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Next generation of print datastream modification

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1 Next generation of print datastream modification
BENS G3 Next generation of print datastream modification

2 Table of content History Brief introduction Features / Benefits
Target Group Detailed function description Specification Competition Pricing Highlights

3 ECO System Connectivity: The applications of this category ensure that Konica Minolta output devices are seamlessly integrated into almost any host environment given. At the same time, they offer the conversion of print-datastreams and enhanced features in specific environments such as SAP. Users save costs and gain flexibility because their devices become compatible with different IT platforms.

4 Product history BENS (Barcode Engine Network Server) BENS+ BENS G3
Out of the box barcode printing from SAP BENS+ Native barcode and Unicode function from SAP New fan-less hardware Possibility to add new filters BENS G3 New licence management Several optional filters available New hardware platform (fan-less) No mechanical parts (SDD Hardisk Drive)

5 Outline Name: BENS G3 Category: Connectivity
Describtion: Network print server to provide filter technology that allows print job manipulation on the fly Example usage: PCL barcode filter for SAP compatible barcode printing Unicode filter for SAP compatible international printing support (e.g. Asian or east European characters) Filter for input tray and output bin controlling Filter for “Carbon Copy” functionality

6 Features – BENS G3 Network print server
Supported protocols: LPR, SMB, Socket, IPP, SNMP, DHCP HTML interface for administration the print server Reprint of print jobs Download of unfiltered and filtered print jobs Print preview on the print server Firmware / Filters can be updated New filters can be uploaded Synchronisation with a second BENS G3 print server available for system stability (Mirroring) Employment of several filters per printer Up to 50 printers can be run on one single appliance Backup and restore function for configurations 1 x PCL5 Barcode Filter and 1 x Unicode Filter with Unicode Font Andale is included

7 Benefits Plug-and-play enterprise printing solution for SAP R/3 and other applications Attractive and highly cost-effective solution for multiple printers Simple and straightforward network integration. Fully scalable thanks to easy download of additional filter licences No embedded solution Longterm solution can be used with future printer generation (only PCL is precondition) Specific customisation is possible

8 Target group # Company Software Revenues mln US$ Software Revenue growth Total Revenues mln US$ Software Revenue share 1 Microsoft 49,090 -1% 61,159 80% 2 IBM 21,396 -3% 95,758 22% 3 Oracle 18,582 6% 22,734 82% 4 SAP 11,368 -2% 15,373 74% 5 Ericsson 7,595 5% 29,014 26% 6 Nintendo 6,799 -6% 17,762 38% 7 HP 6,183 -15% 116,245 8 Symantec 5,565 5,992 93% 9 Nokia Siemens Networks 4,529 18,114 25% 10 Activision Blizzard 4,279 -7% 100% SAP is still one of the most sucessfull companies in the software industry ( Companies from mid to enterprise level are target group for SAP/R3 Using SAP is challenging in regards of print out SAP demands several functions to be part of the printer (e.g. Barcode) Companies using SAP might benefit from BENS G3 Customers that need modification on datastreams coming from older host systems

9 1 1 2 2 X Y Functional principle
Up to 50 virtual printers can be defined as input Different filters can be configured and chained for each vitual printer After using filters the printjob is sent to one of up to 50 network attached PCL printers Virtual Printers Real Printers 1 1 Filter 1 2 2 Filter 2 X Y Filter 1 Filter 2 Filter 1 Filter 2 Filter n Clients 50 50 Printers BENS G3

10 BENS G3 communicates via SNMP
Supports the SNMP Protocol (Simple Network Message Protocol) SNMP requests from Clients will be passed to the target device (printer or print server) and vice versa Failed print jobs can be reprinted automatically online? online? SNMP SNMP SNMP SNMP no paper! no paper! Clients BENS G3 Target devices

11 Creating PDF-files from print data
PDF Files of printed documents can be stored in a network shared folder defined by the BENS G3 Administrator PDF File Network share original print data print data modificated by filters Processing Filters Client BENS G3 Printer

12 Example of working with Filters: BARCODES
Compatible to barcode solutions provided by HP Plug&play printing from SAP R/3 No modification on printer side needed original printer data print data including barcodes Processing barcodes Client BENS G3 Printer

13 Example of working with Filters: UNICODE
Compatible with HP “International Printing Solution” Andale font (~ characters) is included Plug&play printing from SAP R/3 No modification on printer side needed プラネタリウム満天 矽感亮相“2010中国国际金融(银行)技术暨设备展览会” Unicode Font(s) original printer data print data including Chinese characters Processing Chinese characters Client BENS G3 Printer

14 System Stability through MIRRORING
Two BENS G3 can be installed in the network for mirror functionality Configurations on the master device are automatically reflected on the mirrorded device (but additional licences are only necessary for the master device) BENS G3 MASTER Print Server BENS G3 MIRROR Network Clients Network Printers

15 System Stability through MIRRORING
If the BENS G3 Master device has malfunction, the MIRROR device will take over the functionality BENS G3 MASTER Print Server BENS G3 MIRROR Network Clients Network Printers

16 System Stability through MIRRORING
After reparation the new Master device will keep the status and the repaired device will act as new Mirror device BENS G3 MIRROR Print Server BENS G3 MASTER Network Clients Network Printers

17 Configuration Web based configuration Easy access to printer set up
Fast and easy activation of new filter licences

18 Technical specification
Device: Network Print Server with Suchy MIPS Filter Technology Processor: Intel Atom 1.1Ghz Network Connectivity: RJ45, 1000-Base T (1 Gigabit) RAM: 1 GB Memory Storage: SATA SSD 2 GB Cooling: fanless Supported printing protocols: LPR, SMB, Socket, IPP, DHCP Communication: HTTP, SNMP Management/Configuration: via password protected HTML interface Dimensions w/h/d in mm: / 50 / 90 Working temperature: 0° - 50° C Power: 5V DC Weight: g Default Shipment : 1 x PCL5 Barcode Filter and 1 x Unicode Filter with the Unicode Font Andale

19 Supported 1D barcodes 2/5 Industrial EAN/JAN 13 UPC-E 2/5 Interleaved
2/5 Matrix EAN/JAN 13+5   UPC-E+5 Codabar EAN/JAN 8 USPS FIM Code 128 autoswitch EAN/JAN 8+2 USPS Sack Label Code 128A EAN/JAN 8+5 USPS Tray Label Code 128B ISBN Code 128C ISSN Code 39 MSI Plessey Code 39 extended OMR Code 93 UCC-128 Code 93 extended UPC-A EAN 128 UPC-A+2 EAN 128   UPC-A+5

20 Supported postal barcodes
Austarialia 4State Dutch 4State postal French Postal German Postal Indent German Postal Leitnummer Japan Postal 4State Royal Mail 4State Singapor 4State postal Swiss Postal Code ZIP Postnet

21 Supported 2D barcodes Aztek Codablock F Datamatrix Maxicode PDF417
QR Code

22 Other products Stethos/Oberon -> AP-ELP appliance
Platform oriented Low quality plastic housing Fontware -> Barstorm Font only oriented High cost for additional printers HP -> Jetcaps Needed for each printer Investment limited to specific productline

23 Available articles Only BENS G3 itself is a physical article
Additional activation keys for filters will be delivered as Products might be added if new filters are available Name Partnumber SRP Suchy MIPS Barcode Server G3 950€ BENS Barcode Filter 150€ BENS Unicode 1 printer BENS Prescribe 1 printer 290€ BENS OCR A+B 1 printer 50€ BENS Carboncopy 1 printer

24 Highlights Printer independent Platform oriented Reliable hardware
Future-proof investment Platform oriented Printstream modification on the fly Easy to implement additional filters for new functions Reliable hardware Complete fanless Industry prooven supplier (Kotron Mainboard) Out of the box support for SAP/R3

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