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THE PROTESTANT REFORMATION Part II: Reformation Ideas Spread.

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1 THE PROTESTANT REFORMATION Part II: Reformation Ideas Spread

2 IN ENGLAND, THE REFORMATION BEGAN WITH THE KING! King Henry VIII The king who had six wives… He wants a SON!

3 THE ENGLISH REFORMATION Was started by King Henry VIII He and his wife only had one surviving child, Mary Tudor; he needed a male heir broke away from the Church when the pope wouldn’t annul his marriage

4 WIFE 1: CATHERINE OF ARAGON Was divorced when she produced only 1 child (a daughter) Banished to Kimbolton Castle and dies shortly after

5 WIFE 2: ANNE BOLEYN Produced one daughter (Elizabeth) Is executed for adultery and treason

6 WIFE 3: JANE SEYMOUR Produces a son, Edward VI Dies due to complications due to Edward’s birth

7 ANNE OF CLEVES Henry thought she was beautiful after seeing a painting of her In the flesh, however, he found her unattractive The marriage was annulled 6 months later and he pursued one of her bridesmaids, Catherine Howard

8 CATHERINE HOWARD Married three weeks after Henry’s divorce with Anne. Rumors spread of her past and present love affairs She was beheaded

9 KATERYN PARR Henry wanted to marry her primarily so that she could take care of him in his old age. He dies at age 52 and she remarries but dies during childbirth.

10 THE REFORMATION PARLIAMENT Was a gathering that led to the decision that England was no longer under the authority of the pope. Act of Supremacy Subjects were required to take an oath declaring Henry VIII to be “ Supreme Head of the Church of England ”

11 LONGSTANDING EFFECTS OF HENRY VIII His legitimate children: Mary, Elizabeth, and Edward (dies). Queen Mary I or “ Bloody Mary ” Raised Catholic like her mother Catherine of Aragon; she reestablished the Catholic Church in England. She killed many protestants and had approximately 300 heretics burned at the stake. Queen Elizabeth I Raised Protestant and ruled England for 44 years. Ruled during the Spanish Armada, and never married…known as the Virgin Queen.

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