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Fundamentals of basketball Terence Buckley Menu Dribbling Shooting Passing.

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2 Fundamentals of basketball Terence Buckley

3 Menu Dribbling Shooting Passing

4 Dribbling Dribbling is not done while staring at the ball, but with your head looking forward. You dribble with your fingertips and pads of your hands keeping your head up at all times, so you can keep your eyes focused on what is happening on the court. To dribble, push the ball down by spreading the fingers and flexing the wrist. Do not push the ball down hard Keep your legs flexed and your back straight, ready to make a quick move at any time DO NOT PICK UP YOUR DRIBBLE UNTIL YOU KNOW WHERE THE BALL IS GOING!

5 Basic Dribbling Demonstration l55pYQ# l55pYQ# After the video is complete, try basic dribbling for 2 minutes

6 Shooting


8 5 steps to shoot the ball Step1 Hold the basketball with your weak hand at the side of the basketball and your strong hand on the bottom and slightly off to the side. For example, a right handed shooter should place his left hand to the left side of the basketball and his ride hand to the bottom right portion of the ball. The strong arm should be close to or in a right angle when holding the ball. Also, your strong hand should hold the ball more with your fingers than your palm. There should be a little bit of space between your palm and the basketball. Step2 Point both feet in the direction of the hoop. Be sure to keep the feet pointed towards the hoop at all times, both before and after leaping. Step3 Leap straight up into the air while holding the basketball. Many shooters will leap as high as they can while others prefer a shorter jump. Tinker with yours until you find what works best for you. Step4 As you jump into the air, pull your strong arm back into roughly a 45-degree angle. Then, extend your shooting arm towards the hoop and release the ball right as your arm fully extends. Step5 When the ball is leaving your shooting hand, flip your wrist all the way down so that your four fingers point towards the ground as the ball leaves your hand. This is known as “following through.” It's important to follow through every time you shoot.

9 Passing the Ball There are 3 basic types of passing: overhead, chest, and bounce pass. Regardless of the type of pass, always use two hands on the ball when making the pass. When making a pass, make sure that your hands are spread out and your thumbs are facing down when the ball is released. Do not pass the ball unless your teammate is ready. Pass away from defenders.

10 Demonstration on 3 different types of passing pass-in-basketball pass-in-basketball

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