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Welcome to Covington High School Class of 2016 Orientation Meeting.

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1 Welcome to Covington High School Class of 2016 Orientation Meeting

2 Staff at CHS Principal, Ms. Peggy Murdock Assistant Principals Ms. Ellen S. Clark Mr. Marcus Heaston Mr. Mark McClain Guidance Counselors Ms. Vickie Fayne Mr. Rusty Richardson

3 Planning for course work 24 total credits for graduation 16 of those credits are in the core areas 4 English 4 Math (Students must take a math class each year) 3 Social Studies 3 Science 1.5 Wellness.5 Personal Finance

4 English4 credits English 11 credit English 2 1 credit English 31 credit English 41 credit Dual English 4 1 credit (6 hours college credit)

5 Math 4 credits (Students must take a math class/credit each year.) Algebra 11 credit Algebra 21 credit Geometry1 credit Upper Level Math1 credit Bridge Math Students who have not earned a 19 on the mathematics subtest of the ACT. STEM Math (Pre-Calculus, Calculus, or Statistics) Math – UT Martin Dual Credit College Algebra

6 Science 3 credits Biology 11 credit Chemistry or Physics1 credit Another Lab Science1 credit Physical Science Ecology Biology II

7 Social Studies 3 credits World History or World Geography1 credit U.S. History1 credit U.S. History Dual Enrollment1 credit 6 hours college credit Economics½ credit U.S. Government½ credit

8 Fine Art, Foreign Language, and Elective Focus Fine Arts1 credit Foreign Language (Same language) 2 credits Elective Focus3 credits Students completing a CTE elective focus must complete three units in the same CTE program area or state approved program of study. Science and math, humanities, fine arts, or AP/IB Other area approved by local Board of Education

9 Fine Arts and Foreign Language *The Fine Art and Foreign Language requirements may be waived for students who are sure they are not going to attend a 4 year university. Students will replace those credits with courses designed to enhance and expand the elective focus.

10 P.E. and Wellness 1½ credits Wellness1 credit Physical Education½ credit The physical education requirement may be met by substituting an equivalent time of physical activity in other areas including but not limited to marching band, cheerleading, interscholastic athletics, and school sponsored intramural athletics.

11 Other credits Personal Finance½ credit Additional Electives2 credits TOTAL 24 credits

12 Factors to consider when choosing the right courses:

13 Data Examine your student’s Explore data Examine TCAP data and predictions Ask for input from teachers if you are unsure Always try to reach as high as possible with your academic goals, yet be realistic

14 TESTING To raise the academic bar for all high school students and to add accountability for students’ academic performance, Tennessee adopted the Tennessee Diploma Project for end-of-course (EOC) tests in key subjects. Although subject to change, the current end-of-course tested subjects are: English 1, English 2, English 3, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, US History, Biology 1 Scheduled soon are: Geometry, Chemistry, and Physics

15 Testing The results of these examinations will be factored into the student’s grade at a percentage determined by the State Board of Education. The weight of the end-of course test beginning in 2011-12 school year is 25% of the second semester.

16 Tennessee Scholars The Future of Tennessee

17 TN Scholar Expectations 20 hours of community service Overall “C” average in all TN Scholars courses 95% overall attendance No out-of-school suspensions Successful passing of all End of Course subjects

18 Encourage all students to take more rigorous courses and prepare for the future. Encourage students to plan early for the future. Help find ways to motivate students to stay in school and complete their education. Support their educational system and their students. Serve as volunteers. Parent’s Role in New State Guidelines

19 Dual Enrollment Courses offered at CHS in conjunction with University of Tennessee at Martin Credit granted by CHS and by UT Credit will count at all TN Board of Regents Universities as well as any other university You begin your college transcript

20 ACT and SAT Keep in mind that rigorous courses increase the scores on college entrance exams ACT prep courses (regular, math, and reading) Successful completion of core university courses yield a 7 point margin increase ACT Prep increases scores on ACT

21 TN Lottery Scholarship Present requirements: ACT score of 21, SAT score of 980, OR 3.0 GPA $4,000 per year for a 4-year college $2,000 per year for a two-year college Aspire Award – additional $1,500 based on need

22 GPA Calculation Each A counts 4, Bs count 3, Cs count 2, and Ds count 1 Calculates semester averages only Add all semester As, Bs, Cs, and Ds Divide by the number of semesters for which you have grades That answer is your GPA

23 Semester Exams Your semester exam counts 25% of your semester average. Don’t take exams for granted. Study!!

24 Credit Recovery Computer-driven A+ Software Hours of after-school or before-school work to recover a credit No new credit Can only receive a 70 Costs associated with recovery

25 Parent Connect Student information available on the web Username and password protected Grades and attendance posted Syllabus can be posted Messages available Email connections

26 Moving to High School Discipline Dress Code Belts Pants Blouses Appropriateness Opportunities to be successful Be a leader to gain the most from high school.

27 Get Involved in CHS Life Band, chorus, sports, clubs Join a team Join a club Become a CHS Charger

28 Dates to Remember for CMS: If you haven’t registered, please see Ms. Fayne in guidance. (475-5861) Times must be scheduled through Ms. Fayne Be sure to review your plan carefully

29 Dates to remember for CIAA Appointments made through Ms. Beasley at CIAA

30 In summary: Set high goals for yourself Get your life organized Know what to expect before you come to school Learn how to study and take advantage of available help (tutoring) Find solutions to your problems Connect to CHS

31 How to connect to CHS Email addresses Activities School news Guidance newsletters Club and organization information

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