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High School Graduation Plans

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1 High School Graduation Plans
Preparing students for success in college, careers and citizenship in the community

2 There are 3 graduation plans in the state of Texas:
The Minimum Plan (permission required for eligible students only) The Recommended Plan The Distinguished Achievement Plan

RECOMMENDED *DISTINGUISHED ACHIEVEMENT English Language Arts credits credits Mathematics credits credits (Must include Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II.) Science credits credits (Must include Biology, Chemistry, Physics) Social Studies credits credits (Must include W. Geography, W. History, U.S. History, U.S. Government) Economics credit credit Languages Other Than English credits credits (Must be the same language) Physical Education credits credits (Some substitutions allowed – consult handbook for specifics.) Health Education credit credit Communication Applications or Professional Communications (CTE) credit credit Fine Arts credits credits (Must be 1 full credit of same course.) Electives credits credits TOTAL CREDITS CREDITS *Advanced measures are also required for graduation on the Distinguished Achievement Program. Consult handbook for specifics.

Algebra I Pre-AP Can take Algebra I Pre-AP during 8th grade – consult student’s 7th grade math teacher to determine if this is recommended for your student. Spanish I / French I Must be started at the beginning of 7th grade and successfully completed in 8th grade in order to receive 1 credit for foreign language. Keyboarding .5 credit elective is a prerequisite for any Technology credit taken in high school and must be completed in middle school.

5 Grade Point Average (GPA)
Secondary school students’ grades are averaged at the end of each semester. All credit courses assigned a numerical grade are included in the student’s GPA calculation. The GPA is then used to determine Class Rank (high school only). High school courses completed at the middle school level are included in the high school cumulative GPA. Students are encouraged to take more challenging advanced academic courses such as Pre-AP, Advanced Placement, and college credit courses (after completion of 10th grade), which contain “weighted” grade points. How to Calculate your GPA Convert your grades using the conversion chart. After you have converted your grades, add them all together. Divide the total by the number of courses you are taking (8 in middle school). The answer is your grade point average.

6 Advanced Academic Weighted Grades
The following scale is used to compute numerical grades into the mathematically computed score that is used to determine Grade Point Average and Class Rank. The end of semester numerical grade is recorded on the student’s permanent record (transcript). Numerical Grade Non-Honors 4.0 Scale Honors/Pre-AP/AP/IB 5.0 Scale

7 Calculating Your GPA Sample Report Card Grades:
Class Grade GPA Conversion English Math 8 Pre-AP Science 8 Pre-AP U. S. History PE Band Tech. Ed Study Skills GPA TOTAL divided by 8 classes = 3.525

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