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?????????????????????? Basketball Review Questions ?????????????????????? Prepared by: Ms. Pellegrino.

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1 ?????????????????????? Basketball Review Questions ?????????????????????? Prepared by: Ms. Pellegrino

2 Question # 1 What is the most important skill associated with basketball?

3 Answer to Question # 1 DRIBBLING is the most important skill associated with basketball.

4 Question # 2 Why is dribbling the most important skill in basketball?

5 Answer to Question # 2 Dribbling is the most important skill associated with basketball because you can not move with the ball unless you are dribbling. If you can’t dribble than you can’t get where you want to go!

6 Question # 3 What are you doing if you are to be considered a good and proficient dribbler?

7 Answer to Question # 3 If you are a good & proficient dribbler you are: leaning forward, keeping knees bent, keeping hand cupped, contacting the ball with fingerpads and pushing it toward the floor, keeping the ball close to body, looking beyond the ball.

8 Question # 4 What is a double dribble?

9 Answer to Question # 4 A double dribble is stopping your dribble and then starting again in the same play.

10 Double Dribble Continued... Bouncing the ball with both hands at the same time is also a double dribble.

11 Question # 5 Is a double dribble legal?

12 Answer to Question # 5 No, a double dribble is not legal.

13 Question # 6 What is a set shot?

14 Answer to Question # 6 A set shot is an unhindered shot taken anywhere on the court. It is a stationary shot.

15 Question # 7 What is a free throw?

16 Answer to Question # 7 A free throw is awarded to the team who has experienced a foul on them. What happens? The fouled player stands on the foul line and takes two free shots without a defender in their way. It is just them and the basket. Each foul shot is worth one point each.

17 Question # 8 What is the proper technique/form in taking a set shot or free throw?

18 Answer to Question # 8 Stance: Feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, body square to basket.

19 Set Shot Continued... Hand Position: Shooting hand under and behind ball supporting it on the fingerpads; Slight space between the ball and the palm of the hand;

20 Set Shot Hand Positioning Cont’d... Place non-shooting hand under and to the side of the ball for balance and control; Shooting arm in straight line with basket and wrist cocked back; Keep your back straight and elbows in.

21 Set Shot Continued... Head Position: Keep your head up and eyes on the ring; During the shot your eyes should follow your shot to the ring.

22 Set Shot Continued... Execution: 1.Look at the leading edge of the basket and bring ball up just above forehead; 2.Release the ball with a straightening of the knees, a push with the arm, a flick of the wrist, and a follow through in which the arm reaches for the ceiling to impart a high arc and a slight backspin to the ball; 3.Stand still after shot is taken

23 Question # 9 What should be the last part of the hand to touch the ball as you are taking a set shot or free throw?

24 Answer to Question # 9 The fingertips should be the last part of the hand to touch the ball before taking a set shot or free throw.

25 Question # 10 What is a lay-up shot?

26 Answer to Question # 10 A lay-up shot is an offensive drive to the basket in an effort to ultimately shoot and score a basket. A lay-up shot is done on the dribble.

27 Question # 11 What hand should you dribble the ball with in doing a lay-up shot on the RIGHT SIDE of the basket?

28 Answer to Question # 11 If dribbling in on a lay-up shot on the right side of the basket you should dribble with your RIGHT HAND.

29 Question # 12 If dribbling in on a lay-up on the left side of the basket, what thigh should be raised just before shooting for a basket?

30 Answer to Question # 12 If dribbling in on the left side of the basket you should raise your LEFT THIGH just before shooting for a basket.

31 Question # 13 What are the cues in taking a lay-up shot?

32 Answer to Question # 13 The cues for taking a lay-up shot are: dribble, step, step-hop, shoot.

33 Question # 14 When executing a chest pass OR a bounce pass what is your starting point?

34 Answer to Question # 14 Your starting point in executing a chest pass or a bounce pass is your chest.

35 Question # 15 What is your target in doing a chest pass?

36 Answer to Question # 15 Your target in doing a chest pass is your teammate’s chest.

37 Question # 16 What is your target in doing a bounce pass to your teammate?

38 Answer to Question # 16 When doing a bounce pass aim for your teammate’s waist or bellybutton.

39 Question # 17 When doing a bounce pass at what point should the ball hit the floor in order to reach your teammate’s waist?

40 Answer to Question # 17 The ball should hit the floor two-thirds of the way to your partner in order for it to reach their waist.

41 Question # 18 When doing a chest pass or a bounce pass, where should your hands be placed on the ball and what part of your hand should be holding the ball?

42 Answer to Question # 18 In passing, the ball should be held on both sides with your fingertips.

43 Question # 19 In what basketball game scenario should you use the bounce pass to your advantage?

44 Answer to Question # 19 You should use the bounce pass when your defender has you trapped. You are trying to get a shot off and your defender has their hands in the air blocking the shot. Bounce pass the ball under their arms to a teammate to get out of this pressure situation.

45 Question # 20 What is to occur if regulation time expires and the game is tied?

46 Answer to Question # 20 If regulation time runs out and the score is tied the game will go into overtime until a winner is found.

47 Question # 21 At what time does the clock stop ?

48 Answer to Question # 21 The clock STOPS after each time the whistle is blown by the official, indicating a dead ball. It continues to run after each successful basket (field goal).

49 Question # 22 What are some of the violations that occur during the game?

50 Answer to Question # 22 Some of the violations that occur during the game are: out-of-bounds, double dribbling, carrying, and kicking the ball.

51 Question # 23 What is a field goal in basketball?

52 Answer to Question # 23 A field goal is made when a live ball enters the basket from above. i.e. when you make a basket. It is worth two points unless scored from behind the 3 point line.

53 Question # 24 How does a basketball game BEGIN?

54 Answer to Question # 24 A basketball game begins with a jumpball or a tip-off. This is when the referee tosses the ball up in the air and the tallest player from each team jumps up and tries to tip the ball to their own teammates.

55 Question # 25 What does the term rebound mean in basketball?

56 Answer to Question # 25 The term rebound means: gaining possession of the ball after an unsuccessful shooting attempt.

57 Question # 26 How many players are on the court at one time per team?

58 Answer to Question # 26 There are five players on the court at one time per team.

59 Question # 27 What does the acronym “BEEF” stand for in terms of the technique for taking a set shot.

60 Answer to Question # 27 “B” = Balance “E” = Elbow in “E” = Eyes on target “F” = Follow through

61 Question # 28 A set shot and lay-up shot is worth how many points?

62 Answer to Question # 28 The set shot and lay-up shot is worth 2 points.

63 Question # 29 What is the term used when a player takes steps with the ball without dribbling the ball?

64 Answer to Question # 29 When moving with the ball in hand a “traveling” penalty will be called.

65 Question # 30 What are the types of defense associated with basketball?

66 Answer to Question # 30 The two types of defense in basketball are man-to-man & zone.

67 Question # 31 What does the phrase “play man-to-man defense” mean?

68 Answer to Question # 31 The phrase “play man-to-man defense” means to cover and be responsible for marking a specific player on your opponent’s team.

69 Question # 32 What does the term “zone defense” mean?

70 Answer to Question # 32 Playing a zone defense means that you are responsible for covering a specific area on the court. Any player that comes into that area at any given time you are responsible for.

71 Question # 33 An offensive player can not remain in the key for more than seconds.

72 Answer to Question # 33 3

73 Question # 34 Positioning for a rebound is called...

74 Answer to Question # 34 Boxing out

75 Question # 35 A method of putting the ball in play from out of bounds is called a...

76 Answer to Question # 35 THROW IN

77 How did you do? This should have been a review from last year. If you did well than you will ACE the quiz that we will have on a near & announced date.

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