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Cold War Review Mr. Williamson Somerville HS. Format 20 Multiple Choice Questions at 2 Points each – 40 points 10 Matching Identifications at 2 points.

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1 Cold War Review Mr. Williamson Somerville HS

2 Format 20 Multiple Choice Questions at 2 Points each – 40 points 10 Matching Identifications at 2 points each – 20 points 5 Open-Ended ID’s at 3 points each – 15 points 1 Document-Based Questions, 2-4 points each, 10 points total 1 Essay – Chose 1 of 3, 3 paragraphs required, can do more if you feel it is necessary/time allows. 15 points 100 points total

3 Theme 1 How was Germany divided after WWII Why did relationship b/t Stalin/Truman deteriorate Why were the US/Soviets considered superpowers What was the purpose of loyalty programs McCarthyism – why did it grow? Iron Curtain/Containment…define.

4 Theme 2 Goal of Marshall Plan NATO/Warsaw Pact Dismissal of MacArthur, 38 th Parallel/DMZ Goals of Eisenhower Doctrine? Revolts against communism – where did they take place?

5 Theme 3 HUAC – purpose Collective security – define Mao Zedong/Chiang Kai-Shek Yalta/Potsdam, the CIA & Berlin Airlift John Foster Dulles, George Marshall – impact on the presidency

6 Essay Topics 1. Discuss the primary difference between these countries (US/Soviets) both economically and politically. Provide details on how the relationship between Stalin and Truman declined in the years following World War II. 2. In the following essay, describe and analyze how the Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, NATO and the Warsaw Pact played a role in these escalating fears of one another. 3. Describe the United States’ reactions to both hostile actions and discuss their plans to deal with the aggression in the Korean War. Lastly, were the deaths of 54,000 Americans justified in fighting against communism?

7 Sample Questions What was one result of World War II? A. The arms race ended B. The Cold War ended C. Communism was eliminated D. Two superpowers emerged

8 Sample Questions A common purpose of the Truman Doctrine, the Marshall Plan and Eisenhower Doctrine was to: A. Insure the survival of newly independent countries B. Limit the spread of nuclear weapons C. Provide medical aid to European nations D. Carry out foreign policy of preventing the spread of communism

9 Sample Questions What was a cause for the investigations of the House Un-American Activities Committee in the late 1940s and the investigations of the Senate committee headed by Joseph McCarthy? A. The belief that there were Communist agents in the federal government B. Excessive spending by the US military C. The corruption and bribery of members of Congress D. Actions of President Harry Truman that may have led to his impeachment

10 Sample Questions A similarity between the Red Scare of the 1920s and McCarthyism of the 1950s was that during each period: A. Thousands of American citizens were expelled from the US B. The Communist Party gained many members in the US C. Many government employees were convicted of giving secrets to the Soviet Union D. The civil liberties and rights of American citizens were threatened

11 Sample Questions Which foreign policy decision by President Harry Truman is an example of the policy of containment? A. Recognizing the new nation of Israel B. Supporting the war crimes trials in Germany and Japan C. Providing military/economic aid to Greece & Turkey D. Utilizing atomic weapons

12 Sample Questions Once the fighting in Korea was deadlocked, the two sides signed an armistice and established the __________________________ to create a buffer between the two countries, North and South Korea. A. 38 th Parallel B. Iron Curtain C. Korean Pact D. Demilitarized Zone

13 Sample Questions A governmental action that was consistent with the Cold War mentality was the: A. Establishment of loyalty programs for government workers B. Reduction in military spending C. Elimination of the Central Intelligence Agency D. Adoption of the GI Bill of Rights

14 Sample Questions Which is generally a characteristic of a communist economy? A. Investment is encouraged by the promise of large profits B. Role of government in the economy is restricted by law C. Government agencies are involved in production & planning D. Business owners can hire their own employees

15 Sample Questions One reason the Soviet Union created the Warsaw Pact was to: A. Ease the transition to democracy B. Help institute capitalism C. Limit the threat of invasion from Western Europe D. Challenge the economic successes of the communist state

16 Sample Questions During the Cold War era, the United States and Soviet Union were reluctant to become involved in a direct military conflict mainly because of: A. Peacekeeping role of the UN B. Pressure of non-aligned countries C. Potential for global nuclear destruction D. Increased tensions in the Middle East

17 Sample Questions After WWII, the Soviet Union set up satellite states in Eastern Europe to: A. Support the remaining fascist governments B. Preserve capitalism C. Establish democratic governments D. Expand its power and control in the region

18 Sample Questions The main reason the UN sent troops to Korea in 1950 was to: A. Ensure food reached areas of South Korea B. Prevent North Korea from conquering South Korea C. Force inspection of nuclear weapons plants in North Korea D. Restore peace between warring factions of North Koreans

19 Sample Questions - Tiebreaker In the Soviet Union, a negative aspect of the Cold War was the: A. Attempt to preserve communist ideas B. Development of peaceful uses of modern technology C. Development of effective means of international cooperation D. High cost of maintaining the arms race

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