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Registration Information Canton South High School 2013-2014.

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1 Registration Information Canton South High School 2013-2014


3 Graduation Requirements 21 Credits 4 English4 Math 3 Social Studies.5 Health 2 PE classes* 1 Fine Art*.5 Financial Literacy 4.5 Electives 3 Science

4 PE Waiver A Physical Education Waiver may be earned after the completion of two seasons of high school sports or band.



7 Fine Art = 1.0 Credit However…

8 Fine Art Waiver A Fine Art Waiver may be earned with the completion of one credit of a Career-Tech course.

9 One credit in any of these classes = FA Waiver One year of any CTE program, including CBI, PLTW, and Biomed 2 semesters of “High School of Business” courses

10 Musical Theater Music…Yours & Mine Choir Band Digital Music Foundation of Art (req. before taking the following courses): Adv. Art Foundations Painting Upcycling/Jewelry Sculpting/Ceramics Digital Photography

11 Also new this year….

12 Changes Acting = Musical Theater Government=1.0 (AY) Financial Literacy=.5 (Sem) Economics Wealth Management

13 More Changes Junior Science – Biophysics or Chemistry Math – Integrated Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II A, B, A/B

14 Academic Honor Diploma Criteria 4 English, Math, Science (must include Physics), Social Studies 3 Foreign Language 1 Fine Art 3.5 Grade Point Average 27 ACT or 1210 SAT Must earn 7 out of 8 criteria *Writing sections of either standardized test should not be included in the calculation of this score. Diploma with Honors requirements pre-suppose completion of all high school diploma requirements in Ohio Revised Code including: ½ unit physical education** ½ unit health ½ unit in American history ½ unit in government **SB 311 allows school districts to adopt a policy exempting students who participate in athletics, marching band or cheerleading for two full seasons or two years of JROTC from the physical education requirement.

15 Career Tech Honor Diploma Criteria 4 English, Math, Science (any advanced science), Social Studies 4 Career Tech Units 3.5 GPA 27 ACT/1210 SAT Achieve competency benchmark Must earn 7 out of 8 criteria

16 Steps To Registering



19 Make sure you earned the required credits….







26 Math Foreign Language Pre-AP/AP Classes Junior Science (Biophysics or Chemistry) Teacher Recommendations

27 More things to consider….

28 Compass Test The score you earned on the Writing, Reading, and Math tests will determine if you can enroll in certain Dual Enrollment courses. Math and Science courses = 55 in Algebra (not Pre- Algebra or College Algebra) English courses = 70 in Writing See Mr. Gotshall if you need to retake the Compass Test

29 Dual Enrollment Classes Computer Applications English College Algebra College Precalculus Physics Welding Medical Technology

30 Miscellaneous….

31 How to register…. Read the registration card carefully Obtain signatures from teachers and parents/guardians Log onto website and choose classes Turn registration card into Student Services by February 15 th See your counselor if you have questions

32 Registering Online…. Online registration will be open February 1 st through February 15 th The username and password are necessary to register – case sensitive You must register for a minimum number of classes (5 credits) If you need assistance, see your counselor

33 Registration Website….

34 Registration cards due to Student Services Office by February 15 th !

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