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Keeping the War Fighter Informed

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1 Keeping the War Fighter Informed
Mrs. Evelyn M. DePalma Director of Procurement Chief, Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization (DITCO) 18 October 2007

2 DISA’s Procurement Directorate Net-Centric Warfare Tenets
Agenda DISA Strategy DISA’s Procurement Directorate Net-Centric Warfare Tenets Net-Centric Warfare Support Net-Centric Enterprise Services Unclassified

3 This is the DISA’s Strategy

4 Procurement Directorate/ DITCO Mission
Procure Global Net-Centric Capabilities and Support Customers Through Innovative Contracting. “We are the link that ties the requirement to the capability, through the industry partner.” ~Evelyn DePalma Unclassified

5 Director’s Guiding Principles
We will Adopt Service capabilities and services and make them Joint We will Buy commercially managed services We will only Create if there is no other opportunity Get some capability out there NOW, …then refine Unclassified

6 Tenets of Net-Centric Warfare
DoD Net-Centric Data Strategy Information Assurance Strategy Core Enterprise Services (Net-Centric Enterprise Services NCES) Global Connectivity (Transformational Communications) Global connectivity, real-time collaboration, and rapid and continuous information exchange UNCLASSIFIED 6

7 From the “Point of the Spear”…
Extending enterprise services to the edge Three pictures of warfighters for aesthetic use only. Beyond the traditional DISN point of presence Unclassified

8 Combat support computing runs systems that . . .
…To Sustaining Base Combat support computing runs systems that . . . provision ships provide medical care provide command and control manage transportation manage parts and replenish supplies manage maintenance pay the warfighters Unclassified

9 Net-Centric Warfare Support
Tools for Net-Centric Warfare What we buy: Satellite Bandwidth White House Communications Support GIG-BE Infrastructure JTRS Joint C2/Coalition Information Sharing GIG NCES Teleports NIPR/SIPRnet Software Licenses Unclassified

10 What is Net-Centric Enterprise Services (NCES)?
NCES enables information sharing by connecting people/systems who have information* with people/ systems who need information For people who have information, NCES provides global information advertising and delivery services For people who need information, NCES provides global services to find and receive information * Information – data and services (web services) UNCLASSIFIED

11 Role of Net-Centric Enterprise Services (NCES)
Current Systems Net-Centric Capabilities User Access Systems transformed into discrete capabilities Collaboration Service Security Content Delivery Metadata Registry Joint Capabilities People Discovery Service Discovery NCES Benefits: Increase user access to accurate and relevant information that is automatically updated from a small set of authoritative sources and systems entry points Decreased planning cycle times Rapid user access to local and enterprise information/intelligence sources Accurate and relevant information retrieval from local and enterprise sources Rapid response to information queries supporting shared situational awareness Rapid exchange of information in support of shared situational awareness Global visibility on combat support information From: Operational Mission Planning Scenario Information/Intelligence Fusion Scenario JTF Combat Scenario Logistics Scenario Warfighter Challenges / Legacy Issues: Substantial time and effort required to identify, aggregate, and coordinate information and deliver operational plans Information collected from separate sources with individual user access requirements Heavy reliance on platform centric operational C4 systems that are not connected or cannot share information Manual collection and synchronization of information from numerous sources is difficult Time consuming and repeated sequential series of coordination events Inadequate shared information visibility from legacy systems Multiple competing authoritative information sources, many of which may be unknown to the user Plans published to a limited number of users that are known to the planners. Does not consider unanticipated user need for information. Plans briefed sequentially to individual or limited audiences during the development and approval process Information cannot be easily shared with non DoD organizations, e.g. NGO, First Responders, and coalition partners. Mediation Now Systems Focus Stove-piped systems Information push Future Capabilities Focus Network & Data - Centric Information pull Content Discovery Enterprise Service Management New NCES enabling Warfighting, Intelligence, and Business Systems Unclassified 11

12 NCES enables the DoD Net-Centric Data Strategy
DoD Net-Centric Data Strategy Goals: Implement DoD Data Strategy per Directive Is an information resource and associated POC discoverable by most users? Trusted Interoperable Responsive Accessible Understandable Visible Is it connected to the network(s), and are tools readily available to use it? Can it be intelligibly used? Are the semantics well documented? Is the source, accuracy and currency of the resource available to users? Can it be easily combined or compared with other information or mediated? Is the resource answering user needs? Are robust, direct user feedback mechanisms in place to guide development? NCES enables the DoD Net-Centric Data Strategy UNCLASSIFIED 12

13 and reuse capabilities regardless of platform; increased flexibility
Enterprise Services ServiceSecurity Service Discovery Ability to operate in a secure environment Confidence that enterprise services are available and reliable Enterprise Service Management Real-time update and alert notification as information changes Ability to develop and reuse capabilities regardless of platform; increased flexibility and agility Exchange data with unanticipated users in unanticipated formats Mediation Locate people and network resources People Discovery NCES This the suite of NCES services available to COI Not all services will be used by each COI To date, the most used services are: (1) DoD Metadata Registry (2) Service Discovery (3) Content Discovery I moved the detailed slides of each service to the backup section. Just talk to some of the services and inform the users of the backups Interoperability of data with shared semantics Metadata Registry Collaboration Content Discovery Content Delivery Web-based source for information on NCES and access to its services Communicate in real-time using voice, text, and video sessions Access to shared/ stored data; improved shared awareness Improved Quality of Service UNCLASSIFIED

14 Our Mission: Deliver Capability to the Warfighter
We feel a sense of urgency in getting the right information in the hands of Our Warfighters UNCLASSIFIED 14


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