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Klein Show Rules Meeting. September 10, 2010 All animal money is due to Mrs. Brummond Cash, Cashiers Check, or Money Order NO PERSONAL CHECKS.

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1 Klein Show Rules Meeting

2 September 10, 2010 All animal money is due to Mrs. Brummond Cash, Cashiers Check, or Money Order NO PERSONAL CHECKS

3 September 14, 2010 Lamb & Goat meeting after school (All members purchasing a lamb or goat need to attend)

4 September 16, 2010 Lamb & Goat Selection Lamb Selection Drawing 3-3:30 pm Lamb Selection at 4:00pm Goat Selection Drawing 5-5:30 pm Goat Selection at 6:00 pm

5 October 1, 2010 ALL FFA Dues are due this day

6 October 7, 2010 Turkey Meeting after school All students getting turkeys need to attend

7 October 13, 2010 Turkey pickup at multipurpose facility Pickup from 7L30-9:00pm

8 October 14, 2010 Pig Meeting after school All students getting pigs need to attend

9 October 23, 2010 Pig Selection At the Klein Ag Farm Drawing for selection from 11:00– 11:30 am Selection starts at 1:00pm

10 December 1, 2010 All entry fees due for non group buy animals –Steers - $10 –Heifers - $10 –Breeding Rabbits - $5 each –Plants - $5 each –Floral - $25 –SAEP – free just need form –Ag Mechanics – free just need form

11 December 9, 2010 Fryer Rabbit & Broiler Meeting All students getting broilers or fryer rabbits need to attend

12 January 5, 2011 Fryer Rabbit pick up at show barn at 2:30- 4:00pm Broiler pickup at show barn at 2:30-4:00pm

13 Tuesday, February 15 Show Barn set-up @ 6:00 pm

14 Thursday, February 17 12:30-5:00 pm – check in all projects 5:00 pm – weigh in pigs, lambs, goats, steers 5:00 pm – Breeding/Fryer Rabbit Show 6:30 pm – Horticulture and Vegetable Show and SAEP judging 8:00 pm – Poultry Show

15 Friday, February 18 8:00 am - Heifer Show Following heifer show - Steer Show Following steer show – Lamb Show 10:00 am – Ag Mech Judging 10:00 am--Floral Design Show Following Lamb show – Goat Show Following goat show– Swine Show 6:00 pm – Mandatory Auction Meeting

16 Saturday, February 19 8:00 – 11:00 am – Tent Sale Tent Sale Closes during auction 9:30 am – Trophy & Buckle Presentation 11:00 am – Auction Begins 11:00 am – Buyers Luncheon during auction at multi-purpose facility After Auction – Tent Sale Reopens After Auction – Breeding Animals released

17 Sunday, February 20 9:00 am – Load out of animals (Auction/Tent Sale) 1:00 pm – Mandatory Clean-Up for ALL STUDENTS

18 Any student that is ineligible by UIL Guidelines will not be allowed to show. The student and the animal will be considered ineligible. Students that are ineligible will not be allowed to bring their projects on the show facilities or sell their animal with any affiliation to the show. Unless you have a sponsor

19 FFA Members May Not miss more than 2 FFA Meetings to be eligible to show Projects of these students will not be allowed on the show facility Exhibitors must groom their own animals for show and at show with exception of ag teacher or parent

20 All animals must be checked in at the Show Barn between 12:30 and 5:00pm Thursday, February 17th to be eligible to show. Any exhibitor arriving late will not be allowed to show. 5:01 is late

21 A substitute exhibitor may be allowed only for illness or injury with a doctor’s note. The note must be turned in at check-in. The substitute will be from the same school and be an FFA member.

22 Exhibitors must have their animals properly groomed to be able to show Exhibitors are required to keep their space clean, and provide feed and water buckets.

23 Students are responsible for completing all paperwork for auction and tent sale Any Project left on the show grounds becomes property of the FFA Chapter Show Commission: Show Commission shall be deducted as follows: »Auction: 7% »Tent Sale: 7%

24 All obligations to the buyer and the Ag Science departments must be fulfilled before the student receives money.

25 All exhibitors will be required to wear Official Dress while exhibiting their project: White collard shirt, black pants, black belt, blue scarf or tie, black shoes/boots, and your Official FFA jacket Failure to comply with official dress will result in being ineligible to exhibit your project

26 All exhibitors will be required to write thank you letters to buyers and award sponsors. The thank you letter deadline is March 11, 2011 Failure to turn in letters will result in the following penalties: 10% reduction from your show check applied every week you do not turn the letters in The student’s money will be held until the letters are received

27 Sunday February 20, 1:00pm Mandatory clean up for all students there will be a 5% deduction from show check if student does not attend

28 1099/ W9 Form A W9 form must be filled out with students information for them to be able to purchase animal If student makes more than $600 in total earnings a 1099 will be issued

29 Auction Rules There will be no buyer solicitation allowed. Solicitors will be asked to leave. A mandatory auction meeting will be held at 9:00 am on Saturday for students in the auction. The meeting will be held at the auction Ring at the Show Barn. Mandatory clean up for all students will be at 1:00 pm on Sunday.

30 Auction Rules cont. Failure to attend either event will result in a 5% deduction from the students Show Check. All animals will be in a natural state i.e. (no decorations)

31 Tent Sale Large animals eligible for the tent sale shall include animals that were exhibited to the judge or animals that were unable to show due to being over the weight limit. Any animal that is underweight shall be removed from the show facility. For Sale signs will not be allowed in the show facility.

32 Exhibitors have the following options available to them in the tent sale: Sell the project in tent sale (add-ons are available) Send project to auction barn Send Project to a processor

33 Below is a suggested list of prices for each project: Steers $2,000.00 Swine $400.00 Lambs $300.00 Goats $300.00 Turkeys $150.00 Fryers $150.00 Broilers $125.00 Horticulture $ 50.00 Floral No set price

34 TENT SALE ROOM FRIDAY Tent sale room will be open from 8-11am and will reopen after the auction IT WILL NOT be open during the auction Each Exhibitor preferably with parent must: a) confirm presale paper work b) Inform taking project home/ not selling it c) Inform if going to include project in tent sale Saturday d) If in auction declare any turned in presale paper work

35 Ag Farm Rules Failure to attend farm workdays will result in a loss of $50 from show check –September 13, 2010 after school till done –March 10, 2011 after school till done

36 All feces or mud goes in large dumpster not on ground not left in wheelbarrows, behind pens or in front of pens Last person to leave must lock gate Animals are assigned to pens you can not move animals with out teacher permission Only FFA members, immediate family of FFA members are allowed at farm Do not block main gate or park in fron t of main gate

37 Students and family members may not feed, water, touch or enter pens of others without permission from owner. No dogs or cats or other pets are allowed at farm All animals must be removed from barn within 2 weeks after show if not it becomes property of the chapter Lock all gates when you leave All projects will be clipped for show on assigned clip days

38 All pens must be cleaned before given date after the show, March 10, 2010 Ticketing System –1 st – Warning –2 nd - $20 Ticket – Parent & Administrator contact –3 rd - $40 Ticket – Parent & Administrator contact –4 th – Eviction from farm

39 Thursday March 10 th EVERYTHING must be removed out of the barn (i.e.: animals, feed, tack). All pens must be cleaned according to proper animal standard before March 10 th in the morning ( standard found in ag farm rules) If failure to do so by the stated date, you will receive $25.00 out of your show check every week until clean. You must be at the barn on Thursday March 10 after school to help clean up all areas. Failure to attend will be a lose of $50.

40 Ag Teacher reserves right to make decisions concerning project center, rules and projects In emergency situations a temporary suspension of rules can occur when ag teachers agree as such.

41 MOST IMPORTANTLY Remember you are representing the Klein FFA Chapter!! Any mis- representation can result in removal from the FFA program.

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