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ENGLISH 2014 SEPTEMBER 16, 2014 Introduction sheet & email contact info Literature Trivia Tidbit – How LARGE was William Shakespeare’s VOCABULARY? (these.

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1 ENGLISH 2014 SEPTEMBER 16, 2014 Introduction sheet & email contact info Literature Trivia Tidbit – How LARGE was William Shakespeare’s VOCABULARY? (these may be extra credit)

2 SAFETY/RULES House is under construction. There are materials everywhere! Please excuse the mess! Do not go past the Tahoe toward the house – there is a black lab who is tied, it takes him awhile to get used to strangers! There are chickens & ducks – one duck limps (was injured and is getting better) please do not chase them. They are friendly. All of the cats are friendly We have a very large, old brown lab. Her name is Shadow. She is friendly but looks kind of scary because she is so big. I will keep her in the kennel with the Yorkies (who do bite) until she is used to you. Do not go up the road past the chicken house (we have had bears here during the day)

3 OTHER STUFF This room is also used as an office – please do not touch the filing cabinets or the items on the table on the back wall. Thank you. There are 5 lockers on the wall. Pick a locker buddy. You may store your stuff in here. Feel free to decorate them etc. Please do not put locks on them. You may use the refrigerator, toaster oven or microwave for your lunch. Picnic tables are outside for your use or you can eat in the building If you sit at the brown wooden table, please use a placemat (for writing to protect the table) If you have a drink, please put it on the coaster. Wifi password is on the board. We have satellite internet. Please do not stream video or audio (including Pandora) without permission. I am not sure how the wifi will handle this many users – we may have to stagger usage…we will experiment with it.

4 CLASS STRUCTURE (AFTER TODAY) All students in School House building for English beginning at 10:30. We will have short break during this session. Between 12:00-12:15 we will break for lunch (which will be for 30 minutes) After lunch girls to with Miss Anicsia to the upstairs family room for World History and the boys with me for History 1900-45 (WWI &WWII) There may be a brief break during this session. Classes will be over at 2:30

5 INTRODUCTION All Documents for this class will be on the website. You will be required to do a “CURRENT EVENT” post every week There will be a quiz every week There will be a test 2-3 times per 9 week term You will need a section in your notebook for GRAMMAR You will need a section in your notebook for LITERATURE You will need a section in your notebook labeled JOURNAL You will need a section in your notebook labeled VOCAB You will need a section in your notebook labeled QUIZZES/TESTS You will have a large project for each term – THERE WILL BE SOME CHOICE IN THE SPECIFIC THEME. DETAILED DIRECTIONS AND A RUBRIC WILL BE GIVEN FOR EACH PROJECT. SOME CLASS TIME WILL BE GIVEN TO WORK ON THE PROJECT.

6 Class website instructions each student will get a print out with their login codes (do not share or misplace this – keep it in your notebook) If you get locked out or misplace your login – email me at:

7 1 PRESIDENT & 2 STATES A WEEK! George Washington (video) if time permits – at end of class State Fact Sheets: Virginia West Virginia Info Hand-outs/Maps






13 CLASS WEBSITE CONTENTS Announcements, Website Links, Games and Activities, Copies of Documents from Class, Quizzes & Tests

14 TAKE A BREAK AND SET UP YOUR NOTEBOOKS! One at a time we will test everyone’s login to the class websites!

15 WEEKLY CURRENT EVENT INSTRUCTIONS Current Event Posts are due EVERY WEEK. YOUR ORIGINAL POST (to class blogsite) IS DUE BY THURSDAY at MIDNIGHT A response post to at least one of your classmates is due by MONDAY at MIDNIGHT

16 Current Event/Interest Articles Guidelines  Current Events/Interest Articles assignments will be due each week on Thursday. (unless otherwise assigned in class)  The article must be from a PRINTED SOURCE – not from TV or video streaming.  The article cannot be more than 3 years old  You may select any age appropriate topic of interest or current event (news) article for your assignment.  By Monday, you need to respond to at least one classmate’s submission in at least one sentence. Can be a comment or question. You will need to include the following information in the order given below: Title of Article: ______________ Source: ____________________ (name of newspaper, magazine or online source – if online source include the complete web address of the article – if printed attach copy) Date of Article: ______________________ (if online, it can usually be found at the bottom of the page) Author of Article: ________________ Topic or Theme: _______________________ (in a few words) Summary of the Article: ____________________________ (you should first read the article all the way through and then without looking at the article write a summary of what you read) – minimum of 1 paragraph Identify the Audience: ________________(to whom is this article directed – teenagers, retirees, children, parents, single adults etc) Purpose of the Article: Is the article trying to: Educate the reader Persuade the reader Entertain the reader OTHER – explain______________

17 WHAT IS A RUBRIC? A sheet that explains an assignments expectations and assigns possible points for each part – see the next page

18 Description5 points4 points3 points1-2 points0 points Original Post No Post Time submitted On ThursdayOn FridayOn SaturdayOn Sunday or laterNo Post Source information completed All Source Information included Source information is missing or incorrect Article or link attached Link/article attached Link or article not attached Summary length Meets guidelines Does not meet guidelines Summary Content Clearly summarizes the original article Summarizes but not clearly or adds to much opinion and not a restatement of events Summary not clear No Summary Grammar/Mechanics of Summary No serious errors1-2 spelling, grammar or capitalization errors 3 spelling, grammar or capitalization errors 4 spelling, grammar or capitalization errors 5 or more errors Responses to classmates Replied at least one classmate No Responses Grade 35 Total Possible Points _____/35 ________%

19 JOURNAL ENTRIES At the beginning of each class there will be a quick writing assignment that you will put in the JOURNAL section of your notebook. Sometimes these will be completely random and maybe even silly other times they will be designed to get you in the proper mind set for our reading assignment. These will be shared in class – you will get credit (graded for completion)

20 TODAY’S JOURNAL QUESTION If I could travel anywhere in the world I would go to…… Answer the question and tell why (entry should be about 1 paragraph)

21 GRAMMAR LESSON Basic Parts of Speech (hand-out with definitions & practice sheet) Identify Subject & Predicate in a sentence There are practice games & activities on Homework sheet – Parts of Speech identification & Subj/Pred ID There will be a short quiz next week

22 GO TO PARTS OF SPEECH POWER POINT! There is a handout for your notebook and homework

23 SUBJECTS & VERBS! Every complete sentence has a subject and a predicate. Subject – The subject is that part of a sentence which names a person, thing, or idea Predicate -- The predicate is that part of a sentence which tells something about the subject. ( contains the verb!)

24 Subject & Predicate John runs track. Subject Predicate JOHN is the “WHO” in the sentence RUNS TRACK is “WHAT” the subject does

25 Subject & Predicate S P S P Mary and Thomas climbed Mount Everest.

26 IDENTIFY THE SUBJECT AND PREDICATE All of the yellow cars were in the parking garage.

27 SUBJECT & PREDICATE Practice Sheet for homework Games on Quia

28 LITERATURE/VOCAB Elements of Literature handout (review terms) Games and activities on Numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 11, 12 will be on the quiz next class period Homework – using the short story _________ identify (highlight and label) at least 5 elements of literature defined on the sheet.


30 ELEMENTS OF LITERATURE LESSON 1 Genre : A genre is a type. The basic types of literature are fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama. But within those there are sub-types: Fiction: novel, short story (fake/or make up) Non fiction: essay, editorial, news story, feature story (real) Poetry: verse, narrative poetry, epic poetry, free verse, and many more Drama: classical, tragedy, comedy Plot: the events of a story or narrative with a variety of sequencing patterns. The plot is what happens in the story. Setting: Time and place where a story occurs (Washington, VA 1940) Conflict: the struggle between two forces, one generally being the protagonist of the story. The antagonist can be the self, another person, animal, nature, technology/machine, society, or the supernatural Character: the people/animals etc in the story Protagonist: the main character of the story

31 SHORT STORIES-- READ TOGETHER PDF COPIES ON WEBSITE AND ON DISK Raymond’s Run Mrs. Flowers Broken Chain Treasure of Lemon Brown

32 RE-CAP FOR NEXT WEEK! Current Event Due by Thursday on Blog-site, responses by Monday Study Parts of Speech Definitions (practice sheet due Tuesday*) Review Subject/Predicate (practice sheet due Tuesday*) Study 10 Elements of Literature Finish Reading Short Stories not finished in class:__________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ and complete question sheets and Story Maps – due Tuesday practice games & activities on for Sub/Pred, Parts of Speech & Elements of Lit. Homework sheet – Parts of Speech identification & Subj/Pred ID* There will be a short quiz next week Quizzes on: Grammar (parts of speech and Sub/Predicate); Short Stories (content of stories & elements of Literature definitions)

33 PREPARING TO BEGIN HISTORY CLASS NEXT WEEK MS - World History Class – It is July and you are in the Shenandoah National Park with no other human beings around. You must survive for two weeks without anything but the clothes you are wearing and the things that nature provides. You cannot use knives, guns or any other modern convenience. You need to make a plan: what will you eat, how will you get the food, will it be cooked? How? Where you will you sleep? How will you stay warm at night and cool in the day? How will you keep dry if it rains? Will you bathe if so, where? ************ HS - WWI-WWII : Research Queen Victoria of England’s descendants. Make a “genealogy” chart beginning with Queen Victoria and go to her Great- Grandchildren. Be sure to indicate if they married royalty and if so what was their title and what country were they in.

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