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Contributions of Greek Culture to Western Civilization

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1 Contributions of Greek Culture to Western Civilization
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2 Why do we call them contributions instead of just achievements?

3 Aristophanes – Great play writer of COMEDY
Drama Aristophanes – Great play writer of COMEDY Aeschylus and Sophocles – Great play writers of TRAGEDY

4 Poetry Homer: The great blind story teller of Greece
His stories later were written in two epics: 1. Iliad 2. Odyssey

5 sculpture Phidias – He is known as the Greatest Greek Sculptor
He designed the Parthenon (the temple of the Goddess Athena) Sculpted the huge Statue of Zeus at Olympus

6 architecture

7 Doric Column Very plain and simple Has no base

8 Ionic Column Capital has scrolls Has a base More decorative

9 The most decorative capital
Corinthian Column The most decorative capital Roofs are flat

10 history Herodotus – Greek historian who is known as the “father of history” He wrote Histories which was about the conflict between Persia and Greece Thucydides – A Greek historian who wrote History of the Peloponnesian War. He wrote about the conflict between Athens and Sparta

11 science Archimedes – Considered the greatest mathematician
Discovered the principles of density and buoyancy Hippocrates – is the founder of medicine and the greatest physician of his time

12 mathematics Euclid – the father of geometry
Pythagoras – the father of numbers, he founded the Pythagorean theory

13 philosophy

14 Socrates – Believed that asking questions
led to knowledge and truth. The question and answer approach known as the Socratic method comes from his ideas. “The Unexamined life is not worth living.” Plato – Founded “The Academy,” his philosophy was about how societies should be governed. He wrote about a “perfectly- governed society” in his work, The Republic. Aristotle- believed everything in the natural world could be explained with logic. His ideas led to the Scientific Method. Political Thinker Scientific Thinker

15 Pictures Cited Slide 1 – Clip art 2006

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