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Multi-Sensory Reading Techniques

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1 Multi-Sensory Reading Techniques
Based on Orton Gillingham Practices MATON Conference ~ 2013 Doreen Oelke ~ Title I Teacher at Hartley Elementary, Waseca

2 Visual Cues For Short Vowels a: Hand under chin, drop jaw
e: Pretend to pull back on sides of the mouth i: Scrunch up nose o: Circle your mouth with finger u: Fist to stomach “th” voiced sound: fingers to vocal cords unvoiced sound: thumbs up

3 Pound and Tap Focus First on the Spelling Pattern
Non Patterned Words are RED Words or Think Pad Words Visual Frames for Sounds, Consonant Clusters (pr, cr, cl, nt, st….) Diagraphs (th, sh, ch,….) and Magic “e” Words Frame Syllables with a / Always Present the Word in the Context of a Sentence Pound Syllables Tap Sounds I do it, We do it, You do it Variations for Left Handers MS Video Clips\Pound and Tap

4 C and K Trick Visuals Cat Kite

5 House Formation Capital Letter Generally Do NOT fit in the House
Use Form to teach lowercase Friendly, easy to understand terminology

6 COPS Systematic Process to Sentence Writing C= Capitalization
O= Organization P= Punctuation S= Spelling

7 Red Words Non-Phonetic Words RED like a STOP Sign
Multi-Sensory Manner Reinforces Spelling Recall Chunk Word if 4 or More Letters Arm Tapping- Variations for Left Handed Students

8 3 Part Drill Part 1 : Visual Part 2 : Auditory and Kinesthetic
Part 3 : Blending

9 Part 1 Visual Flash Cards State Sound Use Visual Clues

10 Part 2 Auditory and Kinesthetic
Dictate Sound Write Letter in Sand While Naming Underline While Saying Sound

11 Part 3 Blending 3 Piles of Cards Say Sound for Letter
Blend it into Syllable Word Play: Rhyming, Syllables, Vocabulary Review

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