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Literature: Wednesday, September 4, 2013

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1 Literature: Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Handouts: * Quiz over Hatchet chapters 13 & * In-class assignment: Plot and Story Map Homework: * Review Hatchet chapters 15 & 16 (quiz on Thursday) * Story Map handout * Study Hatchet Vocabulary Terms: Vocab Test is tomorrow! * Optional: Extra Credit opportunity—Five Events handout Assignments Due: * Settings handout

2 Today’s Goal: Learn about plot and the five key elements (or “components”) that make up a plot.
Outcomes: Define the term “plot” as it is used in literature. List the five elements of a plot (also called “plot line”) and the components of each element. Define each of the elements or components of a plot. Indicate the plot line elements for Hatchet. Demonstrate your ability to complete a “story map” for the novel Hatchet. Discuss Hatchet Chapters 13 – 14 by citing your observations, questions, and opinions.

3 Starter #1 All of you have heard of this word:
Plot In literature, what does the word “plot” mean? A plot is the order of events that happen in a story. All stories follow a certain pattern. We sometimes call that pattern a “plot line.” A plot line looks like this:

4 Starter #2: What are the five or six main elements in a “plot line”?
Your assignment today is a Story Map, and one section of that assignment includes a plot line.

5 Starter #3: Take everything off from your desk except for pen (with dark colored ink) and a sheet of notebook paper. Create a heading as follows: Your Name (first & last name) Class: Lit 6 - ___ Date: Wed., Sept. 4, Assignment: Hatchet Quiz #7, Ch 13 – 14 Number your paper from 1 to 16 (one number on each line). You will be given a quiz handout, but you are NOT to write on that quiz. Put all your answers on the sheet of notebook paper. Please use CAPITAL letters to indicate your answer.

6 Starter #4: Let’s see how well you did on this quiz. Please take out a red pen When I hand you a quiz to grade, please write at the bottom of the page: G.B. and your name (first & last name)

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