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Mr. Vivek Bindra Director - Global ACT

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1 Mr. Vivek Bindra Director - Global ACT

2  Greet, welcome and engage  Appropriate closeness  Use appropriate titles and honorifics  Observe & possibly acknowledge emotion or concern  Show respect

3  Welcome, seat and personally serve each and every party, if possible. Pour tea.  Attend promptly and equally  Use collaborative language  Open, warm, relaxed body language, slight lean forward, attentiveness  Attentive, reflective listening to substance, feelings, needs and interests. Show you understand  Mirroring

4  Share commonalities (special food, community, culture, sports, prayer, etc.)  Soft eye contact, appropriate to the culture, age and gender  The power of touch, a handshake, hug, gentle guiding touch  Show sincere caring

5  “We” & “Us”, not “you” and “them”  By agreeing to participate, we all agreed to come with good intentions  Options and packages, not positions and bottom lines  Colleague, not adversary or opponent  Needs, hopes and dreams, not positions, money & principles  Goal: Create environment where “we” are all looking for possible solutions

6  Percentage communicated through: Words (content of dialogue): 7% Vocal (tone and inflection) : 38% Body language (comfort, integrity, sincerity of belief): 55%

7  Demonstrated impartiality/neutrality/concern  Acknowledge and honor confidentiality commitment  Dependability, responsiveness & promptness  Even-handed and fair treatment  Collaborative and neutral language  Command knowledge of field/facts. Demonstrate thorough preparation.  Develop an appropriate mediation strategy. Agenda. Project sense of confidence  Project energy that encompasses all in the room

8  Active listening  Reflective listening (content & feeling)  Pacing  Start where the party is at, guide, don’t pull  Explain what you are doing/not doing and why. Bring party along with you.  Review and check back with party. We’ve addressed …, have we addressed …? Is this something you can live with?

9  U. Philadelphia study  Video of telephone booth with coin in return slot  When phone user is asked by actor who says I think I left a coin, did you find it? 92%: no  With one variable changed, actor comes by with a gentle touch to shoulder or elbow, with same question- 88%: yes

10  Consistency  Continuity  Congruity  Always a factor & at risk  Build upon with active listening and respectful care & concern

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