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Exploring the West Unit 5 – Chapter 11 – Lesson 1 Pages 426 - 432.

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1 Exploring the West Unit 5 – Chapter 11 – Lesson 1 Pages 426 - 432

2 Objectives Describe how early pioneers met the challenges of frontier life. Explain why President Jefferson agreed to buy Louisiana. Describe the expedition to explore the lands of the Louisiana Purchase.

3 Vocabulary Gap – a low place between mountains Pioneer – an early settler of an area Consequence – result of a specific action

4 Content Focus In the 1700s and 1800s, many immigrants came to the United States. Some crossed over the Cumberland Gap to settle the frontier.

5 Immigrants and Pioneers 1700 – 1800s – Many immigrants England Ireland Scotland Germany

6 WHY? Escape hard times Escape war Escape religious persecution Wanted money and land

7 HOW? Ships would land at major ports along Atlantic coast New York – popular port for immigrants

8 WHERE? Many wanted to go to frontier WEST!

9 PROBLEM? Appalachians Large barrier that prevented easy westward movement

10 The Cumberland Gap Today located where TN, VA, KY meet Native Americans had a trail over the Appalachians through the gap.

11 Daniel Boone Best known PIONEER to cross Appalachian Hired to widen the gap Built “The Wilderness Road” Becomes main route to WEST 1792 – KY 15 th state 1 st state west of Appalachians


13 Why was Wilderness Road important? It helped pioneers cross the Appalachian mountains – opening up the West.

14 Many Americans searched for a _____ to pass through Appalachian Mountains. GAP

15 What was the first state West of the Appalachians? Kentucky

16 Hardships The Wilderness Road was difficult No stores Bring ALL supplies Many wanted to go anyway Why? East is over populated. Land west is cheaper and more available.


18 State of Franklin Dispute in North Carolina 3 counties in west create own state John Sevier – elected governor N.C. soon took back control.

19 Tennessee (TN) 1796 – 16 th state Sevier elected governor Name comes from TANSAI = Cherokee Village Admitted to Union

20 Ohio 1803 – 17 th state Many settlers move in along the Ohio River area 45,000 people live there

21 Who was the first governor of Tennessee? John Seiver

22 Cause & Effect Because more people moved west... The effect is many new states are formed.


24 Thomas Jefferson 1801 – 3 rd President Goal = Expand Borders Problem-U.S. no ports on Gulf of Mexico Port of Orleans – owned by Spanish (remember French/Indian War?)

25 Big Purchase! 1801 – Spain gives France Louisiana back U.S. Fear  France would build settlements and prevent Americans from moving west Napoleon Bonaparte –Leader of France

26 Jefferson takes action President Jefferson send officials to France Request – U.S. wants to purchase New Orleans and Western Florida This is just a small portion of Louisiana

27 France has problems! Going to war with Britian Short on money Napoleon offers to sell ALL of Louisiana (800,000 square miles) for only $15 million

28 SOLD! April 30, 1803 the purchase is finalized The Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the U.S.


30 Why did France agree to sell Louisiana? They needed money to fight a war against Britian

31 What agreement was made by Jefferson that doubled the size of the U.S.? The Louisiana Purchase


33 Lewis & Clark Jefferson hires his friend Meriwether Lewis to led an expedition Lewis asks his friend William Clark to come Clark’s job = keep records & make maps Jefferson’s task  Find most direct water route across continent


35 Corps of Discovery Team of 40 Called Corps of Discovery York – slave owned by Clark is also on team May 1804 – Leave St. Louis, MO Travel by boat up Missouri River Drew maps, gathered plants & animals

36 October Stop for winter Today North Dakota Fort Mandan (Indian Village) Hire French fur trader and Shoshone Indian wife, Sacagawea as guides

37 Spring 1805 Continue up Missouri river Reach the Rocky Mountains Used horses to cross After, built boats Clearwater, Snake, and Columbia River

38 Success! November 1805 Reach the Pacific Ocean 3,000 miles 1 ½ years


40 Winter Spent at Fort Clatsop Now in Oregon March 1806 – head back September arrive in St. Louis, MO


42 Benefits MAPS  show mountain passes & major rivers Brought back seeds, plants, and animals The work done by Corps of Discovery added to the knowledge Americans had about the lands that became the WEST.

43 Pike Explores Zebulon Pike – 1806 SW area of purchase Saw “Blue Mountain” Now in Colorado – named Pikes Peak

44 Pike Problem Strayed into Spanish territory Arrested After release – spread word of Spanish need for manufactured goods Many traveled to SW to sell goods to Spanish


46 How did Louisiana Purchase affect the U.S.? Doubled size Extended border to Rocky Mountains Led to exploration

47 What obstacle did Lewis & Clark find in their direct water route? Rocky mountains


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