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Protestant Reformation World History Chapter 1 Section 3.

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1 Protestant Reformation World History Chapter 1 Section 3

2 Martin Luther The Protestant Reformation started when Martin Luther apposed the Roman Catholic church for selling indulgences

3 Pope Leo X Needed money to build the Saint Peters Basilica, and he decided to do it by selling indulgences (lessen time in purgatory).

4 Ninety-five Theses Martin Luther made public his complaints and feared the Roman Catholic Church was abusing its power. He wrote the theses and put them on church bullitins portraying the selling of indulgences a sinful.

5 Lutheran The Lutheran religion is a result of Martin Luther protest and is considered by many to be thee first protestant religion.

6 Ulrich Zwingli Followed Martin Luther lead and introduced theocracy: the belief that government and religion are one and that government officials are divinely inspired

7 John Calvin Preached predestination, God will is determine, before birth and man what happens and is inherently sinful. The rules of the time are determined by the peoples behavior. Calvinism became a very strongly followed religion.

8 The King’s great matter The most protesting event of the protestant reformation arguably was when King Henry the VIII a strict Catholic was in power in England. His wife Catherine of Argon had only one child and it was a girl, Henry the VIII wanted a boy to be heir to England so he declared the marriage annulled. The Pope disagreed.

9 Henry VIII and the Roman Catholic Church argued until Henry the VIII fell in love with Anne Boleyn when he took matters into his own hands and summoned parliament and declared that England was no longer under the Pope and declared himself the head of church in England. King Henry and Boleyn were secretly married and they one child a girl (Elizabeth).

10 Before it was all said and done, Henry VIII had six wives and had one son under the marriage of Jane Seymour (3 rd wife). His son Edward inherited the throne at age nine and died at age 16. Henry’s daughter Mary inherited the throne and became known as Bloody Mary for burning Protestants at the stake. Mary died at 25 and half-sister Elizabeth (daughter of Anne Boleyn took the throne. Who promoted the Protestant religion in England.

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