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Family Dollar Stores Distribution Center Front Royal Virginia New Hire Security Orientation.

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1 Family Dollar Stores Distribution Center Front Royal Virginia New Hire Security Orientation

2 #1. Introduction To Security Loss Prevention Manager and Security Director Responsible for internal audits on policies and procedures, seal controls, key controls, trailer audits and others. Investigations – Sexual Harassment, theft, accidents, policy violations and others. Helps develop new polices and procedures to target losses in all area’s of inventory control. Trains and Maintains a staff of Security Officers.

3 Security Lieutenant Assist the LP Manager in audits and investigations. Assist in training of the Security Officers. Reviews the daily operations of the security staff, all logs, reports and alarms. Maintains the Department in absence of the LP Manager.

4 Security Officers A.We patrol the grounds, parking lots, fence line, warehouse, modules, offices, bathrooms and break rooms. B.We monitor and record activity throughout the DC with State of the Art Security Camera’s. Our camera’s will rotate 360 degrees and zoom in and out. All of our exterior doors are alarmed. C.Cell Phones are only permitted in the Lobby, Parking Lots and Break Rooms. (for safety reasons and it pilfers company time while working)

5 #2. ID. Badges A.Your ID. Badge is used to enter the building. B.No Badge – you must sign in at the Front Desk. C.Your ID. Badge is used to clock in. If it doesn't work sign in and report the problem to HR. D.If you lose your Badge there is a $4.00 charge to replace it. E.You must enter through the Main Entrance.

6 #3. Parking Lot A.No Personal Vehicles are allowed in the Transportation Yard. B.1. Speed limit is 10 miles per hour, stop at all stop signs and observe all one way signs. 2. Park inside the white lines. 3. Do not park in reserved spaces or in the Fire Lane – company vehicle space, motorcycles, handicap or perfect attendance 4. No lingering in the parking lot before or after your shift ends.

7 #4. No Weapons No Guns, Knives or weapons of any kind are allowed on the premises, or in you vehicles, at anytime for any reason. Includes all weapons: Bows, blow guns, pellet guns, hunting rifles, cross bows, mace, stun guns, tear gas and any other weapon.

8 #5. Drugs No illegal drugs or alcohol is allowed on the premises or in your vehicles. * includes prescription drugs that are not yours. * coolers of alcohol or beer for after work.

9 #6. Bags and Lunch Boxes All Bags, purses, brief cases, back packs, etc. will be open and inspected when you enter the DC, and also when you leave. Lunch Bags will also be inspected when you enter and when you leave.

10 #7. Removing items from the building You must have a Authorization to remove items from the building. (Form) Empty Boxes – supervisors signature and officer at the front. All other items must have either the RVP or the LP Managers signature and the officers.

11 #8. Eating in the Warehouse Eating or snacking in the warehouse is against company policy. For rodent control – mice, rats or bugs. For pilfering reasons. Drinks must have a Cap or Lid.

12 #9. THEFT ! There is a ZERO tolerance for theft or the Pilfering of FAMILY DOLLAR Property. It will result in termination and / or prosecution. Do Not eat any damaged food items, you will be terminated. Place all damaged food items in damage’s bin.

13 #10. LOST and FOUND Security controls the Lost and Found, Please turn in any items you’ve found and report any items you may have lost. We keep all items for a period of 30 days unless it is a health and safety concern, or a food item.

14 #11. Lockers Do not store food items in your Lockers, for rodent, bug and smell control. All lockers are subject to search at anytime for any reason. Every month we pick lockers at random to search for illegal contraband, spoiled food, theft items, unauthorized items. Get your locker assigned.

15 Conclusion Are there any questions. Thank you for your time and welcome to: Family Dollar. Written by Thomas Mohr LP Manager

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