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Welcome to Physical Education at Centennial High School.

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1 Welcome to Physical Education at Centennial High School

2 Physical Education Department Procedures

3 Physical Education Department Rules Do what is right Do the best you can Respect each other, the equipment, facilities and curriculum

4 Proper Dress for P.E. T shirt and shorts Proper shoes You can wear a sweatshirt and sweat pants if you like

5 Proper Shorts

6 Not Okay………..

7 Good P.E. Shirts

8 Improper PE Shirts……

9 If you are properly dressed down: You have a chance to earn all 10 points provided you participate 100%. If you are not dressed down you will receive zero points.

10 Shoes…….. Shoes are the most important part of your Physical Educations clothes.

11 Acceptable Shoes

12 Improper Shoes If you do not have proper shoes it will be considered a NON-DRESS

13 Lock up your locker It is not a good idea to share lockers or give other students your combination.

14 Leave these items at home: They are often stolen

15 The PE Department….. Is not responsible for your lost or stolen property Encourages you to leave your valuables at home Urges you to ALWAYS lock up your possessions

16 Report all injuries immediately to the instructor.

17 Grading Be in the locker room area when the tardy bell rings. Be ready for instruction 5 minutes after tardy bell sounds.

18 You Earn Ten points a day for positive participation. If you are absent = 0 points –If it is excused you can make it up –If it is un-excused it will stay a Zero

19 Tardies…… Tardies will result in a deduction in points

20 You cannot make up the points If you skip class. If you are not dressed down. If you lose points for poor effort during class. If you are tardy.

21 Don’t be a slacker………

22 Non Dress Policy 1 st Non Dress – Warning and 0 points 2 nd Non Dress – Warning and 0 points 3 rd Non Dress – Email or call home and 0 points Note: If you forget your clothes we have PE clothes to loan you.

23 After your 3 rd Non Dress You will go to ISS (In School Suspension) for the period and receive zero points

24 Leaving the Gym You must have the instructor’s permission to leave the gym, weight room, bike room or pool area.

25 Stay in the Locker Room Until the bell rings at the conclusion of class Leaving early will result in detention

26 Make Up Policy You can make up: –Excused absences –Medical excuses

27 Make Ups You can do 6 “take home” make ups per semester on your own (must be excused absence or medical excuse). Get a make up slip in the locker room or weight room. Need to make up the absence before the end of the six week grading period.

28 Weight Room Make Ups The weight room is open after school on most Wednesdays. You can do a make up or just work out.

29 Medical Excuses Let’s say you are not feeling well: –Talk to your instructor and they will let you “sit out” for the class period. –You will need to make up this “0”.

30 Medical Excuses Longer Than One Day If you are going to be excused from class participation for more than a single day you need a note from your parent or guardian.

31 Medical Excuses Longer than 5 days –Need a note from the Doctor Be sure they state what you should not do but also what you CAN do so we can modify the activities if possible.

32 Long Term Medical Excuses We will try to modify the curriculum so that you can still earn points.

33 After 15 Days of Medical Excuses You will be dropped from the class with an “N”.

34 Detach the bottom of the Procedure Form Have your parents sign it and date it. Be sure you sign it as well. Turn in to your instructor. –It is worth points !

35 PE One Students Only Important info for next class

36 Tuesday: Swim Test in PE One Swim across the pool in the shallow end. You will be assigned to the first swim group or the second group depending on your skill level. First group is the more advanced group

37 PE One Swimming The first swim group swims for about 6 weeks then we switch

38 If you are not in First Swim Group You will be in the gym participating in: –Fitness Activities –Basketball –Badminton –Volleyball –Weight Lifting –Bike Room

39 Next Class Bring a lock and you will be assigned a locker Bring a towel and your swim suit for the swimming test.

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