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Fall Semester Review English.

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1 Fall Semester Review English

2 Essay Writing Parts of a thesis sentence: topic, opinion, and reason.
A paragraph has at least 5 sentences. Ways to brainstorm: web, list, bracket Parts of an outline: introduction, body, conclusion Parts of a thesis sentence: topic, opinion, and reason. Transition examples: Before, as a result, in conclusion Every sentence begins with a capital letter… …and ends with some kind of punctuation.

3 Outline Outlines are used to plan for writing, improve organization.
I. Introduction a. Thesis II. Body Supporting idea, Details Supporting idea, details III. Conclusion

4 Thesis Sentence Found in the introduction, restated in the conclusion
Three parts Topic (Idea) Opinion Reason

5 Transitions Transitions are words that show time order and direction.
They help paragraphs move from one idea or step to the next. They improve organization. Examples: then, next, finally, likewise

6 Capitalization Capitalize proper nouns like- Given names
Street addresses and city names Brands or store names Abbreviations in names like Jr. Dr. Mrs.

7 Common/ Proper Nouns A common noun is a general name for a person, place, thing or idea. Example- theater A proper noun is a name of a specific person, place, thing or idea. Example- Palace Theater Only proper nouns need to be capitalized, so a big clue is if the noun is capitalized.

8 6 Traits of Writing Review
Ideas- topic and details Organization- order and structure of writing Word Choice- interesting words used with meaning Voice- personality of writer coming through Sentence Fluency- flow and structure of sentences Conventions- grammatical correctness of writing Descriptive synonyms improve: word choice Capitalization & Punctuation are: conventions

9 Grammar Elements Review
Independent Clause- a complete sentence with a subject + verb Dependent Clause- not a complete sentence Compound Sentence- two independent clauses with a subject + verb and subject + verb Simple Sentence- one independent clause Complex Sentence- one independent and one dependent clause FANBOYS- FOR, AND, NOR, BUT, OR, YET, SO A fragment is missing- a subject, verb, or complete thought

10 Simple/ Compound Simple nouns or verbs stand alone
Example: The dog barked. Dog is a simple subject because it is the only subject. Compound subject and verbs have more than one part. Example: The dog and cat barked. Dog and cat are your compound subject. Example: The dog barked and ran. Barked and ran is your compound verb.

11 Parts of Speech Noun- person, place, thing, idea, quality
Pronoun- replaces noun- he, she, it, they, etc. Verb- action/state of being of noun Adjective- describes the noun Adverb- describes the verb Conjunction- links together phrases and clauses, remember FANBOYS

12 Tangerine Review Themes of Tangerine include:
Importance of loyalty among friends, telling the truth even when it is difficult, __________________________ Foreshadowing: a hint or clue in the story that helps the reader predict what might happen later. Flashbacks: an interruption in the normal sequence of events to show something that happened in the past.

13 Foreshadowing Foreshadowing: A writing technique that gives readers clues about what will happen later in the story. “As he pondered the morning, he reassured himself that he locked the door. Something kept telling him otherwise, but he pushed it out of his mind.” What might this be foreshadowing?

14 Flashback Flashback: details from an earlier point in time are revealed to the reader

15 Tangerine Elements to study…
Plot- exposition, rising action, climax, falling action Prologue- introduction to story Epilogue- ending of story Characterization- descriptions of the characters

16 Characters Story Elements
Antagonist- person opposing the main character/ protagonist Protagonist- leading/ main character of story Story Elements Theme- message or moral of the story Prologue- opening of story that establishes setting and gives background Plot- events of the story Setting – where and when the story takes place

17 Point of View 1st person point of view- using pronouns I and me to show the narrator’s own perspective as a character in the story.

18 Point of View In addition to 1st person point of view (which Tangerine is told in) there are: 3rd person limited point of view- unseen narrator knows thoughts and feelings of some but not all characters. 3rd person omniscient point of view- unseen narrator knows all thoughts and feelings of all characters.

19 To begin class… Have your semester review (worth 5 bonus points!) and a pencil on your desk. Your semester test is worth 15% percent of your overall grade. Take your time and think carefully about your answers. Good luck!!

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