. This request will change depending on your task. (i.e. If trapped-we need air, hand tools and a hose line. If searching-we need personnel to remove victims.) FIREFIGHTER SURVIVAL

11 C-A-N Reports Also known as U-C-A-N or more recently C-A-N-A reports.
What about reporting the crews air?!? In the C-A-N-A…that’s what the last “A” is for. The report of your air can go into any of these letters. Your conditions are - high heat, zero viz and our air is less than 50. Your actions are - we began a search on the right wall, second floor, the crews if plus 50 air. Your needs are – the crew is at less than 50 air, we need replacements. It could fit anywhere! FIREFIGHTER SURVIVAL

12 For the purpose of building evacuation of civilian and fire fighting personnel the following shall apply: A. “Evacuation” shall be used for the removal of all non-fire and emergency service personnel (Citizens occupying the building). B. “Withdraw” shall mean the orderly withdrawal of all personnel including fire and emergency service personnel. Any time a defensive fire attack mode is announced, it shall automatically be interpreted to mean, “withdraw”. “Abandon” may also be used in the defensive declaration, but must be announced separately. C. “Abandon” shall mean the immediate and most expeditious withdrawal of all personnel. Equipment that may slow the escape shall be left in place. Take only equipment you may need to escape quickly and safely. Example: hose line. All personnel are to leave without regard to any other orders. Immediately assemble at the last assigned safe area and take roll of all personnel. Immediately report any personnel missing. Prepare for mandatory roll call. This order should only be used when a life threatening condition exists or is likely to occur. The I.C. will notify SnoPac of an abondon the building. SnoPac will repeat the order with three beeps on the radio channel. All manned fire apparatus will sound there air horns repeatedly. (3 second horns blasts). FIREFIGHTER SURVIVAL

13 Proper terminology for reporting your crews air status.
Report the lowest amount of the air for the crew. If the Lt. is plus 50, FF is minus 50, D/O is 50 You will report minus 50 for the crew. FIREFIGHTER SURVIVAL

14 RADIO – Does everybody on your crew have a working radio?
EQUIPMENT – Does everybody on your crew have a tool appropriate to the task(s) given? AIR – Does everybody on your crew have a full SCBA bottle? DUTIES – Does everybody on your crew understand the orders given and the task to accomplish? YES – Did everybody on your crew answer YES to every question asked? If the answer is YES…your ready to go! FIREFIGHTER SURVIVAL

15 What is and what isn’t an EMER button.
What happens when an EMER is activated. DEFINITIONS Emergency Traffic MAYDAY Evacuate Withdraw Abondon AIR MANAGEMENT Proper Terminology R-E-A-D-Y FIREFIGHTER SURVIVAL


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