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NetCentric Warfare: Technology Driven Agility Dawn Meyerriecks Principal Director, Global Information Grid Enterprise Services (703)882-1000

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1 NetCentric Warfare: Technology Driven Agility Dawn Meyerriecks Principal Director, Global Information Grid Enterprise Services (703)882-1000

2 Current Operations Support : A Sample Operational Thread “ “ Freedom is not synonymous with an easy life.... There are many difficult things about freedom: It does not give you safety, it creates moral dilemmas for you; it requires self-discipline; it imposes great responsibilities; but such is the nature of Man and in such consists his glory and salvation.” Margaret Thatcher

3 Sample Mission Thread: Battle Damage Assessment to Target Legend Army Navy Air Force Joint Commercial Camp Doha Qatar DISN Sigonella Ali Al Salem Norfolk GWY Langley PSAB MacDill USAF Remote OPNS European Spt Site GWY

4 Client App Svr CJTF Deployed Client Networks @ Multiple Security Levels INTERNET Data Svr Client App Svr Client Comm Svr C2 Reachback DoD Intranet KG Data Svr Client App Svr Client Comm Svr Intel Reachback Intel Network Logistics Reachback App Svr Data Svr Data Svr Sensors Shooter DoD Secret Network Client App Svr JTF Deployed Client Personnel Reachback App Svr Data Svr App Svr FW

5 Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication System Joint Intel Center K-7 CP 2270 Fiber PP OC3 MuxFiber PP SPACELINK OC3 Mux Pair Gain Cooper PP Pair Gain P800 10 MS Echo Canceller P Coder Pair Gain PRCK-7 SIPRNET Router CP 2270K-19 NIPRNET Router SL-100 (DSN) CP 2270 EF 8650 SCTE 5 MS EF 8650 SCTE 5 MS CXPatchKG-194PatchP 800 RESPONSIBILITY USAF Tech Control Center RESPONSIBILITY SPACELINK Defense Information Systems AgencyUSN Tech Control Center ATM JWICS Enclave/ DIAC JWICS Enclave CX CP2270 Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication System JOINT NAVY DISA AIR FORCE K-7 P800 10 MS Communications Relay Path


7 Common Operational Picture – Real-Time Video, Integrated Imagery

8 UNCLASSIFIED Common Operational Picture – Theater Ballistic Missile, Integrated Intelligence

9 Operation Iraqi Freedom Successes  First- All-Service and SOF, Red, Blue, & Intel fused picture.  First- Large-scale use of secure satellite phones in a combat environment.  First- Extensive coalition automated information sharing exchange.  First- Desktop collaboration tools used for joint C2.  First- Widespread use of VTC as a C2 system.  First- Ubiquitous use of commercial SATCOM to supplement military SATCOM.  First- Extensive coordinated use of UAVs.  First- Real time in-transit/asset visibility.

10 Operation Iraqi Freedom Communications Trends May 2003 Voice DRSN DATA NIPR/SIPR Voice DSN FIBER OPTIC SATCOM Secure VTC 138 X 10 X 6 X 39 X 22 X 17 X 5 X 305Mbps19Mbps4Mbps 44 conf per day 3200 Mbps 130 Mbps 750K min/day 19Kmin/day2.1Mbps 10.5 Mbps 555 Mbps 2 conf. per day 176 per mo. 3100+ per mo. Sep 2001 Logistics Queries

11 ODS/OIF Comparisons ODS OIF Knowledge Speed Precision Lethality (Air 2 Gnd OPS) 3200 ISR Sortie Hours RESULTS 1700 ISR Sortie Hours 3X Info ½ of the Hours Footprint 7 Mos Buildup <3 Mos Buildup Footprint # Ships Msn Achieve t Speed of Mnvr 10 % PGMs ~ 30 SOF Teams 70 % PGMs ~ 100 SOF Teams Precision Decisions Collat Dam RQD Ord 10 % Integ Ops 4 Acft/Tgt 90 % Integ Ops 1 Acft/4 Tgt Economy Of Force Heavy Ord Rqmts

12 CAT 1 = Root or Admin level intrusion CAT 2 = User level intrusion Global CND Event Metrics (Category 3 and 6) Source: JCD As of 01 February 04 Global CND Event Metrics (Category 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7) Source: JCD As of 01 February 04 Source: JCD As of 01 February 04 Intrusion Trends (Category 1 and 2) Detected “Events” (DOD Unclassified Network “NIPRNet”) As of 01 February 04 Source: JCD Leading CND Security Indicators W32.Slammer CAT 3 – Unsuccessful Attempted Access CAT 6 – Unauthorized Probe Cat 1 – Unauthorized Access Cat 2 – Unauthorized User Access Cat 4 – Denial of Service Cat 5 – Poor Security Practice Cat 7 – Malicious Logic Blaster and Welchia 2002 TOTALS CAT 1- 126 CAT 2-188 2003 TOTALS CAT 1- 152 CAT 2- 142 225 559 730780 5,844 22,144 23,662 40,076 46,057 46,684 5,540 0 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 9495969798990001020301/04

13 Current Enterprise-Wide Infrastructure Approaches Are Aging Good News: 27 Releases of Global Command and Control Since 9/11 Bad News: Insufficiently Scalable, Flexible, Technologically Dated Current Web Services, Enterprise Application Integration, Service-Oriented Architectures Hold Promise Good News: Early Enterprise Efforts Indicate Certain Aspects of Technology are Sufficiently Mature for Broad Application Bad News: Lots of Maturation Still Required – Both for the Federal Enterprise to Use and for the Commercial Technology Itself Why We’re Here Today: The Challenge

14 The Future a set of interconnections awareness “…possibly the single-most transforming thing in our forces will not be a weapons system, but a set of interconnections and a substantially enhanced capability because of that awareness.” -- Defense Secretary Rumsfeld

15 To Counter the Asymmetric Threat: Agile NetCentric Warfare - Transform Federal Intranets into Service Oriented Architectures - Publish all information as early and as widely as possible - Empower Users to pull whatever they want whenever they want - Distribute Product Management to specialized Communities but - Clearly identify Information Producers to the Enterprise - Exploit Market Mechanisms VisibilitySupply & Demand Agility ROI Metrics “Boundaryless Information Flow” Scale: Several Million Users; Tens of Thousands of Information Services

16 Keys to Agility 1 st - Comprehensive, accurate, shared Situation Awareness to enable self-synchronization 2 nd - Mobility and “Composability” to rapidly reconfigure forces and supporting information capabilities 3 rd - Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Modular, loosely coupled Rapidly reconfigurable Ubiquitous user access Collaboration Result: Dramatically accelerated organizational learning* cycle! * Responders (Users) exhibit rapid behavior change in combat (continuous experimentation)

17 The New Assumptions Industrial Age (System-centric) Clear lines of authority Limited Scope (Finite system boundaries and user population) Known, relatively static requirements Predictable future (stable Business environment and standard processes) Deduce designs from high level abstractions and test effectiveness with small-scale experimentation Information Age (Net-centric) Boundless information space with no single controlling authority Highly dynamic requirements w/ many unknowns Marginally predictable near term future Many users engaging in unpredictable ways at unpredictable intervals Highly, Dynamically Interconnected Designs must: 1.Derive from massive simulations and ongoing real world observations 2.Be agile before and after fielding in response to new conditions

18 The New Imperatives How to Improve Design of large, complex Net- centric capabilities? How to Lower Risks inherent in designing and deploying large, complex Net-centric capabilities? Shape evolution of Enterprise IT Vice Build systems

19 Net-centric Characteristics Heterogeneous Variety is essential and inevitable – basis for healthy evolutionary growth and survival within dynamic threat environment Parallel Multiple implementation and concurrent use of components and processes – increases speed and provides fail-over capability Market-driven Emphasizes Market principles vice top down direction to optimize – “Survival of the fit“ (v. selection of the fittest from a single perspective) Developers “experiment early and often” to find the right niche Agile and adaptable Capable of rapid reconfiguration to meet new and unanticipated requirements or circumvent disruption Expedient task-oriented collaborations vice static bureaucracy

20 The Solution: A Layered Architecture for DoD’s Future Transformational Communications Enterprise/Service/Agency Supplied CES Operating Environment Enterprise/Service/Agency Supplied CES Information Services Enterprise/Service/Agency Supplied COI Capability (e.g. NMCI) COI Capability (e.g. DJC2) Standards-Based Service Definitions: - Network Address(es) - Payload Information (Data & Service) - Descriptor Attributes (e.g. Service Quality, Security, Version #) 1 2 3 1 2 3 Comms: IPv4 -> IPv6 Applications, Storage, ESM, IA, User Assistance: Posix, Linux (Platform APIs)… -> Open Grid Services Directory, Discovery, Mediation, Messaging, Collaboration (Video, Audio, Data): APIs….-> Web Services Standards Maturity

21 (examples) FY04 FY 05 FY 06 FY07 FY08 FY09 Optical IP Networking for Joint Operations Centers and ISR locations Optical Bandwidth to Teleport Optical Bandwidth to Ground Sites Reachback Capabilities for Deployed Forces Power To The Edge Global Net-centric Surveillance and Targeting Automated Tagging of Selected Sensor and Combat Support Data Improved Strategic & Tactical C2 Improved Shared Access to Collateral ISR data Deployment of Collaborative Applications to Joint Commanders Optical Bandwidth Support for Additional Global Hawk UAVs Wideband Networking for UAVs and Other ISR Collaborative Collection Management CY 10 FY 10 Multi-INT Fusion for Warfighters Improved Shared Access to Combat Support Data Net-Centric Enterprise Services ForceNet Net-Centric GCSS ISR Battle Management ISR Battle Management JC2, DJC2, SJFHQ JC2, DJC2, SJFHQ Optical Mesh IP Network Integrated GIG Network Provides ubiquitous, secure, robust optical IP foundation network GIG Bandwidth Expansion TCA SATCOM Incorporates mobile/tactical users and global intelligence via optical cross links and EHF IP links Future Combat System (FCS) Future Combat System (FCS) IPV6 DISA Contributors to Key Net-Centric Initiatives Net-Centric Enterprise Services Provides information and data services to all GIG users Information Assurance Enables trusted computer, networking, and data services to all GIG users TSAT (CY10 Launch) Application/Data Diversity Means/tools to enable the smart pull and fusion of data by users Defense in Depth Wideband Gapfiller - Enterprise Systems Management- Messaging- Discovery- Mediation- Collaboration - User Assist- IA/Security- Storage Services- Application Block 1 (All CESs) in 3 SpiralsBlock 2 (All CESs) in 3 Spirals Enterprise Sensor Grid Automated IAVA Mgmt CBIS IOC IOC FOC 1234 Core Enterprise Services (9) + Application Program Interfaces CREATE WORLD-WIDE COMPUTATIONAL GRID DEPLOY TRUSTED SERVICES Identity Mgmt Infrastructure (PKI, Biometrics); Network Defense (Enterprise Sensor Grid) IMPROVE SENSEMAKING -CS Fusion Op-Intel -CS Data Fusion Applications Net-Centric Processes CAC FOC Seamlessly bridge sustaining base and deployed users via EHF IP links Next Gen Teleport Tactical IP Gateway Generation IIGeneration III IP IOC

22 Networks (Proposed) Objective DISN Services: SLA-based (Converged) Voice, Video, Data Services  End-to-End Qos  Dynamic Provisioning, Self-Healing, Self- Configuring (e.g. Mesh Networks)  Cacheing, Content Delivery, MultiCast,  “Bandwidth on Demand”  Effective, Efficient Acquisition & Management

23 GIG-BE Optical Switching Up to N x OC-192 & Increased Bandwidth Physical Diversity Ubiquitous, Secure, Robust, Optical IP Terrestrial Network FOC Sep 05 Ubiquitous, Secure, Robust, Optical IP Terrestrial Network FOC Sep 05 100 Locations Worldwide

24 Teleport 9901030507091113 GBS (Hosted on UFO) UFO (Capacity & Broadcast) SHF/ Ka Future High Cap & Broadcast System Advanced UHF (Mobile User Services) ADVANCED EHF (Protected/Survivable) MILSTAR (MDR - 02+) DSCS-SLEP DSCS Gapfiller WB (Mil Ka) COMMERCIAL (C and Ku and L) Wideband Protected Narrowband SMART-T (EHF) Tactical Terminals SCAMP (EHF) Army Wideband Tactical NESP Follow-On (EHF) LMST Teleport STEP X Pathfinder GEN I C/Ku UHF GEN II Ka EHF L HF IP GEN III Adv EHF Future Wideband GMT

25 Transformational Communications System

26 Hosting (Proposed) Objective Computing Services: SLA-based MIPS and Bytes  Capacity on Demand (e.g. Grid & Autonomic Computing)  Dynamic Storage Provisioning  Reliable Data Distribution and Replication  Effective, Efficient Acquisition & Management

27 Gridded Services Environment: Computing on Demand Factory … Service … Registry Service Handle2Svc Mapper Factory … Service … Registry Service Handle2Svc Mapper Simple Hosting Environment Virtual Hosting Environment F F SSS R M F F SSS R M

28 Internet DISA Firewall Application Switch Content Managers Security Client Servlet Engine HTTP Server Web Server(s) Layer 3 filtered protocols With Web Servers Application Server(s) Database Server(s) DISA Firewall NIPRNET Application Switch DMZ The Department’s DMZ –Response to Code Red –Solution worked through Dell –60 applications now in DMZs

29 Infrastructure Cert Svr Dir Svr Portal Svr (Proposed) Objective Enterprise Services: Building Blocks for Secure Integration of Applications and Data Sources  Identification & Authentication  Directory  Messaging & Transactions  Information Management (Discovery, Access, Dissemination)  Collaboration  Enterprise Management

30 COE => NCES: A Paradigm Shift cross- platform APIs COE perspective: plug ‘n play of common applications on a set of common support services operating system COE Infrastructure svcs common support apps mission apps DBs, comms NCES perspective: access to information and services if & when required (via web or download/install) Service #1 Service #2 Service #3 Service #4 Service #n o.s. backup CASCADED REGIONAL SERVERS common displays The COE was all about SOFTWARE PORTABILITY and REUSE The COE was all about SOFTWARE PORTABILITY and REUSE The NCES core enterprise services are about easily connecting to net-centric services The NCES core enterprise services are about easily connecting to net-centric services

31 GIG Enterprise Services Support real-time & near-real-time warrior needs, and business users DoD (Title 10) IC (Title 50) Users Business DomainsWarfighter Domains Force Application COI’ s Protection Command & Control Strategic Planning & Budget Logistics Domain/ COI Capabilities IC Org Spaces National Intelligence Domain Core Enterprise Services (CES) Transformational Communications (TC) & Computing Infrastructure Accounting & Finance Application User Assistant Storage Messaging ICSIS Community Space Acquisition Installation & Environment COI’s Focused Logistics Human Resource Management Battlespace Awareness IA/Security ESM IA/Security ESM IA/Security ESM Discovery IA/Security ESM Collaboration IA/Security ESM Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Mediation IA/Security ESM IA/Security ESM Technical Infrastructure Domain ESM IA/Security Cross Domain COI’s (e.g. M&S) Levels of Services Above Core Level Expedient COI’s

32 Cert Svr Dir Svr Portal Svr Applications… C2 and BackOffice (Proposed) Objective Applications & Data Sources Community of Interest Functionality Secure, Interoperable Plug-n-Play Data Sources and Applications

33 From Systems to Services Domain services Track Readiness Discovery Fusion Persistence Targeting Enterprise services Capability Service Key: (Notional) Today: Systems with Targeting Applications GCCS ABCS GCCS-M TBMCS Capability discovers and uses common services Distribution

34 The Results Albert Einstein “We can’t solve problems by using the same thinking we used when we created them”

35 Apps & Infrastructure with Redundancy (Target Bundle) ASSESSFINDENGAGETARGETTRACKFIXPLAN

36 Distributed Services Capabilities Intra-nodal Inter-nodal Platforms Weapons Sensors C2 Networks/Nodes CG/DDG PATRIOT F/A-18 P-3C E-2C JSTARS PREDATOR GHAWK LHD JLENS SM2 PAC-3 AMRAAM SLAM-ER HELLFIRE C2 EOI/IR AN/SPY1 RADAR AESA APS-137 AN/APS145 SAR SAR, EO/IR RADAR

37 Integration Pattern Emergence As-is: Stovepipe Patterns To-Be: Improved Integration

38 Illustrative Results 40% more TAMD kills 50% reduction in number of leakers 100% increase in engagement envelope Up to ten-fold increase in overland percent area protected Increased combat reach in selected scenarios: Most significant benefits realized when ALL combat reach capabilities implemented

39 Implications of NetCentricity


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