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Science Everything You Wanted to Know About Plants…And Then Some.

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1 Science Everything You Wanted to Know About Plants…And Then Some

2 Created by Theresa Augustine

3 What part of a plant makes the food? 1.Root 2.Stem 3.Leaves 4.Flower

4 What is the process called when a plant makes its food? 1.Transpiration 2.Photosynthesis 3.Fertilization 4.Germination

5 The green substance that traps energy from sunlight is: 1.Chlorophyll 2.Chloroplasts 3.Chlorine 4.Slime 0%

6 The tiny openings on a leaf that control the plant’s water loss are: 1.Chloroplasts 2.Stomata 3.Transpiration 4.Cuticles

7 The leaf’s protective layer is the: 1.Stomata 2.Stem 3.Dermis 4.Epidermis

8 Plants need light and water to make food. What else do they need? 1.Wind 2.Oxygen 3.Carbon dioxide 4.Sand

9 How are plants different from animals? 1.Plants don’t need air. 2.Plants can make their own food. 3.Plants don’t need energy. 4.Plants can live in many different habitats.

10 If you continually remove all the green leaves from a plant, it will: 1.die. 2.wilt. 3.grow new shoots. 4.make food from nutrients in the soil. 0%

11 To use food energy, the plant breaks apart sugars in a process known as: 1.Respiration 2.Digestion 3.Photosynthesis 4.Transpiration

12 Pollen grain transfers from an anther to a pistil during the process of: 1.Germination 2.Flowering 3.Dispersal 4.Pollination

13 An undeveloped plant with stored food, sealed in a protective coat is a: 1.Seed 2.Seedling 3.Root 4.Bud 0%

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15 The process of a seed sprouting is: 1.Pollination 2.Fertilization 3.Transpiration 4.Germination

16 The part of the plant that contains the egg cells is the: 1.Anther 2.Petal 3.Ovary 4.Spore

17 Which part of the seed begins to grow first? 1.Seed coat 2.Root 3.Stem 4.Leaf

18 Which seed has the best chance for growing into a healthy plant? 1.A seed that a bird cracks open and eats. 2.A seed that lands near the trunk of a tall, healthy tree. 3.A seed that blows onto a parking lot. 4.A seed that a bird drops in wet soil.

19 Most plants produce many more seeds than will ever become adult plants because: 1.they have many species. 2.many seeds do not survive. 3.some are for the birds. helps them adapt to their environment. 0%

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21 A seedless plant grows from a: 1.spore. 2.embryo. 3.ovary. 4.root.

22 The joining of a female sex cell and a male sex cell into one cell is the process of: 1.photosynthesis. 2.respiration. 3.pollination. 4.fertilization.

23 Two ways in which plants can reproduce are: 1.forming seeds and germination. 2.forming spores and cloning. 3.forming seeds and spores. 4.forming seeds and branching.

24 How do seeds travel? 1.Seeds can be carried by wind and water. 2.Animals and insects can move seeds. 3.Some plants explode and scatter their own seeds. 4.All of the above. 0%

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