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A brief introduction to the system and features For Inquiries Contact:

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1 A brief introduction to the system and features For Inquiries Contact:


3 Overview StickPOS is a next generation point of sale solution that is economical, easy to use, affordable and reliable. There is no need to have big expensive branded computers and windows licenses along with a hefty cost of Point of Sale Software. StickPOS is an all in one solution for point of sale based on Android platform and equipped with all necessary software and hardware without the use of computer or windows at all. It is sleek design and an intuitive user interface. It has the capability to further connect to the cloud and gives an owner a real-time view of the sales and historical reports.


5 Initial POS Screen Item Buttons Item Buttons Quantity Buttons Quantity Buttons Category Buttons Bill Items Totals Tender Sale Options Authentication


7 Manager Options Screen Manager options configure certain system level parameters like devices/network setup, restaurant settings, menu items management, pay in/out departments and employees setup. It also enables the manager to generate certain session based reports directly from the terminal like X/Z Reports.

8 Network Settings Network Settings configures receipt printers, kitchen printers, cash drawers and the central reporting server. It is also used to configure the unit as primary or secondary terminal.

9 System Settings System settings configures global system parameters such as taxrate, pos physical location, pos identification number, start and ending cash drawer amounts etc. It also enables the user to backup/restore the menu items. It also checks for the version updates on the web, and incase there is an update the system prompts to manually select the update and run.

10 Restaurant Settings Restaurant settings configures the basic restaurant details which will be used on the receipts as well.

11 Manage Menu Items Manage Menu Items enables you configure everything related to maintaining the menu items in the POS. This includes Item Departments, Modifiers/Group Modifiers and a separate module for customized pizza management. Customized Pizza management is optional for regular restaurants.

12 Manage Pay In/Out Departments Pay In/Out departments are actually the vendors from whom we either pay or receive cash on daily basis from our regular cash drawer of the pos. In order to balance the cash reports we need to see how much we paid/received under this capacity. This option enables us to create such departments in the POS system.

13 Manage Employees Manage Employees enables you to configure employees with the following roles 1. Administrator{ Configures System/Network Settings } 2. Manager{ Configures Menu Items and other manage screen options } 3. Cashier{ Do the sale only } These details are used for signing in and built in employee attendance system.


15 Step 1 : Create Department The first step when creating a menu item is to create a department for which it belongs to. Incase the department is already there it can be skipped easily. Departments are used for reporting reasons only. To create department you need to open Manager Options>Manage Menu Items>Manage Departments.

16 Step 2 : Create Category Categories are used as top level folders for the menu items. In order to create category you need to long press a blank category button. You can then enter the category and save it and it will immediately appear on the empty button where u long pressed. Long press here… Category comes here. 1 2 3 Category names goes here.

17 Step 3 : Create Menu Item Menu items can be created by long pressing an empty menu item button. Further you can add the basic item details like name, price, product, kitchen printer, taxable or not, open department item & image etc. Once the settings are saved the menu item will be instantly displayed on the main screen. Open Department Item 1 3 2

18 After Menu Items


20 Making a direct sale Enter Amount 2 Tender Sale Tender Sale 1 To make a sale just select the items and it will start appearing in the bill items. Once the selection is done you can press “Cashout” button to tender the sale. To tender the sale you can enter the amount and press submit or directly press the bill buttons. You can also tender sale as Check, Gift, Complementary etc. for reporting purposes only. Cashoout

21 Discounts & Send Message Once the item appears in the bills pane, you can long press it and give discounts or send message to kitchen printer. Discounts { can be given per item } Send Message { customized message to kitchen like “No Onions” etc } Remove { to remove the item from the bills pane }

22 Phone, Dine-in, Delivery Drive-thru orders Click Start Order Select Order Type There can be following type of orders booked into the POS 1. Dine-In 2. Delivery (with automatic address lookup) 3. Phone Orders 4. Drive-Thru Orders

23 Recalling Orders Select Phone Number here… Booked orders can be recalled either for 1. Editing 2. Cash out Orders can be taken and recalled from the secondary terminals as well. All terminals remains synchronized.


25 Functions

26 No Sale{Opens Cash Drawer without Sale (exception)} Enter Drop{Move money from Cash Drawer to Safe} Pay In{Receives money from some known vendor} Payout {Send money to some known vendor} Void{Cancel a sale} Reprint{Print duplicate bills/reports} Clock In/Out{Employees Attendance} Sign In{Login as another user} Sign Out{Logout current user}

27 Functions

28 FEATURES Salient Features

29 Basic Features PC Less Solution: No PC required to setup or execute the point of sale system Touch based user interface 4 hours battery backed up unit, in case of power disconnection. Wireless peripherals Integrated with Casio, Epson & Baylan Printers, Cash Drawers & Display Poles Portable and sleek design available in both handcrafted wood and acrylic casings Easy to use friendly interface, sale completes in just 3 touches Supports up to 50 secondary terminals Supports up to 50 handheld ordering tablets Supports up to 4 Kitchen Printers Seamless integration with Cloud (Internet required) No internet required to run the system No interruptions on internet outages Any client can be configured as server, by just one click Menu Changes are automatically synced to the secondary terminals and handheld tablets Real-time Sales & time keeping data is accessible from any PC, Mac or Smart Device

30 Advanced Features Customized Business Names, Phone#, Address & Logo Single Receipt Printer can be used by secondary and handheld tablets. Customized Menu Items. Customized Graphic Images to Overlay Menu Items. Cash Drop with Receipt Advanced Menu Items (Modifiers, Group Modifiers, Combo Menu Items etc) Tax Exempt/Enabled Menu Items Tender Screen (Cash, Credit, Check, Gift Card, Complementary) Cash Drawer Logging and Drawer Sign In/Out with Blind Checkouts X & Z Reports Consolidated X Report & Z Reports Real-time Data Replication to the Cloud Employees User Management Employees Clock In/Out No Sale Transaction Void Transaction Pay In/Out to departments Transaction

31 Advanced Features Start/Recall orders for Dine In, Phone, Drive Thru & Delivery Auto customer address lookup against phone number for Phone & Delivery Orders Send Message/Instructions to Kitchen UPC/Barcode Lookups Coupons & Discounts Data Replication to Server in Real Time Including Transactions & Menu Items. Receipt/Reports Reprinting


33 Reports List Employee Attendance Report A complete timekeeping report including overtime and weekly pay wages. Departmental Sale A view of sales w.r.t. Departments. Item Sale A view of items wise Sale. Tender Sale Report that displays the sales done through various payment methods like cash, cc etc. Transactions A detailed report listing each and every transaction. Void Transactions Shows transactions that are marked void from the terminal. No Sale Shows the No-Sales done during the session Sales By Terminal A view of sales done through individual terminals. Daily Sales Displays the total daily sales over a time span. Hourly Sales Displays the hourly sales for a session. Sales Comparison Report Compares the sales of 2 days

34 Employee Attendance Report

35 Department Sale Report

36 Item Sale Report

37 Tender Sale Report

38 Transaction Report

39 Sales By Terminal

40 Daily Sales

41 Hourly Sales

42 Sales Comparison Report

43 THANK YOU For further information contact

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