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6. occur [ 1`k3 ] vi. to come into one ’ s mind; to happen ( 想法等 ) 浮現;發生 A good idea occurs to me that we can go to see a movie after having dinner. A.

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Presentation on theme: "6. occur [ 1`k3 ] vi. to come into one ’ s mind; to happen ( 想法等 ) 浮現;發生 A good idea occurs to me that we can go to see a movie after having dinner. A."— Presentation transcript:


2 6. occur [ 1`k3 ] vi. to come into one ’ s mind; to happen ( 想法等 ) 浮現;發生 A good idea occurs to me that we can go to see a movie after having dinner. A terrible railroad accident occurred that night. More than fifty people were hurt and five died. Words for Production * 原句 = A good idea comes to my mind. * 原句 = A terrible railroad accident happened.

3 Words for Production 7. linger [ `lI9G2 ] vi. to wait for a time instead of going; to delay going 逗留,徘徊 He should have caught the bus but lingered over his breakfast until it was too late. * instead of 而不 * should have p.p. 過去應該 … 卻不 …

4 Words for Production 8. repeat [ rI`pit ] vt. to say or do again 重複 Listen carefully. I don’t want to repeat this later on. 詞類變化 * later on 後來

5 repetition [ &rEpI`tIS1n ] n. [U][C] 重複 Repetition is most necessary in learning a foreign language.

6 Words for Production 9. promise [ `prAmIs ] n. [C] an agreement to do or not to do (something) 承諾,保證 If you make a promise, you ought not to break it. 詞類變化 * make a promise 許下承諾 * ought to + 原型動詞 應該 ought not to + 原型動詞 不應該

7 promise [ `prAmIs ] vt. 承諾,保證 He promised his girlfriend that he would never lie to her again.

8 Words for Production 10. acknowledge [ 1k`nAlIdZ ] vt. to recognize or accept 承認,認可; 答謝 Jackie Chan is acknowledged to be one of the best actors not only in Asia but in the entire world. I would like to acknowledge the help from my friends. 詞類變化 * Not only … but (also) … 不但 … 而且 …

9 acknowledgement [ 1k`nAlIdZm1nt ] n. [U] 承認;答謝 Tom’s acknowledgement that he stole the money cleared the girl of suspicion. Sam was given a present in acknowledgement of his help to find the missing dog. * clear sb. of sth. 消除 ( 某人 )… * in acknowledgement of 答謝 * the missing dog = the lost dog

10 Words for Production 11. slap [ sl8p ] vt. to place something carelessly 將 … 隨 便放置 I complained to the manager that the waitress had slapped the plate down in front of me. * complain to + N 向 … 抱怨 * in front of 在 … 之前

11 Words for Production 12. arrange [ 1`rendZ ] vt. to set in a good or pleasing order; to plan in advance 排列;安排,準備 Sylvia takes hours just to arrange her hair. No wonder she is always late for work. I’ll arrange for Thomas to meet you at the railroad station. He will take you to my place. 詞類變化 * in advance = beforehand 事先 * No wonder = It is no wonder 難怪

12 arrangement [ 1`rendZm1nt ] n. [U][C] 陳列,布置;安排,準備 Flower arrangement is a traditional art in Japan. Last month, she made no arrangements to visit her parents because she was too busy at work that whole month. * flower arrangement 插花

13 Words for Production 13. furniture [ `f3nItS2 ] n. [U] all large or quite large movable articles, such as beds or tables, which are placed in a house or room 家具 This old French desk is a very valuable piece of furniture. * a piece of furniture 一件傢俱

14 Words for Production 14. craft [ kr8ft ] n. [C] a special skill or art 技巧;手藝 Learning the craft of writing takes not only talent but also lots of time and effort.

15 Words for Production 15. shape [ Sep ] vt. to arrange, express, etc. in definite form; to make or influence the form of 表達;使形成,塑造 He shaped his words very carefully so as not to hurt their feelings. A person’s character is said to be shaped in childhood. 詞類變化 * so as not to + V = in order not to + V 為了不 …

16 shape [ Sep ] n. [C] 形狀,外型 We saw a shape through the mist but we couldn’t identify who it was.

17 Words for Production 16. note [ not ] vt. to pay attention to; to notice 注意 I noted how her face reddened every time Ben’s name came up. * note = pay attention to = notice * come up 被提及 ; 被討論

18 Words for Production 17. rainbow [ `ren&bo ] n. [C] a large curve of different colors that sometimes appears in the sky after rain 彩虹 “The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” means something that is almost impossible to get or achieve.

19 Words for Production 18. bind [ baInd ] vt. to stick together 結合 It is the belief in freedom that binds the members together.

20 Words for Production 19. piety [ `paI1tI ] n. [C] deep respect for God and religion 虔 誠 Her grandmother’s life was one of piety. She went to church every Sunday and prayed every morning and evening.

21 Words for Production 20. state [ stet ] n. [C] (only sing.) a condition in which a person or thing is 狀態 After smoking for ten years, he is now in a poor state of health. 詞類變化

22 state [ stet ] vt. 陳述,說明 The murder suspect stated that he had never seen the woman. The police didn’t believe his statement at all. * not … at all 一點也不

23 Words for Production 21. manner [ `m8n2 ] n. [C] the way of doing something; a personal way of behaving or acting 方法;態度 As a lawyer, he conducts himself in a professional manner. The singer’s manner offstage, unlike her manner when performing, is somewhat rude.

24 1. behold [ bI`hold ] vt. to see 看見 Words for Recognition * behold = see

25 2. go overboard (infml.) to do something to a great extent than necessary or reasonable; to go too far 做得太過火 The chairman was trying to bring them back to the main issue, for they had gone overboard on this subject. Idioms and Phrases

26 3. of one’s own belonging to (someone) 屬於自己的 My friend needed an English dictionary so I let him use the one of my own. Idioms and Phrases

27 4. go into to be spent or used to do (something) 用來 … Is there a lot of effort and money going into building this bridge? Idioms and Phrases

28 5. far from rather than; instead of 完全不 … It was clear that much of what he said was far from the truth. Idioms and Phrases

29 6. breathe life into to improve (something) by adding life 為 … 添加生命力 It is the readers and their letters that breathe life into a newspaper. Idioms and Phrases

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