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Writing and Non- Fiction ! Please come in and prepare for class. First Block- Read Silently.

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1 Writing and Non- Fiction ! Please come in and prepare for class. First Block- Read Silently.

2 Warn Up- Tv! Before the age of television, people entertained themselves largely by reading, telling stories, playing music, chatting and doing things outside. If you had to stop watching TV for a month, how would you fill your time? Would you miss TV terribly or would you welcome the break?

3 Speak clearly No nerves! Explain project in your own words- opinion Listeners: Silent No comments while others are speaking Respectful and courteous

4 Expectations for centers: Movement: walking quietly with your hands to yourself. Talking: Most centers are group work, you should talk quietly to your group members- so that you are not heard across the room. If you are at a teacher center or independent center you will be silent unless directed otherwise. Time: Keep your eye on the timer and stay on task- you will have limited time at each center.

5 Center Three: Writing- Non- Fiction If someone did not know anything about bullying, what could they learn from reading The Problem with Bullies? In The Problem with Bullies, how did the author use the features of non-fiction to convey her message about bullying? (facts, subheadings, evidence, graphics)

6 Center Four: Non-Fiction word splash Use the vocabulary words from this week to make a poster/ word splash that illustrates the features of non-fiction text. Use words and pictures- explain vocabulary in your own words.

7 Complete each sentence- TICKET OUT! I learned… I liked… I struggled with… I still have questions about…

8 Writing Time. Today we will write two short expository essays. Expository essays explain something. You will be explaining how fiction and non-fiction texts taught you about bullying. Luckily you have already started the essays- now we will make them better.

9 Tips for writing an essay: Choose a claim and support it with evidence. ◦Ex.) IN Tuesday of the Other June, the author used June’s changing character to teach the audience about bullying. ◦ Evidence from the text should support this. Use evidence from text. ◦Go back and add actual examples from the text. Use sentence starters/ transitions. ◦First, furthermore, in addition to, consequently

10 Sample Let’s look at this sample written by a 6 th grader at RRMS. As we read it think of one good thing you see in the writing.

11 Your Turn Now take out your Rough Drafts and add transitions and evidence to them. Have a partner read it find spelling and grammar errors.’ Tomorrow we will go to the computer lab to type final copy


13 WARM UP Do you like nature? Animals? What are some parts of nature that interest you?

14 v=q5RowPzfHVY v=q5RowPzfHVY Watch the clip and then write in your notebook 3- Facts from the video 2- questions you now have 1- sentence summary

15 Supercrocs Magazine Article Page 900 Follow along as we listen and answer questione.

16 Assessment… What text features did you see in the article? How did the features help you understand the article? Which features would you add to the article to help the reader understand?


18 Warm Up: Complete a venn diagram comparing the features of fiction with the features of non-fiction. FictionBothNon-Fiction

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