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Training Module on Security

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1 Training Module on Security
Vital Installations: Depots and Terminals

2 Module Details Objective: To make participants aware of the things to be done to secure depots and plants Participants: A, B, C Grade Officers working in depots and terminals Method: Lecture Duration: One and half hour No of Participants: 20

3 Module Details Cont… Course Material: Security Return cum Review
Red Alert Strengthening of Security Bomb Threat Handling Procedure 38 Recommendations to improve security Protection Scheme Write-up on FIR Sample Work Instructions to Security Force

4 Overview of Security Our Pledge Definition Importance of Security
Threat Perception Vulnerable Areas and Points What does security consist of?

5 Overview Cont… Physical Security Internal Security Special Situations
Liaison with police

6 Our Pledge Uncompromising Security and Safety of our life and property

7 Definition The state of plant being secure from the real or potential dangers to which they are exposed.

8 What is security? Security is protection of life and property
It is a natural instinct of all living beings Since beginning man has been devising ways and means to protect himself and his family and his belongings Our workplace is a part of our extended family and hence every employee should be concerned about protection of our installation and our colleagues

9 Importance of Security
Threat: 1) Miscreants’ Intentions 2) Their capability 3) Opportunity Not to provide opportunity to strike is in our hands Lax security provides soft target for attack

10 Importance of Security Cont.
Non-availability of police and public utilities Lax security: heavy losses and damages A threat to the existence of plant

11 Why have security? Security provides a sense of well being and helps us focus our undivided attention on work Ours is a vital installation and it provides a vulnerable target for antinational and antisocial elements. A petty thief due to ignorance or nervousness may inadvertently cause a major fire that may cause widespread damage to life and property

12 Threat Perception Security begins with threat perception
Check with local police station, SP, etc., for type of crimes, incidents that occur in the area and district Check past history of the location Check local newspapers Determine level of security basis the threat perception

13 Vulnerable Areas and Points
Identify vulnerable areas and focus security efforts on them List of vulnerable areas / points Gates Tank truck / tank wagon gantry Vehicle parking areas Tank farms Drinking water reservoir

14 What does security consist of?
Physical Security Internal Security

15 Physical Security Defense in depth Perimeter Wall Gates Watch Towers
Lighting Alarm System

16 Internal Security Access Control Security Force Communication
Material Security Warehouse Security

17 Internal Security Cont…
Document Security Records Intelligence Cell Investigation of Thefts

18 Perimeter Wall/Fencing
Create a psychological deterrent to unauthorized entry Prevent / delay unlawful entry or trespass Make effective and economical use of guards Direct flow of personnel, goods, and vehicles through controlled access (gates)

19 Perimeter Wall/Fencing
Chain Link Fence Brick/Stone Wall 20 ft clearance on either side Clear track for vehicles / walking No trees Periodic inspection

20 Gates Number of gates should be limited
Gates should be topped with spikes Gates should have cabins and should be manned Redundant gates should be closed down

21 Watch Towers 15 Ft height Fitted out with communication and search lights with 360 degree rotation Staircase should have gradual incline

22 Lighting Good lighting provides safety and security
Review lighting at intervals for improvements Lighting specifications are given in the security manual

23 Access control Need to know, Need to go Employees Visitors Contractors

24 Employees ID should be issued to all employees carrying their latest photographs ID should be issued afresh every 5 years ID may be color coded according to need to go basis ID photo should be signed by issuer

25 Visitors Entry passes issued after checking with concerned official.
Visitors should not be allowed in the plant area. If authorized, some official should accompany and visitor should not be shown vital areas Issue visitor’s badge

26 Contractors Prior approval of the list of casual / contract labor. Such list be given to security Check antecedents of contract/casual labor Issue badges to casual/contract labor Frisk casual / contract labor Written instructions about safety, fire, security to all contractors

27 Vehicles Check for hidden explosives / stolen goods
Employees’ and visitors’ vehicles should be parked outside plant area Issue entry permits to employees vehicles Use mirror trolley for inspection of underside

28 Security force Maintain a register of instructions to security force
Define and specify scope and areas of responsibility and accountability Enforce DGR guidelines Train security force Use security guards for security jobs Use of fire-arms is not recommended

29 Communication Security should have access to direct telephone line.
List of important telephone numbers should be prominently displayed.

30 Material Security Make gate-pass system fully functional
Limit the approving authorities to a few senior people Separate file for returnable OGP Set up a procedure for regular review of ROGP Give a list of persons authorized to approve gate passes to security

31 Material Security Cont…
Material leaving the location must be covered under approved gate pass Use flow meters for filling Check expiry dates of calibration certificates Keep details of all tank trucks or trucks attached to a location Verify accuracy of calibration at intervals

32 Material Security Cont…
Valuable scrap may be closely protected Scrap yards containing valuable material may be fenced, locked and sealed Supervise removal of disposable waste material for hidden articles Check all empty tank wagons, tank trucks leaving the location Check vehicles leaving the premises

33 Warehouse Security Windows, ventilators, skylights, exhaust ports, etc., should be fitted with iron grills Entry be restricted to authorized employees Regular stock taking and tallying with ledger balances Use multi-levered lock and seal for the door

34 Warehouse Security Cont.
Bolt and lock all windows and doors at the end of the day Security guards should cover warehouses in their patrolling rounds

35 Document Security Store vital documents in steel cupboards
Restrict access to vital information to trust worthy employees Assign appropriate classification to documents and mark in bold Follow up dispatch of confidential documents meticulously to ensure that they reach destination in reasonable time

36 Document Security Cont.
Obtain acknowledgement of receipt of confidential document Do not allow others to copy confidential documents

37 Records Maintain registers/records at the main gate of incoming outgoing vehicles, visitors, contractors’ men Maintain a record of surprise visits made or checks carried out for review and reference Maintain a record of incidents for use in the future

38 Intelligence Cell Form a close-knit group of informants
Gather intelligence Liaise with CBI, IB, Police for information

39 Investigation of Thefts
Thefts should be promptly reported. Maintain a written record of all thefts. Location in charge should review this record Make a complaint or FIR when there is outside intrusion or theft in collusion with outside sources Aid the police and magistrate

40 Investigation of Thefts Cont…
Internal investigation Proper attitude for investigator Should a case be reported to police Method of conducting investigation Visit to the location Examination of witness Questioning of suspect/accused

41 Investigation of Thefts Cont…
Report on the result of internal investigation Steps in investigation Visit scene of incident List physical evidence/clues Prepare list of documents to be examined Prepare list of witnesses to be examined Take charge of relevant materials and documents

42 Investigation of Thefts Cont…
Examine controls procedures and practices concerning the items lost Record statement of witnesses

43 Investigation of Thefts Cont…
Right of private defense Limitations of right of private defense

44 Special Situations 38 Recommendations
Beefing up security during red alerts Bomb threats Protection Scheme

45 Assistance of District Administration
Police Station SP DySP District Collector DIG Range DIG IG

46 Thank You End

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