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Wednesday, December 4th I am going to join/not join the ski club because…

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1 Wednesday, December 4th I am going to join/not join the ski club because…

2 The Red Scare Communism and Strikes in the U.S.

3 The Red Scare There were two Red Scares in the United States – 1919-1921 – 1947-1954 Started with the Bolshevik Revolution – Bolsheviks Working Man’s Party – Vladimir Lenin

4 Spread of Communism Bolsheviks took power in Russia in 1918 Communism began to spread – The new American enemy In America – Aligned with labor unions – Promoted strikes

5 Attorney General Mitchell Palmer “It is my belief that while they have stirred discontent in our midst, while they have caused irritating strikes, and while they have infected our social ideas with the disease of their own minds and their unclean morals we can get rid of them and not until we have done so shall we have removed the menace of Bolshevism for good.”

6 Mail Bombings Mail bombs sent to homes of prominent figures – John D. Rockefeller Got to the home of Mitchell Palmer – Start of Red Scare


8 General Intelligence Division Palmer put together new division to combat communism – Gather information on radical individuals involved in communist insurgence J. Edgar Hoover put in charge

9 Palmer Raids Original raid dismissed by judge November 7 th, 1919 January of 1920 Over 3000 arrests Over 500 people deported Initially supported by American public




13 “Combing” the City


15 Boston Police Strike September 9 th, 1919 Law restored by State Guard Gompers: “Damaging the cause of labor in the public mind” Police commissioner would not hire strikers back – Backed by Governor Coolidge

16 Samuel Gompers Immigrant from England Founder of American Federation of Labor (AFL) Tried to avoid strikes during WWI



19 1920 Alabama Coal Strike United Mine Workers of America (UMW) against coal mine operators Over 20,000 coal miners stopped working Not recognized as union because of integration

20 Great Railroad Strike of 1922 July 1 st, 1922 by 7 of 16 railroad labor organizations 400,000 workers walked off the jobwalked off the job Largest stoppage since Pullman strike Hired scabs

21 Violence Local grocery stores boycotted scabs Guards hired to protect scabs U.S. Marshalls sent in “A conspiracy worthy of Lenin and Zinoviev”

22 1927 Columbine Mine Massacre

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