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Jefferson and The Louisiana Purchase

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1 Jefferson and The Louisiana Purchase

2 The Louisiana Purchase
By 1800, more than a million settlers lived between the Appalachian Mountains and Mississippi River; still not allowed to use Mississippi River for trade (controlled by Spain) Pinckney Treaty – negotiated to allow use of river – helpful for transporting goods Crisis develops – Spain secretly gave New Orleans and Louisiana Territory to France This disturbed Jefferson – worried about Napoleon Bonaparte taking over America or blocking American expansion

3 Buying Louisiana Jefferson sends Monroe to France – able to purchase entire Louisiana Territory for $15 million (4 cents an acre) because Napoleon needed money Haitians had driven French out – without that colony it was difficult to maintain control of Louisiana Territory This purchase doubled the size of America Summary of Purchase- Video

4 The Louisiana Purchase

5 Lewis and Clark Explore the West
Newly acquired western land needed to be explored Americans wanted to know if a waterway existed between the Mississippi River and Pacific Ocean Also want Lewis and Clark to make contact with Natives living in this area

6 The Journey Began in St. Louis and head up Missouri River
Reach Platt River – meet Natives Proceed to the eastern edge of Great Plains Next they move to what is now North Dakota – meet the Mandan people and Sacagawea (Shoshone) Hit the Rockies and Continental Divide – disappointed that they did not see a waterway to take them to Pacific Shoshones agree to sell horses to help the expedition Reach Columbia River and eventually Pacific Ocean


8 Pike’s Expedition As Lewis and Clark travel back, Zebulon Pike also explores Louisiana Territory Goes to Rocky Mountains – tries to climb a mountain – makes it up almost all the way – now called Pikes Peak On his way home arrested by Spanish in New Mexico – thought he was a spy Eventually released This expedition created more interest in Spanish borderlands

9 Pikes Peak, Colorado

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