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Seven Lakes FFA Livestock Project Mtg. KISD Grand Champion Broilers.

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1 Seven Lakes FFA Livestock Project Mtg

2 KISD Grand Champion Broilers

3 HLSR 4 th in Class Simbrah

4 HLSR Class Winner ABC Steer

5 Barn Rules Students and parents may enter barn through Katy-Hockley OR Beckendorff entrance. However ALL barn visitors are to park in the Katy-Hockley parking lot. Infractions will be dealt w/ under 3 offenses rule. We have not assigned pens. We will be utilizing OT HS barn for overcrowding.

6 We are going to do everything we can to address cleanliness of barn – infractions! 1 st Offense: The student will receive a letter from the AST, which constitutes a warning, and the problem must be remedied within two days of letter’s date to the satisfaction of the AST. The letter will be signed by both the student and the parent, and filed in the CTE office of KISD. A copy of the letter will be made available to the campus administrator of the student. 2 nd Offense: Same as above – will be considered a final warning. 3 rd Offense: Student will be evicted from the facility and the animal will be removed from the premises at the owner’s expense.

7 All guests are the responsibility of the feeder. Infractions will be assessed to the FFA member. Stay in your own barn. Barn is School property – dress code and tobacco policy applies No pets If there is an issue with the barn after hours or weekends call KISD Police 281-237-4000

8 If you contact Dr. Moore to check your animal you are responsible for all charges. You are to pay him immediately or arrange payment options with him. NO BILLING WILL BE COVERED BY SEVEN LAKES FFA UNLESS DIRECTED BY AST. All request for repairs must be made to AST via e- mail request. We need to have documentation. ALL FEEDERS ARE TO SWEEP THE AREA DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THEIR PEN EVERYDAY!

9 Same Year There will be a chore calendar posted at the barn. Students will be expected to complete those chores on a weekly basis. AST will check for compliance each Monday. Failure to complete will result in financial penalties assessed at the completion of project. AST visitation schedule: – Richter: Mon & Tue – Bochat: Mon & Wed – Packman: Mon & Thur – Friday will be a rotating schedule

10 Top Hand Award Ballots and lock box will be posted at the barn. Students and parents may vote. As many times as they would like. Ballots must be signed and dated for verification. AST are the sole and final arbitrators of vote counts. Winner will be awarded a personalized Carhart Jacket at the Feb. 12 th FFA Meeting

11 New for this Year Money Due – Sept 16 th OR 17 th Payments are to be made at Merrell Rm 142 & 144 from 3:00 – 7:00 pm. Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Cashier’s Check, Money Order Selection will take place on Oct 7 th & 8 th at Robinson Pavilion. Pigs 10/7 Preview 3:00 Selection 4:00 Lambs 10/8 Preview 3:00 Selection 4:00 Goats 10/8 Preview 4:00 Selection following



14 Greenhand Members

15 Dates Catalog Sales Begin – 9/16 Species Mtg – 9/23. After school Pigs 2:35 pm – rm 1315 Goats 2:35 pm – rm 1313 Lambs 3:30 pm – rm 1313 Barn Clean Up – 10/4 1:00 pm - ? Animal Selection – 10/7&8– Robinson Pavilion Preview 3:00 pm Pigs 4:00 pm – 10/7 Lambs/Goats 4:00 pm – 10/8 Catalog Sales Due – 10/11

16 Meat/Fruit Sale Begins – 11/12 Meat/Fruit Sales Due – 12/2 Barn Clean Up – 12/20 Broiler Delivery – 1/8 Outdoor Learning Center Progress Show – 1/11 Robinson Pavilion Rabbit Delivery – 1/11 OLC KISD Stock Show – 2/19 – 26

17 Requirements to Show Must attend all scheduled FFA meetings unless otherwise cleared by AST. Calendar Dress Code – Hair cuts, piercings. Students will maintain a record book. Will be doing most of this in their Ag class. 10 hrs community service – Adopt-a-Highway Program (calendar) MUST BE ENTERED IN RECORD BOOK FFA Creed – due 12/20 Christmas Party/Barn Clean-up Quality Counts – will be completing in Ag class due 12/20

18 Must participate in two activities above the chapter level – use your FFA calendar. MUST COMPLETE FALL –M–Morton Ranch Leadership Conf 10/4* –F–Ft Bend Co Livestock Judging 10/5 –A–Ag Olympics 10/12 –L–LDE’s 11/13 –A–Aggiefest 11/16 Chapter Fund Raising - $500. Catalog and Meat/Fruit Sale Earn their FFA jacket. UIL Eligibility – Student must be academically eligible for the 3 rd Six Weeks!!! Can regain on 4 th Progress Report

19 Selection Robinson Pavilion – Sept 7 th (pigs) & 8 th (lambs/goats) Students selection number is based on random drawing Students and parents may preview animals before selection. 3:00 pm We suggest you consider picking student up early. DO NOT ALLOW TO RIDE BUS HOME Only students and AST are allowed in selection area during Selection AST will be there to help/assist members AST will transport animals to Ag Barn at the conclusion of selection

20 Progress Show AST will transport animals on 1/10 Opportunity for student to practice showing their animal Students show in Progress Show t-shirt Booster Club sponsors a silent auction KISD has a cake and project auction during the show to pay for the Show Rotating booster clubs sponsor the concession stand

21 Stock Show Students exhibit animals in Official FFA Dress. FFA jacket, collared white shirt, FFA scarf/tie, black pants (dickies), black closed toed shoes. Students miss two days of school. It is an excused UIL absence. Attendance is taken in the morning and afternoon. Members missing are assessed a monetary fine. Students are expected to ride on the KISD float on Saturday morning in official dress. Students must attend all meetings. Failure to do so will result in fine. Students should be watching other students while showing and exhibit proper sportsmanship.

22 Sale 114 live auction lots Sale order set during the show Barn Sale Add on’s Buyers Not guaranteed. Work to get them there to support YOU.

23 After the Show Clean your pen. Due 3/14. $50 fine Deliver Rabbits/Broilers. $25/day Live auction = Picture Delivery. $25/day All sellers = Thank you Letters. $25/day


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