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Basketball PowerPoint Obadiah Threadgill EDU 6611

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1 Basketball PowerPoint Obadiah Threadgill EDU 6611

2 The greatest sport ever
Basketball The greatest sport ever


4 Dribble A player bounces the ball off the floor in order to advance the ball up the floor. Right hand dribble Left hand dribble Cross over dribble- change directions by switching hands Scissor dribble- dribbling the ball in between ones legs

5 Pass Pass- throwing the ball to a teammate, moving the ball up the court without dribbling Chess pass- the ball is passed from the chest from player to player Bounce pass-the ball is passed from the chess and will bounce ¾ the distance to ones teammate. Overhead pass- also called the skip pass. The ball is passed with a high level of velocity from the overhead position. Baseball pass- ball is passed like a baseball the entire length of the court

6 Shooting Using the arms, hands, elbows, and wrist to elevate the ball onto the rim. This is an attempt to put the ball into the basket A good shooters have B.E.E.F. Balance Eyes- on the basket Elbow up at a 90 degree angle Follow through- like placing his hand in a cookie jar that is on a shelf

7 Types of shots Lay ups- shot taken close to the basket
Jump shot- shot taken off of movement Set shot- shot taken from a stand still position Three pointer- shot taken from behind the arc Free throws- shots taken from the free throw line. These shots cannot be guarded.

8 violations To Double dribble- dribbling with two hands
To Travel- a player moving with the ball, but not dribbling. To Carry- the offensive player hand is completely underneath the ball Three seconds- offensive player illegally standing in the lane To foul- illegal contact

9 Defense Trying to keep the opposition from scoring points
Man to man- each player is responsible for covering a player on the other team Zone- Players are responsible for covering an area rather than a man

10 Plays Movements designed for the team by the coaches to make scoring easier for the team. Plays are different for man defense and zone defense. Teams need play for inbounding the ball as well. Side line and under the basket.


12 Intangibles Small things that player do that help their team win
Rebounding Loose balls Taking charges Communicating to teammates

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