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EOC Survivor Season 1 Foundations of US Government.

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1 EOC Survivor Season 1 Foundations of US Government

2 Question 1 What was the most important accomplishment of the 2 nd Continental Congress? (The Declaration of Independence)

3 Question 2 What was the name of our 1 st constitution that failed? (the Articles of Confederation)

4 Question 3 Define federalism. (Power is divided between the national & state levels)

5 Question 4 In what city was the Constitutional Convention of 1787 held? (Philadelphia)

6 Question 5 What principle means rule by the people and is related to democracy? (Popular Sovereignty)

7 Question 6 Which branch can strike down any law or action? (The judicial branch uses judicial review)

8 Question 7 Which branch makes laws? (The legislative branch or Congress)

9 Question 8 Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? (Thomas Jefferson)

10 Question 9 What is commerce? (trade)

11 Question 10 What is an immigrant? (Person who moves to a new country with the intentions of becoming a citizen)

12 Question 11 What 1620 document is known as the first attempt at self- government? (The Mayflower Compact)

13 Question 12 What philosopher wrote of natural right & protection of those rights? (John Locke)

14 Question 13 Name the 3 federalists who wrote The Federalist papers. (Jay, Madison, Hamilton)

15 Question 14 What war changed relations between the colonists and Great Britain? (French and Indian War)

16 Question 15 What document was King John forced to sign in 1215? (The Magna Carta)

17 Question 16 What state presented the Great Compromise? (Connecticut)

18 Question 17 What acts were imposed after the Boston Tea Party? (The Intolerable)

19 Question 18 What branch carries out or enforces the law? (The executive branch or President)

20 Question 19 What state represented the large states at the Constitutional Convention? (Virginia)

21 Question 20 Explain the 3/5 Compromise. (It made slaves count as 3/5 a person for population & taxes)

22 Question 21 In what year did the Framers agree to let the slave trade end? (1808)

23 Question 22 Who became king of Great Britain in 1760? (King George III)

24 Question 23 What is the process of becoming a citizen known as? (Naturalization)

25 Question 24 What is a non-citizen better known as? (An alien)

26 Question 25 Who carries out the major parts of the naturalization process? (The USCIS)

27 Question 26 How does the government pay for services? (Through taxation)

28 Question 27 Name one prominent writer for the Anti- Federalists. (Patrick Henry, George Mason, etc.)

29 Question 28 What does it mean to compromise? (Give up some of your ideas and accept others to reach an agreement)

30 Question 29 Name a reason the colonists opposed the Stamp Act? (No taxation without representation, double tax, singled out)

31 Question 30 How many states had to ratify the Constitution before it took effect? (9)

32 Question 31 In what part of the Declaration of Independence is the list of grievances? (Middle)

33 Question 32 What is the method for electing the President called? (The Electoral College)

34 Question 33 What state’s plan was supported by the small states? (New Jersey plan)

35 Question 34 What are the two types of refugees? (Political and Economic)

36 Question 35 Name 3 ways our country provides security? (Courts, police, military)

37 Question 36 What is the only right denied to a naturalized citizen? (They cannot run for President)

38 Question 37 What Amendment guarantees states their reserved powers? (10 th Amendment)

39 Question 38 Who signed the English Bill of Rights in 1688? (William and Mary)

40 Question 39 What amendment put immigration and citizenship under federal control? (14 th Amendment)

41 Question 40 What are the three parts of the US Constitution? (The Preamble, the Articles, and the Amendments)

42 Question 41 In what state did Shay’s Rebellion occur? (Massachusetts)

43 Question 42 Who wrote the pamphlet Common Sense? (Thomas Paine)

44 Question 43 According to John Locke, how does the government have the authority to rule? (The consent of the governed)

45 Question 44 Where was the first democracy in the world? (Ancient Greece)

46 Question 45 In what year was our Constitution written and ratified? (1787)

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