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What is a Government? A government is the ruling authority for a community. Basically any organization that has the power to make and enforce laws and.

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1 What is a Government? A government is the ruling authority for a community. Basically any organization that has the power to make and enforce laws and decisions for its members acts as a government.

2 4 basic function of government Keeping order providing security Providing public services Guiding the community

3 There are 3 levels of our government National Government –Centered in the nations' capital, washing, D.C. They make and enforce the laws for the entire country. State Government –Which decides matters for the people in their state Local Government –Local governments include counties, cities and towns

4 Which type of Government do we have a Democracy or a Dictatorship? A Dictatorship is a government controlled by one person or a small group of people A Democracy is a kind of government in which the people rule. The foundations of democracy began in ancient Greece There are two types of Democracy

5 What are the two types of Democracy Direct Democracy –All citizens met to debate government matters and vote first-hand Representative Democracies –Citizens choose a smaller group to represent them, make laws, and govern on their behalf, but the people remain the source of the governments authority.

6 The fundamental principles of American Democracy Rule of law –All people, including those who govern, are bound by law Limited Government –Government is not all powerful Consent of the governed –American citizens are the source of all governmental power Individual rights –Individual rights are protected Representative government –People elect government leaders to make the laws and govern on their behalf.

7 2 Ways to become an American Citizen By Birth By Naturalization

8 The Naturalization Process –Step 1. File a Declaration of Intention. –Step 2. Live in U.S for 5 years –Step 3. Learn English, Civics, U.S. History. –Step 4. File an application of Naturalization. –Step 5. Meeting with an immigration examiner. –Step 6. Court Appearance/Oath of Allegiance

9 E pluribus unum Out of many, one –To Americans this reminds us that many diverse citizens of the united states have joined together to create a single, strong nation. –For all our differences we are linked by shared values and experiences

10 A Nation of Immigrants Beginning in the 1600’s people from France and England came to North America. The French settled primarily in Canada and around the Mississippi river The English settled mainly along the east coast.

11 Magna Carta Magna Carta is Latin for great charter This document proteted the nobles privileges and upheld their authority It also granted rights to all land holders Rights that eventually came to apply to all English People

12 Parliament The parliament grew in power and size until eventually it split. Into the house of lords (nobles) And the house of Commons (citizens) Over time the parliament became more powerful than the monarchy This lead to the Glorious Revolution

13 Jamestown The first permanent English settlement in North America was Jamestown 1607 Was created by a charter from King James A charter is a written document granting land and the authority to set up colonial governments.

14 Plymouth In 1620 a new group of colonist known as Pilgrims arrived in America They build a settlement called Plymouth in Massachusetts They drew up a written plan for government called the Mayflower Compact A compact is an agreement among a group of people.

15 Mercantilism Economic theory that state that a country should sell more goods than it buys.

16 16. The Stamp Act No taxation without representation

17 Boycott The refusal of American colonist to buy or use English goods Lead to the repeal of the stamp act

18 18. Parliament repeal of Stamp act Why did they repealed the stamp act? –Merchant were putting pressure on Parliament Merchants were unhappy with the stamp act because they were losing money.

19 Intolerable Acts Acts passed by the English to punish Boston for the boycott of English goods. The quartering act forced colonist to house any and all English troops for free

20 Boston Tea Party / Boston Massacre Two events that sparked the American Revolution Sons of liberty Crispus Attucks

21 Articles of Confederation The first constitution of the United States. A weak document No power to tax No power to enforce laws

22 Shay’s Rebellion Showed the people that the articles of the confederation were not effective. Resulted from high state taxes in Massachusetts

23 Democracy A form of government where citizens own the power to rule (Examples) 1.Direct 2.Representative

24 Constitution The United States of America’s written plan for government Preamble Articles Amendments

25 Preamble The introduction to the constitution and it list the six basic goal of our country

26 Great Compromise Settled the dispute between the big states and the small states over representation by establishing a bicameral legislature/congress

27 Congress Two house legislative body made up of the House of representatives and the Senate (Bicameral) House of representatives is based on population of the state (435 members) The Senate is made up of two senators per state (100 members)

28 3 Branches of Government

29 Checks and Balances

30 Amendment To change or add to the constitution. There have been only 27 amendments in our history

31 The 1 st Amendment Protects our five basic freedoms –Freedom of religion –Freedom of speech –Freedom of press –Freedom of assembly –Freedom of petition

32 Rights of the Accused Found in amendments 5 thru 8 Right to remain silent Right to an attorney Trial by jury Speedy trial No cruel or unusual punishment No excessive bail

33 13 th Amendment Abolished slavery and authorized congress to pass legislation implementing it abolition

34 19 th Amendment Guaranteed the right to vote to women.

35 26 th Amendment Guaranteed the right to vote to 18 year olds

36 Duties Pay Taxes Obey the Law Attend School Serve in Court (jury duty) Defend the Nation (draft) Things that we must do as citizens

37 Responsibilities Vote Be Informed Participate in government. Respect the rights of others. Respect Diversity. Things that we should do as a good citizen

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