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SEX SENSATIONAL... SEDUCTIVE... DESTRUCTIVE???. SEX  It is a beautiful and amazing part of being human!  It is an intimate expression of love between.

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2 SEX  It is a beautiful and amazing part of being human!  It is an intimate expression of love between two people!  It is how we all come into being!  It is also a sensitive and private matter that deserves respect!

3 Let’s be anonymously honest... My sexual preference is: A.Heterosexual B.Homosexual C.Bisexual

4 In my lifetime, I have had sexual intercourse (vaginal or anal) with: A.No one B.Only one person C.2-5 people D.6-10 people E.10+

5 In the past month, I have had sexual intercourse with: A.No one B.Only one person C.2-3 people D.4-5 people E.5+

6 I have participated in oral sex at some point in my life: A.Yes B.No

7 In the past month, I have participated in oral sex: A.Yes B.No

8 When I have been sexually engaged alcohol or marijuana or some other drug was part of the scene. A.Yes B.No C.Never been sexually active

9 Is SEX a GAME?

10 C – L – A M – Y - I


12 Quick Facts: Most common bacterial STD (1.3 million cases reported in 2010, CDC) Most commonly reported STD at UWG – Majority cases go undiagnosed Can scar female organs (PID – Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) & leave infertile Treatable with antibiotics 75% of females & 50% of males are asymptomatic Symptoms, if present, are discharge & painful burning while urinating

13 G - O – N


15 Quick Facts: One of the most commonly reported STIs at UWG Health Services In 2010, 300,000 cases were reported by the CDC Pus producing bacterial infection Treatable with antibiotics – signs that it is becoming resistant Can scar female & leave infertile; can cause male to be infertile but normally cured with medication Often asymptomatic at first but both males and females usually will develop a discharge of pus, severe pain, and burning while urinating

16 . “Untreated gonorrhea and chlamydia can silently steal a young woman’s chance to have her own children later in life. Each year, untreated STDs cause at least 24,000 women in the U.S. to become infertile.” (CDC)

17 H – P – V W – R

18 HPV

19 Quick Facts: Most common (20 million estimated cases with 5.5 million per year) One of most commonly reported at UWG Health Services No cure; over 4,900 women die each year from HPV associated cancer Warts are highly contagious; little or no protection from condoms Many are asymptomatic, but some will develop genital warts Free vaccines are available at Health Services

20 H – E – P


22 Quick Facts: 45 million with 1 million new infections each year Common viral STD at UWG Type I- oral & Type II-genital are really the same; can be transferred via oral sex No cure – medication for symptoms only! May be asymptomatic; common to have painful blisters in genital area on and off for life Infected babies die or have serious problems; Condoms cannot be counted for prevention

23 S


25 Quick Facts: Syphilis has increased 134% among young black men especially those having sex with other men, (CDC); only a few cases reported last year at UWG Health Services Treatable bacterial infection Can cause permanent damage and death if left untreated Stage1: painless sore Stage2: rash, fever, fatigue Stage3: permanent damage to heart, brain, organs

26 B


28 Quick Facts: No cure Transmitted through blood or body fluids The Hepatitis B virus is times more infectious than HIV, (WHO). Vaccine for prevention Most common cause of liver cancer; kills 5,000 Americans a year May be asymptomatic; but may have yellowing of the eyes & skin, nausea, vomiting & dark urine

29 D

30 AIDS Michael “Magic” Johnson has been a voice for HIV & AIDS Awareness since being diagnosed HIV positive years ago. With treatment he has not developed AIDS. There are NO obvious symptoms of HIV!!!!

31 Quick Facts: Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) No cure; considered by many to be the perfect “killing” machine People with gonorrhea, chlamydia, or syphilis are at increased risk for HIV. (CDC) A person may look and feel healthy for years, but will be infected and contagious for life; enlarged lymph nodes, red/purple blotches on skin, prone to infections, eventual death Primary infection stage (first weeks after infection with large amount of HIV in bloodstream – greatest infection stage with majority not knowing they are infected and tests at this stage show negative)

32 At the end of 2009, an estimated 1,148,200 persons aged 13 and older were living with HIV infection in the US; CDC estimates that approximately 50,000 people are newly infected with HIV each year in the United States. It is a felony in Georgia for an HIV positive individual to not inform his or her “partner” prior to sexual intercourse vaginal or anal.

33 When “scoring” = STDs SEX is NOT a fair GAME and EVERYONE PLAYING LOSES!

34 Destructive Sex

35 Seductive Sex Music lyrics Movies/TV Magazines Advertisements/Commercials Clubs Parties Internet Sports heroes Celebrities Fashion

36 What do you think?

37 I think that practicing abstinence or celibacy is just for virgins. A.Yes B.No C.I don’t know.

38 I consider oral sex “sex”. A.Yes B.No C.Not sure

39 Protection???

40 The most common type of protection that I use during intercourse is: A. Male Condom B. Female Condom C. Other D. None E. I am not sexually active

41 If I use a lubricant, I use: A. K-Y Jelly B. Baby Oil C. Vaseline D. Nothing E. I am not sexually active

42 The most common type of protection that I use to prevent pregnancy is: A.Birth control pills B.Condoms C.Other D.None E.I am not sexually active

43 The most common type of protection that I use during oral sex is: A. Condom B. Dental Dam C. Other D. None E. I am not sexually active

44 I have sought the following in regard to sexually transmitted diseases: A.I have been tested B.I have been treated C.Both A & B D.I have been sexually active but not tested E.I am not sexually active

45 When I think about how I feel about myself in terms of sexuality and my relationships, I feel: A.Confident & Strong with set boundaries B.Lacking Confidence & Weak C.Up and Down with Confidence D.Wish I were more confident with stronger boundaries

46 My Future Decisions When it comes to my future sexual health decisions, my top priority will be to: A.Practice safe sex using condoms every time. B.Get tested and get treated when changing partners. C.Avoid mixing alcohol consumption with sex. D.All of the above. E.Continue to practice abstinence.

47 The TRUTH STDs affect people of ALL races, ages, and sexual orientations! Be smart! Be strong! Be safe! Be tested! Be treated!


49 Random Facts!!

50 The Bonding Mystery Natural Bonding hormones make us want to pair and bond with ONE individual: Oxytocin – reproductive “love hormone”, released maternally (Lack of oxytocin associated with sociopathy, psychopathy & narcissism) Vasopressin – associated with pair bonding – decreases after multiple bonds

51 Sensational Sexual Reproductive Facts about the Male Beginning around age12 to 13 testosterone causes the beginning of sperm production in the testicles suspended from the body in the scrotum so that the temperature is kept lower than body temperature. A healthy young male will produce about 100,000,000 sperm each day!!! One thousand sperm per second!!! A single ejaculation may contain up to 500 million sperm!

52 Sensational Reproductive Facts about the Female Typically around age 11 to 14 estrogen will cause the breasts to begin forming, hips will widen and menstruation and ovulation will begin The menstrual cycle occurs about every 28 days as the uterus continually prepares to nurture a fertilized egg A woman will typically menstruate 400 times in a lifetime usually until her 40’s or 50’s when menopause sets in

53 More female fascinating facts Each month about 14 days before the next menstrual cycle a ripened egg from one or both ovaries is released (ovulation) Females do not continue to produce new eggs An unborn baby girl will have about five million eggs in her ovaries By early teenage years, she will have about 300,000 eggs... Still more than needed for the 400 ovulations

54 Females often have irregular cycles making ovulation unpredictable and meaning she could become pregnant almost any time she has intercourse The released egg in the fallopian tube must be fertilized by the sperm within 24 hours The millions of sperm racing to fertilize the egg can actually live for 3 to 5 days

55 And so... Our sexuality has the innate purpose to procreate our species! Something to keep in perspective!

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