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The Louisiana Purchase

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1 The Louisiana Purchase
Chapter 8, Section 2 The Louisiana Purchase

2 American Settlers Move West
Early 1800’s Thousands of American settled in the area between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio granted statehood Settlers depended on the Mississippi River to move their goods east New Orleans was a very important port

3 American Settlers Move West
New Orleans and Louisiana under Spanish control Region from the Mississippi River to the vast Rocky Mountains Spanish officials found it impossible to keep American settlers out of the area In a secret treaty, Spain passed Louisiana to France

4 Louisiana 1802 Just before passing Louisiana off to France, Spain closed the port of New Orleans, angering Americans and hurting the American economy President Thomas Jefferson asked the U.S. Ambassador to France (Robert R. Livingston) to try to purchase New Orleans President Thomas Jefferson sent James Monroe to help Livingston negotiate terms

5 Napoleon and Louisiana
Napoleon Bonaparte Powerful ruler of France Conquered most of Europe Wanted to rebuild France’s empire Strategy Use French colony of Haiti (in the Caribbean) as a supply base From there, send troops of Louisiana Enslaved Africans in Haiti revolted and freed themselves from French rule Napoleon tried to crush the rebellion on the island but his forces were defeated in 1802, ending his hopes of rebuilding a North American empire

6 Jefferson Buys Louisiana
The American ambassador got a surprising offer during his negotiations with French Foreign Minister Charles Talleyrand When the Americans tried to buy New Orleans, Talleyrand offered to sell all of Louisiana to America With his hopes of a North American empire dashed, Napoleon turned his attention to Europe At war with Great Britain In need of money and military supplies Hoped that a larger United States would challenge Great Britain’s authority on the world stage

7 Jefferson Buys Louisiana
Knowing a bargain when presented with one, Livingston and Monroe accepted the French offer for $15 million President Thomas Jefferson was pleased but as a strict constructionist, he was troubled The Constitution did not mention the purchase of foreign lands He hated spending large amounts of public money Louisiana Purchase Approved by Senate on October 20, 1803 Doubled the size of the United States


9 Explorers Head West Americans knew very little about western Native Americans Americans were unfamiliar with western land President Thomas Jefferson wanted to learn more about the people and land west of the Mississippi River Jefferson also hoped to find a river route to the Pacific Ocean

10 Lewis and Clark Expedition
1803 President Thomas Jefferson asked Congress to fund an expedition to explore the West Selected former army captain Meriwether Lewis Lewis then chose his friend William Clark to co-lead the expedition with him Lewis spent weeks preparing for the journey by studying with experts about plants and surveying This helped him to take careful notes on the journey of what he saw With Clark, Lewis selected 50 skilled frontiersmen to join the Corps of Discovery

11 Lewis and Clark Expedition
Began in May of 1804 Long journey to explore the Louisiana Purchase Traveled up the Mississippi River to the village of St. Charles Once past St. Charles, the expedition would receive no more letters, fresh supplies, or reinforcements Lewis and Clark navigated the Missouri River into unknown lands


13 Contact with Native Americans
The Lewis and Clark expedition traveled more than 600 miles up the Missouri River without encountering any Native American peoples When the expedition spotted large buffalo herds the in the distance, they smartly guessed that Native Americans would be nearby Buffalo was a source of food for Native Americans

14 Contact with Native Americans
Lewis utilized interpreters to communicate with the Native Americans that the expedition encountered Relied on the goodwill of the Native Americans Sacagawea Shoshone from the Rocky Mountains Accompanied the group with her French fur trading husband Helped the expedition by naming plants and animals Helped identify edible fruits and vegetables indigenous to the west Brother provided horses and a guide to lead the expedition across the mountains

15 Contact with Native Americans
After crossing the Rocky Mountains, Lewis and Clark followed the Columbia River and met the powerful Nez Perce along the way The Nez Perce people provided the expedition with food Lewis and Clark reached the Pacific Ocean in November of 1805 and remained in the Pacific Northwest for the remainder of the winter Began journey home in March of 1806 Lewis and Clark did not find a river route to the Pacific Ocean, but they learned much about Western Lands and paths across the Rockies

16 Pike’s Exploration Zebulon Pike Young army officer
1806, sent on a mission into the west Ordered to find the starting point of the Red River Explored into Colorado and tried to reach the summit of the mountain now called Pike’s Peak 1807, traveled into Spanish territory until his arrest Suspected Pike was a spy Released and returned to the United States Offered many Americans their first description of the Southwest

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