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How plants grow Created by Miss Castillo.

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1 How plants grow Created by Miss Castillo

2 Can you think of what a plant might need in order to flourish and grow?

3 What plants need Plants are living things and they need some things in order to survive. Plants need water, air, soil, and light so that they can grow and thrive.

4 Plant Parts All plants have the same parts.
The roots are found underground. The stem connects the leaves and roots and gives some support to the plant above ground. Leaves grow out of the stem. The stem carries water from the roots to other plant parts. The leaves take in the air and light a plant needs. Roots hold a plant in the ground. They help take in minerals and water from the soil.

5 How does the water in the soil get to a plant’s leaves?

6 Leaf shapes Leaves help a plant get the air and light that it needs to survive. Leaves come in different shapes and sizes.

7 QUIZ TIME!!! What does a plant need to grow and survive?
How does a plant take in water from the soil? What part of a plant supports the leaves and branches of a tree? What would you have to do to care for an indoor plant?

8 Growing plants from seeds

9 What are seeds? The seed is the first stage of growth for many plants.
Seeds look different than the plants they come from, but they will eventually grow into that very same type of plant.

10 What seeds need Seeds need water in order to grow.
Once a small plant has broken out of a seed, it has germinated. When the seed sprouts, roots begin to grow from it. When a young plant, or seedling appears, it begins to form parts that it will need as an adult.


12 Some plants make seeds Two groups of plants grow seeds.
One group is the plants grow flowers. The second group is the plants that have cones. Some plants can be grown from plant parts.

13 What do both plants and seeds need in order to grow?

14 Seed Parts Seedling: A seedling lives inside of every seed. Seeds come in different shapes, sizes, and colors; but they all have the same parts. Seed coat: Protects the plant inside of the seed. Stored food: Most of the inside of the seed contains stored food. The plant uses this food to grow when it begins to sprout.

15 How seeds are spread Seeds are scattered and moved to new places.
Some are shot out of adult plants like cannonballs! Others are spread by air, water, and animals.

16 QUIZ TIME!!! What is a seedling?
What are some ways plants make new plants? Describe some ways an animal can carry a seed from one place to another.

17 How Plants Make Food

18 Making Food Plants can make their own food.
This food-making process is called photosynthesis. Chlorophyll helps plants get their green color and it helps plants use energy from the sun to make food. Plants also need light, water, and carbon dioxide to make food.

19 Chlorophyll During photosynthesis, a plant takes in sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide. The chlorophyll in the leaves lets the plant use all of these elements to make food. The plant makes sugar and then gives off oxygen.

20 How Plants Use Food Plants use some food to grow larger.
Some food is used to make seeds. Some store food in their roots and stems to save it for later. Some plants store sugar in fruit. This makes for a delicious snack for us!

21 QUIZ TIME!!! What happens during photosynthesis?
Why gives plants their green color? How does chlorophyll help in photosynthesis? How does the photosynthesis process help make food that people and animals can eat too?

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