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The Golden Age of Pericles Copyright © Clara Kim 2007. All rights reserved.

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1 The Golden Age of Pericles Copyright © Clara Kim All rights reserved.

2 Pericles A wise and able statesman who led Athens through its golden age He was honest and fair Skillful politician and inspiring speaker Had popular support for 32 years

3 Three Goals for Greece 1.Strengthen democracy 2. Hold and strengthen the empire 3. Glorify Athens School of Athens


5 1. Strengthen Democracy Introduced Direct Democracy – a form of government where the citizens rule directly and not through representatives. Pericles extended democracy so that most adult males had an equal voice

6 2. Strengthen Athenian Empire Strengthened Athens’ navy –It was the most powerful navy in the Mediterranean Athens’ strong navy ensured the safety of its empire

7 3. Glorify Athens Pericles rebuilt Athens after the destruction of the Persian Wars Built the Parthenon using marble, gold and ivory.

8 Parthenon Temple of Athena, the patron Goddess of Athens

9 Greek Art Sculptors tried to create graceful, strong and perfectly formed art. Tried to capture movement and sculpted bodies in what they thought was perfect physical form

10 Greek art reflected: –A. Order –B. Balance –C. Proportion This is why Greek art works are examples of CLASSICAL ART Greek Art

11 Greek Drama Greeks invented drama and built the first theaters in the west Greeks wrote 2 kinds of plays: –1. Tragedy – a serious drama about themes like love, hate, war or betrayal –2. Comedy – dramas filled with humor and were satires which means they poked fun at customs or respected people

12 Greek Drama Famous play writes –Drama – Aeschylus, Sophocles –Comedy – Aristophanes Plays were performed in outdoor theaters

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