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1 動名詞

2 當主詞 Walking is good exercise Eating too much makes me fat.
Teaching is learning.

3 當補語 Teaching is believing. Seeing is believing.
Teaching is believing. Seeing is believing. My hobby is listening to music.

4 當介系詞的受詞 I am fond of swimming. It kept on raining.
He is used to getting up early. He studies hard with a view to passing the exam. It goes without saying that knowledge is power.

5 當及物動詞的受詞 p. 152 admit, avoid, appreciate, consider
delay, deny, dislike enjoy, escape Finish Ving imagine mind, miss postpone, practice quit

6 接 toV 與 接 Ving 同義者 …like to study=…like studying
…begin to rain=…begin raining …prefer to swim = prefer swimming …continue to work=..continue working

7 喜歡…更勝於…. prefer N to N prefer Ving to Ving prefer to V rather than V

8 stop to V = stop Ving He stopped smoking. He stopped to smoke. 已經在做的事

9 forget to V = forget Ving
I forgot mailing your letter. I forgot to mail your letter. Don’t forget to mail your letter. 已經做過的事 要去做的事 要去做的事

10 remember to V = remember Ving
I remembered mailing this letter. Please remember to mail this letter. 已經做過的事 要去做的事

11 go on + Ving = go on to V He went on talking for two hours.
After writing, he went on to read. 接著做相同的事 接著做不同的事

12 try to +V = try + Ving I couldn’t get to sleep, so I tried drinking some milk. I drank some milk and tried to get to sleep. 看看是否有效 努力企圖能做到

13 mean to V= mean + Ving Cheating me means hurting my feelings.
I don’t mean to hurt your feelings. 意味著 有意圖

14 be busy with + N on + N It takes ~時間 for人to V be busy (in) Ving
人 + spend ~ (in) Ving on + N It takes 人 ~時間 to V It takes ~時間 for人to V It costs 人 ~金錢 to V

15 S + have difficulty S + have trouble S + have a hard time Ving S + have fun S + have a good time

16 表建議或邀約 How about + Ving What about + Ving What do you say to + Ving
Why not +原形 V Why don’t you /we +原形V

17 阻止某人做某事 keep stop prevent 人 + from + Ving hinder

18 想要 want to +原形 V would like to原形 V feel like + Ving

19 不用說; 自不待言 It goes without saying that ~. It is needless to say that~

20 不可能知道~ There is no knowing ~ = It is impossible to know~ (adj.)

21 …是沒有用的 It is no use + Ving There is no use + Ving It is useless to + V
It is of no useless to + V 此為形容詞片語 = useless

22 不得不; 忍不住 can’t but + V can’t help + Ving can’t choose but + V have no choice but to V

23 一….就… On + Ving…, S +過去式 = As soon as S + 過去式, S +過去式

24 介意 Do you mind opening the window? Do you mind my opening the window?
Do you mind if I open the window? 開窗的人是 我 開窗的人是 我

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