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TWHS FFA Animal Project Mtg. Please Register at

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1 TWHS FFA Animal Project Mtg. Please Register at

2 Ag Project Rules and Procedures  Please read all the rules that you received tonight. Parent and Student must sign and return.  The things we will discuss tonight are just highlighting certain things.  After tonight’s meeting if you have question please email Ms. K or Mr. Cater.

3 Projects To Raise  If you are raising a project at the Ag Barn all barn fees are due Sept. 23rd.  Steers  Cost 2000.00 for steer plus feed and supplements  Must have steer by Sept. 13 (a little late for this year)  Recommended for students that have raised a project before  Questions please contact Mr. Cater

4 Project to Raise  Heifers  Two different types of heifers to raise Replacement or Show Heifer  If you are interested please talk to Mr. Cater

5 Projects To Raise  Horses  See Ms. K or Mr. Cater for information

6 Projects To Raise  Pigs  400.00 and up  You can raise a pig for a Major Show (San Antonio, & Houston Livestock show) or for our County Show  Major Show pigs will come in during Oct. and County show pigs will be in first of Nov. Deposit 350.00 due by Oct. 7 for major and Nov. 1 for county pigs

7 Projects to Raise  Pigs  Major Pig Tag is Nov. 29  County Pig Tag is Jan. 3  If you have any question please contact Ms. K

8 Projects To Raise  Lambs and Goats  350.00 and up  Need to know if you would like one ASAP  You can show County Show, Major Show tags have already been ordered  All money needs to be in by Sept. 16  Contact Ms. K with questions

9 Projects to Raise  Rabbits  You raise at least 3 rabbits (two females and one male)  Rabbits cost around $50 each Due by Sept. 23  You breed the rabbits and show the best 3 bunnies at the show  Rabbit Intent to Show form is due Nov. 18  If you have questions please contact Mr. Cater

10 Project to Raise  Chickens  You will raise at least 50 chickens  They will cost around $1.15 each and money will be due Sept. 16  Chickens will be delivered March 1  You will have to raise the chicks in your garage for at about 2 weeks before moving them to the barn  If you have question please Contact Mr. Cater

11 General Barn Rules  The raising of livestock on the Agriculture Science’s project center is a privilege, not a student’s right!  Teachers are there to help students with feeding instructions, guidelines for the project and to answer questions. They are not there to take care of the animal or clean up after the animal.  Teachers will assist students to get their projects unless the student would like to purchase it themselves. If a student purchases it themselves it must be approved by a teacher before it is allowed to stay at the barn facility.

12 General Rules  It is the students responsibility to keep each animals pen clean and the surrounding area cleaned.  Pens need to be cleaned daily  Pigs walking area need to be cleaned and around their pen cleaned including wash rack and scale area  Steer and heifers pens need to be cleaned and alley way in Cattle Barn  All waste needs to be disposed at the back of the barn area against the back fence

13 General Rules  Cleaning Pens  If students do not clean like they are expected to they will be warned. If it continues parents will be contacted and if still not complying then they will be asked to be removed from the barn.  Cleaning is very important for sanitation and keep animals free of disease.

14 General Rules  Barn Fees  Each student will be required to pay a barn fee to be able to raise a project at the barn.  First Pen $150.00  Each Additional $50.00  Chickens will pay $75.00 because of the short time frame they raise the projects.  These fees will start over at the end of each school year

15 General Rules  Fundraiser  This year we are requiring every student raising a project to sell at least 10 meat items and 5 yankee candle items.  This money will help expenses that we have to go to shows and help with improvements at the barn.

16 General Rules  Driving/Parking  You Must Drive between 10 and 15mph down the barn road  Cops are patrolling and will give citations  We ask this because many students use this road to exercise their animals. Those that do exercise animals have to be cautious when walking as well.  Students will be warned, then a parent contacted and then asked to no longer drive to the barn (parent will have to drive them)

17 General Rules  Behavior at the Barn  All school rules apply at the Barn  Students should not bother other students or their belongings at the barn  Students should dress appropriately. Girls no short shorts at the barn  Students and Parents should not use tobacco or alcohol at the barn facility or on the barn road.  If students are caught doing anything against these rules or school rules action will be taken just like at school

18 General Rules  Barn Days  Students are required to feed and maintain the health of the animals they are raising. To monitor this the Ag teachers set-up a time to meet the students at the barn to check the progress of their animal. The following are the times that the Ag Teacher will try and be at the barn for certain projects. It is important for students to try and make these times or contact the Ag Teacher and let them know why they can’t make it.

19 General Rules  Barn Day Times  Pigs  Every Weds. At 6pm  Lambs and Goats  Every Weds. At 5:30pm  Steers and Heifers  Chickens and Rabbits

20 General Rules  Shows  Students must be eligible to show. Please read what is required to be done to be eligible in the rules  We will haul animals to the following shows. If you would like to attend any other show it is your responsibility to get your animal there.  State Fair  Ft. Worth  San Antonio  Houston  County

21 General Rules  Shows  Students are expected to follow school rules at shows  Parents must attend shows that require students to stay over night. It is also the students responsibility for all expenses that come with staying over night.  Teachers are there to help students and give them advice on feeding instruction. It is the students responsibility to take care of the animal the entire time it is at the show.

22 General Rules  Other Rules  There are many things that we did not go over tonight so please read the entire handout before signing.

23 School Auction  Please See Handouts  Important Dates to Remember  Sponsorships Due by Feb. 7  Buyers Due by March 1  May 2, 2012 is the date of the Auction

24 Dates To Remember  September 13 – County Steer Tag-In  September 15 – Major Pig Tag Money due  September 23- All Barn Fees Due  Chicken money due  Rabbit money due  Oct. 7 - Major pig deposit due ($350.00)  Oct. 25 – Lamb and Goat Tag-In 4-7  Nov. 1 – County Pig deposit due ($350.00)  Nov. 18 – Rabbit Intent to show form due  Nov. 29 – Major Pig Tag In  Jan. 3 – County Pig Tag In  Feb. 7 – Sponsorship Due  March 1 – Chickens delivered  Buyers for school show due  May 1- School show set-up  May 2 – School Show

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