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American History Chapter 19-1

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1 American History Chapter 19-1
Postwar Havoc

2 Post WWI Concerns American soldiers returning home brought a deadly flu virus. Killed 10 times more Americans than WWI battles did. Bolsheviks: A new foreign enemy in Russia. Vladimir Lenin instituted communism in the new Soviet Union. People share equally in society’s wealth. Lenin Bolshevik flag

3 First Red Scare Americans referred to communists as “Reds & Socialists.” Feared the overthrow of capitalism. Lenin encouraged workers to rise up in revolt. Communist parties formed in the U.S. Red Scare: Widespread fear of communism. Led to the Palmer raids: Attorney Gen., A. Mitchell Palmer led an anti-communism campaign. Included the deportation of suspected radical aliens. Arrested thousands using wartime laws.

4 Palmer Raids IWW Headquarters Palmer

5 Labor Strife 1919: 4 million workers in 3,000 strikes.
Cities faced major disruptions. Workers lost almost every strike. The public associated unions with radicalism & communism. Demand for goods decreased. Returning soldiers needed jobs. President Wilson did little to support labor.

6 Major Strikes

7 Immigration Concerns Red Scare triggered a distrust for foreigners.
Labor leaders wanted to restrict the number of immigrants. National Origins Act 1924: Restricted immigration from southern & eastern Europe and Asia. KKK began to target Jews, Catholics, and all radicals. Sacco & Vanzetti case: Italian immigrants/anarchists tried for murder & robbery. Executed with little evidence backing a guilty verdict.

8 Almost as easy as American History

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