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Last Tactical Mile “Perspective”

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1 Last Tactical Mile “Perspective”
July 19, 2011 Russell Chan Lockheed Martin Corporate Engineering & Technology

2 Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information
Everybody has a Role ODNI CIA NGA NRO NSA FBI DoJ DoE DHS DoS DoT AF Intel Army Intel Coast Guard Intel Marine Corps Intel Navy Intel Intelligence Community Executive Order 12333 U.S. Code Title 10 U.S. Code Title 50 Intelligence Community Directives ICD 503 DoD Doctrine Tactics/Techniques/Procedures Security/Classification UCDMO NIST SP NTM/Tactical Products GEOINT SIGINT MASINT …. INTs Governance Networks JWICS SIPRNET NIPRNET NATO Coalition Organizations Department of Defense Air Force Army Navy Marines SOCOM NATO NGO Advantaged Users Disadvantage Users Coalition For Military and Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief Missions Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information

3 Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information
The Wheels of Progress National Task Collect Process Exploit Disseminate Sensors Data Information Intelligence Orient Decide Act Observe Task Collect Process Exploit Disseminate TCPED Cycle Relevant Intelligence Information Data Sensors Knowledge National Tactical Knowledge Reachback Intelligence Information Data Sensors Orient Decide Act Observe Knowledge Decision Cycle Tactical Data/Info/Intel/Knowledge must be available within the Decision Cycle Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information

4 Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information
Role Based Needs TCPED Cycle Policy/Doctrine Networks JWICS SIPRNET NIPRNET NATO Coalition Multi-Level Security/Guards DoD Access/Authentication Users Advantaged Disadvantaged Task Feedback Collect Disseminate Process Exploit Data Metadata Information Multi-INT Fusion Intelligence Covert HUMINT Knowledge Action SIGINT Counter Intel Decision superiority Mission Success GEOINT OSINT MASINT Roles (Individual roles have different needs) IC, DoD, NATO, Coalition, NGO, etc. Commander, squad leader, Intel analyst (theater/CONUS), operator Decision Cycle Missions Act Observe Orient Decide Neutralize Detect Identify Disseminate Find Fix Finish Exploit Analyze Assess Track Target Engage Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information

5 Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information
What is the “right information”? Bandwidth priority/availability? Access/authentication? Security/classification? Challenge – Leverage Commercial Technology Now Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information

6 Mission Need and Approach
Information sharing National to/from Tactical Multiple security domains Information discovery Right information (Relevant) Right people (Commanders, Operators, Analysts, Policy makers, First Responders, etc.) Right time (Minimal latency) Attributes Interoperable IP based networks (3G/4G wireless) Legacy tactical radio interoperability (SINCGARS, MBITR, LMR) National Security Agency Suite B (up to Secret level) Metadata standards (Cursor on Target) Data fusion/Data discovery (augmented reality [AR]) Commercial Technologies (Smartphones, Tablets, 3G/4G wireless) Operational National Technical Means and Tactical product relevancy New technology insertion (3G/4G, metadata framework, AR) System interoperability with enhanced capabilities Need Approach Value

7 Content Delivery Consumer Information Needs Role based (commander, squad leader, operator, analyst, planner, etc.) Content Communications Governance Fused Multi-INT Fusion engine, KML Quick Cache Data discovery Semantics, augmented reality User interface/interaction Smartphone/Tablet Secure 2nd generation RIPRNET IP based Legacy radios COTS 3G/4G Wireless NSA Suite B Trusted guards Access/Authentication Leverage technologies available to the general public Technology Readily Available – Policy and Governance ?

8 Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information
Vision Today Coalition 2D Geospatial Information System (GIS) Visualization Cursor on Target (CoT) compliant data Images Video Signals Target Waypoint Video compression NATO JWICS SIPRNET Augmented Reality (AR) NIPRNET Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System Cloud/Grid Computing Data Repository Metatdata Framework Interoperable IP Communications National Security Agency Suite B or Advanced Encryption Standard Information discovery Open Source Fused Multi-INT Type 1 Secure Comms Location and Temporal Based Services Images, video Cursor on Target messages Signals Reports Open Source Collaborative applications National Databases Tactical Databases (Simulated) SME PED Secure Mobile Environment – Portable Electronic Device Laptop 2D Geospatial Information System (GIS) Visualization Analysis / Exploitation Clip Art used with permission from Microsoft Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information

9 Last Tactical Mile with Reachback
Clip Art used with permission from Microsoft

10 Tactical Communications Architecture
Architecture supports KG implementation Demonstrated Capabilities in Field Experimentation Clip Art used with permission from Microsoft

11 Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information
One Architecture – Multiple Missions and Users SATCOM Tactical Radio (Type 1) First Responder Radio 2G/3G/4G Wireless (NSA Suite B) Emergency Operations Center Tactical Operations Center First Responder Warfighter Mobile Command Clip Art used with permission from Microsoft Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information

12 Thank You

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