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2 Question 1 What policy was a result of the long telegram? Containment policy

3 Question 2 What was the purpose of Project Venona? Crack the Soviet spy code

4 Question 3 The State’s Rights Party formed for the 1948 election as a reaction to what? Truman’s support of civil rights

5 Question 4 To benefit from a cheaper labor pool, some businesses in the 1950s began to do what? Expand overseas

6 Question 5 Popular support for Joseph McCarthy began to fade when? Millions watched him bully witnesses in televised hearings investigating the Army

7 Question 6 U.N. troops in Korea were driven back across the 38 th parallel in an attack by what country? China

8 Question 7 What was the purpose of the Marshall Plan? Help Western Europe recover

9 Question 8 What did the leaders agree to at Yalta? Divide Germany among the 4 Allied powers

10 Question 9 African Americans who lived in urban centers in the 1950s often did what? Remained stuck in low-paying jobs

11 Question 10 Why did the Egyptians seize control of the Suez Canal? Use the canal’s profits to pay for the dam

12 Question 11 The Eisenhower Doctrine gave the President the authority to do what? Use armed force to help Middle East nations resist Communist aggression

13 Question 12 Where did the sounds of Rock n Roll come from? Rhythm and Blues

14 Question 13 NATO formed for the purpose of what? Mutual defense

15 Question 14 After WWII, labor unrest was triggered by what? Rising inflation

16 Question 15 In his book The Other America, Michael Harrington wrote about what? poverty

17 Question 16 Ethel & Julius Rosenberg were charged with what? Passing atomic secrets to the Soviets

18 Question 17 Many of the early television comedy shows were adapted from popular what? Radio shows

19 Question 18 What did the McCarran Act allow? The arrest of Communists in case of a national emergency

20 Question 19 When the U.S., Britain, and France merged their zones in Germany, the Soviet Union responded how? Blockading West Berlin

21 Question 20 After the launch of Sputnik in 1957, efforts began in the U.S. to do what? Improve math & science

22 Question 21 What did the Taft-Hartley Act do? Allowed right-to-work laws

23 Question 22 The Truman Doctrine resulted in what? Pledge to fight communism

24 Question 23 The development of the transistor made possible what? Miniaturization of radios

25 Question 24 President Truman ended the miners’ strike by ordering government seizure of the mines while pressuring mine owners to do what? Grant most union demands

26 Question 25 What epidemic brought a wave of terror to postwar America? Polio

27 Question 26 How did Joseph McCarthy create the media frenzy that began his witch hunt. Saying that he had a list of Communists employed by the State Department

28 Question 27 As a result of the GI Bill, many returning soldiers did what? Received low interest loans to buy suburban houses

29 Question 28 According to John Galbraith, postwar America had an “economy of abundance” because why? New business techniques &improved technology

30 Question 29 For many Americans, what did the suburbs symbolize? The American dream

31 Question 30 Why did Truman fire MacArthur? MacArthur demanded Truman’s approval to expand the war

32 Question 31 How did President Eisenhower describe his political beliefs? Middle of the road

33 Question 32 Eisenhower used the term “creeping socialism” to refer to what? Federal aid to businesses

34 Question 33 To prevent Communist revolutions in developing countries, Eisenhower used what? Covert Operations

35 Question 34 Truman’s first meeting with the Soviet Foreign Minister marked a shift in Soviet- American relations because why? Truman strongly confronted Molotov

36 Question 35 Truman said the Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan were essential for what? Containment

37 Question 36 What was the most popular T.V. show of the 1950s? I Love Lucy

38 Question 37 The government unwittingly encouraged residents of public housing to remain poor how? Evicting them as soon as they began to earn any money

39 Question 38 The federal government's termination policy was intended to do what? Bring Native Americans into mainstream society

40 Question 39

41 Question 40

42 Question 41

43 Question 42

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