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Building Overseas Empires

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1 Building Overseas Empires

2 The New Imperialism: Section 1
Note Taking Transparency 160 4 of 6

3 Motives for Imperialism
Economic Interests Political and Military Religious and Humanitiarian Social Darwinism

4 Economic Interests Natural Resources- Rubber, oil, minerals, palm oil New Markets- for factory goods and investment opportunities

5 Political and Military
Desire for Naval bases, ports and harbors to protect trade Nationalism –pride and prestige of empire builiding

6 Religious and Humanitarian
“white man’s burden” – belief in “helping” Africans, Asians Missionaries Sharing medicine, law, and regilion(Christianity)




10 Social Darwinism Racial superiority The idea that European were better by evolution and others were less “evolved” or subhuman

11 The Rapid Spread of Western Imperialism 1870-1914
Colonialization by soldiers, merchants, settlers, missionaries, and explorers European bankers, factory owners, and workers all approve

12 Causes Weakness of non-western states- Middle East, India, China, Africa Strength of European- powerful armies and navies, economy, well organized government, medicine Weapons- machine guns and


14 Resisting Imperialism
Countries fight back with nationalist movements European criticism- imperialism is immoral and undemocratic

15 Forms of Imperial Rule French –direct rule-impose culture British- indirect rule- locals rule under the advice and influence of England Protectorate Sphere of Influence – an area in which and outside country has exclusive economic rights(China)

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