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HIGH SCHOOL 101 Begin with the end in mind… mind… It’s all about graduation!!

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1 HIGH SCHOOL 101 Begin with the end in mind… mind… It’s all about graduation!!

2 Points to Cover Welcome and Introductions Educational Plans Educational Plans Graduation Requirements Diploma Types Focused Elective Groups College & Career Ready Athletic Eligibility Requirements Attendance Tennessee Scholars Career Academies

3 Educational Plan Educational Plan The Educational Plan gives you a snapshot of how to meet all requirements for graduation. The Ed Plan also addresses after graduation plans.


5 CoursesCreditsMinimum Requirements English4English I, II, III, IV Math4Algebra I, II, Geometry and one other math course beyond Algebra I Science3Biology I, Chemistry or Physics and a third science Social Studies 3World History and Geography, or equivalent; US History and Geography; Economics and US Government and Civics (3 years of JROTC can substitute for Government) Lifetime Wellness 1TN requirement for health and physical education Physical Education 0.5A student may take a physical education course or may substitute 66 hours of documented participation in a CMCSS school-sponsored, after-school physical activity for this requirement. Personal Finance 0.5Or 3 years of JROTC

6 CoursesCreditsRequirements Foreign Language22 years of the same language Fine Arts1Visual Arts, Theatre Arts, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, and Music Electives Focused Electives3From CMCSS approved list Additional Requirements

7 Career-Technical Education 3 credits in a state approved Program of Study (POS) – Will vary by high school Science and Math3 credits other than required Fine Arts3 credits other than required AP/Dual enrollment 3 credits other than required JROTC3 credits other than used for core substitutions Business/Computer s Transfer students may take any combination of 3 business and/ or computer courses Academic3 credits other than required in the areas of English, math, science, social studies, or foreign language TransitionStudents with an IEP may complete the series of 3 transition courses Approved Focused Elective Groups

8 -Small learning communities made of groups of students in a high school that take classes together -Classes are taught by a team of teachers and focus on a particular career theme -Each High School in CMCSS has a different academy to meet the needs of our students Career Academies in CMCSS

9  Students earning diplomas will be recognized in the graduation program as graduating with distinction by attaining an 85% cumulative average and completing at least one of the following:  Earn a nationally recognized industry certification  Participate in at least one of the Governor’s Schools  Participate in one of the state’s All State musical organizations  Be selected as a National Merit Finalist or Semi- Finalist Graduating with Distinction

10  Attain a 31 or higher composite score on the ACT  Attain a score of 3 or higher on at least two Advanced Placement Exams  Successfully complete the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme  Earn 12 or more semester hours of transcripted postsecondary credit Graduating with Distinction Continued

11 DIPLOMA TYPES  Regular Diploma Awarded to students who: 1) earn the specified 22 units of credit 2) have satisfactory records of attendance 3) have satisfactory conduct records

12 DIPLOMA TYPES  Honors All requirements for a Regular Diploma must be fulfilled plus: 1) an 85% cumulative percent average 2) no semester grade lower than a 75 3) must score at or above all of the subject area readiness benchmarks on the ACT or equivalent score on the SAT

13 DIPLOMA TYPES  Highest Honors All requirements for an Honors Diploma must be fulfilled plus 1) a 90 cumulative percent average 2) specific course selections as follows: Honors English II, III, and IV, upper level math course above Algebra II/ Geometry, 2 Advanced placement courses, and 3 upper level lab sciences

14 ACT Readiness Benchmarks Subject Test ACT English18 Math22 Reading22 Science23

15 ATHLETICS  Football  Baseball  Wrestling  Basketball  Soccer  Track/Cross Country  Volleyball  Tennis  Softball  Golf  Cheerleading  Dance Team  Wrestlerettes

16 High School Sports  Students must have earned five credits the previous year to be eligible to participate in high school sports  Eighth graders must be academically promoted to be eligible their freshman year College Sports  Are controlled by NCAA  Students who wish to be college eligible for sports should work closely with their coach and high school counselor  Visit: For detailed information Athletic Eligibility

17 Attendance Policy TN Scholars (


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