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Assessing a Downed Firefighter

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1 Assessing a Downed Firefighter

2 Assessing the Downed Firefighter
One Of The Main Concern For RIT Operations Is Time. If The Incapacitated Fire Fighter(s) Have Run Out Of Air Then The Time Line Is 4 Minutes. After That Time Period You Will Be Recovering A Non-Breathing Firefighter. The RIT’s Team Mission Is To Do A Quick Size Up, Find The Firefighter, Ascertain Their Condition, Get Them On New Air, And Call For Additional Resources

3 Assessing The Downed Firefighter
Student Performance Objective The Student Will Be Able To Discuss The Procedure To Assist A Downed Firefighter And Protect In Place Or Remove Them From The Hostile Environment

4 Assessing The Downed Firefighter
Enabling Objectives EO 1-1: The Student Will Be Able To Identify Important Tools To Take When Looking For A Downed Firefighter EO 1-2: The Student Will Be Able To Discuss The Correct Procedure For Approaching And Assessing A Downed Firefighter EO 1-3: The Student Will Discuss Protecting A Downed Firefighter EO 1-4: The Student Will List Skills That Are Needed To Rescue A Downed Firefighter

5 Assessing the Downed Firefighter
Overview Important Tools Approaching A Downed Firefighter Assessing A Downed Firefighter Protecting The Downed Firefighter Practice The Skills

6 Assessing The Downed Firefighter
Important Tools Two Types Of Downed Firefighters Those Out Of Air Those About To Run Out Of Air RIT Should Not Be Deployed With A Large Amount Of Tools Concentrate On Rapidly Locating Securing A Secondary Air Supply Organizing An Effective Rescue/Removal Plan

7 Assessing The Downed Firefighter
Important Tools Survival Tools RIT Pack Hose Line or Search Line Radio Hand Tools Thermal Imaging Camera Goal Is To Provide And Maintain A Survivable Environment For As Long As It Takes To Make Rescue

8 Assessing The Downed Firefighter
Approaching a Downed Firefighter We Need To Take Certain Actions To Increase The Chance Of Survival Of The Firefighter In Trouble This Is The Same Should We Encounter A Downed Firefighter While Performing Other Task In Either Scenario An Aggressive Adrenaline Pump Reaction Is Absolutely Normal When Faced With Saving Another Firefighter

9 Assessing The Downed Firefighter
Discovering A Down FF Can Be A Traumatic Experiences Never Leave Them Alone But Check Their Condition And Report Their Position To Command Many Times The Problem Is Because Of A SCBA Problem Or They Are Running Out Of Air

10 Assessing The Downed Firefighter
Discovering A Down FF, A Rescuer Without Training May Remain In A State Of Confusion Or Shock And Not Call For Help Or Attempt To Move The Downed FF This Irrational Panic Results In The Rescuer Almost Becomes A Victim And Adding To The Problem

11 Assessing The Downed Firefighter
After Location The Downed FF, The RIT Will Have To Perform A Quick Assessment Of The FF To Determine If Rescue Is Possible Or If They Must Protect In Place. The Assessment Procedure Begins with Deactivating the PASS Device

12 Assessing The Downed Firefighter
Check Breathing Status If Facepiece Is Dislodge Try To Redon, Or Replace It With The One From The RIT Pack Once In Placed Check For The ABC’s Air Exchange Listen By-pass Or Purge Valve Determine Airflow Cylinder Gauge/Valve Determine Need For Secondary Air Supply

13 Assessing the Downed Firefighter
If Out Of Air Connect To RIT Pack Secure To Spare SCBA Use Confined Space Air Cart Connect To EBSS On Your SCBA, As Long As Low Air Alarm Is Not Sounding

14 Assessing the Downed Firefighter
If Search Line Has Been Deployed, Secure The Line To Ensure All Support Members Have A Means Of Access To Assist As Necessary Check For Consciousness Can The FF Help Save Themselves Might Be Able To Tell What Is Wrong Might Be Able To Assist In Their Own Removal

15 Assessing The Downed Firefighter
Radio The IC The Down FF Has Been Located The Report Must Include Exact Location Is FF Conscious or Not Search Rope Used or Not Any Special Tools Needed Addition Resources Route of Escape How Many FF Are In Need Of Assistance

16 Assessing The Downed Firefighter
Sweep The Perimeter Of The Firefighter For Entanglement Or Entrapment Review Your Options Disentangle Be Cautious Cutting Electrical Wires Remove Entrapment If Possible Protect In Place

17 Assessing The Downed Firefighter
Exit With The Downed FF, Or Stay With Them Until Replaced By, Or Assisted By Another RIT A Search Line Should Be Deployed Directly To The Location Of The Downed FF. This Will Allow For A Rapid Exchange For Crews Protecting The Downed FF

18 Assessing The Downed Firefighter
Protecting the Downed Firefighter Move To Safe Haven If Possible, Drag The Downed Firefighter Out Of The Fire and Collapse Area Move The Downed Firefighter Several Yards To An Uninvolved Apartment Or Room Move To A Protected Stairwell Or Landing Move To A Nearby Window Move To A Fire Escape Or Exterior Exit Can Mean Safety

19 Assessing The Downed Firefighter
Use Of A Hose Line Calling For Hose Line After Mayday Has Occurred Is Too Late Not All Situations Will Require The Use Of A Hose Line General Rule Of Thumb In Fire Service. Position Hose Line Between The Fire And The Life Hazard. If Hose Line Is Used Do Not Forget About Runoff And Collapse Issues

20 Assessing The Downed Firefighter
Possible Condition A Downed Firefighter May Be Found High Heat/Heavy Smoke Conditions – Not Trapped Call For Help And Drag FF To A Safe Haven Immediately High Heat/Heavy Smoke Conditions –Trapped Call For Help, Check ABC’s, and Position Hoseline Between Downed Firefighter And The Fire Building Collapse Minimal Heat/Moderate Smoke Condition Call For Help And Check SCBA Air And Consciousness, Protect In Place If Possible

21 Assessing The Downed Firefighter
Putting It All Together Practice The Skills That Are Needed Tools Carried In Your RIT Pack Thermal Imaging Camera Operation Drags and Carries For The Downed Firefighter Patient Assessment: ABC’s Buddy Breathing Operations For Your SCBA Radio Communications

22 Assessing the Downed Firefighter
Review Important Tools Approaching A Downed Firefighter Assessing A Downed Firefighter Protecting The Downed Firefighter Practice The Skills

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