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I Lead i Serve i Do. Minutes of the Previous Meeting Treasurer’s Report.

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1 i Lead i Serve i Do

2 Minutes of the Previous Meeting Treasurer’s Report


4 WELCOME President: Courtney Wells

5 Joining Klein Forest FFA.. Dues $25 (includes t-shirt) Jacket $65 (comes with scarf/tie) MONEY GOES TO MR. CATER Must be paid by October Meeting! Meetings are always 2 nd Tuesday of the Month! Vice President: Chris Rodriguez

6 The NEW Point System **Hand Out Point System What are points for?? *Eligibility for Trips and Certain Activities *Determines awards for Banquet *Helps establish Lettermen Qualifications Chris

7 T- Shirt Design

8 Leadership Development Events Simmons: Sr./Greenhand Chapter Conducting Public Relations Cater:Radio Sr/Greenhand Creed Job Interview Strickler: Sr/Greenhand Quiz Team Skills Demonstration Courtney, Chris, Jacqueline

9 Animals and Projects ALL ANIMAL $, ENTRY $, AND PEN RENT GOES TO MRS. SIMMONS PROJECTS Pigs, Lambs, Goats, Chickens, Turkeys, Rabbits, Floral Design, Horticulture (plants), Ag Mech KISD Project Show February Travis Perez And Jacqueline Coto

10 Lambs and Goats STRICKLER- He’s the BOSS PICK UP THURSDAY THE 16 th !! @ KISD SHOW BARN Right after School!!! ARE YOU READY!?!? Bring a HALTER! Jacqueline and Travis

11 Calf Scramble!! WANNA CHASE DOWN A COW!!?!? THINK YOU’RE FAST!?!? Calf Scramble apps due to Cater the 15 th. Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Due Dec1st. Tiffany

12 Committee Sign Ups Fundraising (Chair- Jacqueline Coto) Farm (Chair- Alex Buritica) Community Service (Chair- Brittany Parks) Banquet (Chair-Cherekia Marbley) Greenhand (Chair-Tatiana Velasquez) Public Relations (Chair- Torrey Juneau) Set Up/Clean Up (Chair-????) Brittany and Chris

13 Community Service!! Each month we do a different community service project!! September: Donations for Education Drop Off : Ag Classes or House 1 Office!! 10 items= 1 hour community service/ 1 point FFA Brittany Parks

14 GREENHAND ACTIVITY MEETINGS!! Last Thursday of the Month OCTOBER 21 st Meet in the AG Shop after School **Activity Bus Available WHAT IS A GREENHAND!?!? Courtney Wells

15 GREENHAND CONTEST Why should you be accepted into a leadership program? 5 Essay writers will be going to AREA 3 Greenhand Camp Sept. 25 th Karen and Tiffany

16 Program of Activities *hand out FFA Schedule Tiffany Johnson

17 Klein Gold Card SELL!! SELL!! SELL!! 10 cards sold = 5pts Should have received these in your Ag class!! If not you can get them from Strickler after the meeting! Jacqueline Coto

18 Kiss the Pig Homecoming WEEK!! Jars w/ pics of the Principal will be available in the front office and at lunch!! Donate Change!! The Jar with Most Change = the Principal who has to Kiss the Pig at the Homecoming Pep Rally! Karen

19 AG OLYMPICS Klein Forest VS. Klein Oak, Klein, and Klein Collins!!! SATURDAY OCT. 2 rd at 1pm Klein Show Barn- Behind Klein Memorial Football Field Officers!

20 GAME TIME!! Who Wants the chicken!?! Name, Grade, Favorite Dessert, Favorite Sport Courtney

21 Closing Ceremonies

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