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Providing Onboard and Onsite Ticketing Solutions to the Travel and Tourist Industry 1.

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1 Providing Onboard and Onsite Ticketing Solutions to the Travel and Tourist Industry 1

2 Since 2003, NetControl has been a provider of leading-edge technology for the tourist industry in E-ticketing, embedded computing, GPRS transmission, online coach ticket sales for large tour operators, as well as point of sale vending and access control systems. Experience and Innovation 2

3 Leading-edge Technology  E-Ticketing: selling tickets through the internet to individuals and Tour Operators  On-board telematics: installing in buses, coaches and tourist vehicles  Dedicated computers  Touch screens  Printers  Scanners  Payment terminals 3

4 Customized Solutions 4

5 Open Architecture 5 Open Architecture  Our system is based on an open software and hardware architecture and can be adapted to the specific needs of each user  It is easily upgradable thanks to its modular design and dynamic web interface

6 The Right Hardware 6  Our computer system hardware uses the latest technologies to reduce the size of its components  This hardware is designed to operate in extreme conditions without the need for additional cooling fans  Despite its small size, our PC can be connected to any external device such as USB (WiFi keys, webcam, bar code readers, smart card readers, etc.)

7 The Right Equipment 7  Our equipment is multi-modem compatible, which reduces transmission interruptions due to GSM/GPRS/EDGE network disruption  Our touch screens operate with the ELO TouchSystem and high definition TVS designed specifically for industrial use  Power up/power down of our equipment is entirely automatic thanks to a stand-alone battery-powered monitoring system

8 8  As a result of the optimized operating system used in our computers, we have eliminated the need for hard disks  The CompactFlash storage we use has no moving parts, is much less sensitive to high temperatures and minimizes problems due to vibrations and impacts  This system is Windows 9x/XP compatible and can be customized to meet your specific requirements CompactFlash Storage

9 A Permanent Connection 9  Data transfer to our servers uses GSM GPRS/EDGE/3G (General Packet Radio Service) technology to allow for an open connection and real-time data uploading  Instantaneous messaging solutions can also be implemented  For greater reliability, we recommend the use of two GPRS connections with two modems and two distinct operators

10 A Unique Operating system 10  Our unique operating system is based on Microsoft Embedded Systems technology which we have adapted for use with our services  This system is designed to eliminate disk-write operations (Enhanced Write Filter) thereby increasing the life of the hardware and ensuring its stability  This operation eliminates risks of system corruption when shutting down the system with a circuit breaker

11 Telephony and VoIP 11  The existing connections can be used for hands-free telephony  In a one-modem configuration, data transfer is interrupted during the call  A VoIP exchange can be installed to eliminate the costs of telephone calls

12 Secure Web Interface 12  The web interface is used for daily operations and system administration  It offers a number of statistical features, lets you display and process downloaded data and monitor all system activity at all times  The numerous web interface modules we have developed can be easily integrated into your specific solution  In addition, our software developers can design and implement customized applications to ensure your system remains as open as possible  Automatic system updates are performed daily via the Internet

13 Simplified Maintenance 13  In order to simplify maintenance related activities, we operate a web site dedicated to customer support and trouble-shooting  Our equipment is fitted with detectors that notify our monitoring systems if a malfunction occurs

14 High Internet Availability 14  The NetControl Internet platform is accessible via any computer connected to the network  The dedicated connection runs at 100 MB/sec and uses BGP4 technology in two DataCenters to ensure high availability  The CISCO network equipment is doubled to reduce downtime risks and secure our platform  NetControl has chosen HP as their server supplier because they ensure support in less than 4 hours if hardware failure occurs  All our servers are protected by redundant power supplies and a twin-channel UPS system  Data are stored on a RAID 5 file server

15 Reservation Interface Example 15

16 Online Error Surveillance Example 16

17 Prestigious Clients NetControl's clients include some large groups such as: 17

18 18 Member of Atout France France Tourism Development Agency

19 19 NETCONTROL 59 rue Saint Antoine 75004 - Paris - France Sales Contact: + 33 (0) 1 42 77 06 64 Technical Support: + 33 (0) 1 45 44 53 40 Fax: + 33 (0) 1 42 72 62 98 E Mail: Web Site: Contact Information

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